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Funniest Fortnite Tik Tok Dank Meme Compilation 2

Use code tibue99 or else you gay Well done let’s watch some fresh memes Hey, Dad, can we go get ice cream? Sorry buddy we can okay fine I guess I’ll just tell mom that you’re cheating on her ice cream. Sounds great. Let’s go mom. Hold on mom. Hold on mom hold on mom Hold on mom. I’m on the phone mom. Hold on mom Hi knock knock who’s there wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle The worst teammates in fortnight part one Hey, bro, you got any healing or ammo? Oh, I don’t have any bro You pick it in the sneaker have you like a chamois 94% of viewers are not subscribed subscribe now or Love Ranger won’t love you Oh What the hell he’s having fun is he Well, I invited someone who’s enjoying the apocalypse airplane air pain close enough tomato, so What Tok banana? then No, did you even try titty titty Oh Blanket Bank, it is definitely me when I walked into a store and there’s a security camera Hey Whoa, my brother, don’t you feel sorry for me Pease don’t you murder me? We are both black banditos. Both of us grow on trees the worst teammates in fortnight bar – Hey brothers people on me. Come homey Why would you land all the way over Do you or do you not know? About the bird Oh God, cuz everybody’s heard that the bird is the word Bird the birds a word about the third bird bird. The bird is a word about the third. Bye. Bye Don’t buy dope by default default people does not know how to play now He’s out a minigun and with a hero spray. My diesel diesel people does not know how to play now He found a bush in the whole game. He will stay when I went through farmer QE I looked inside the pantry when the pantry no have Keowee I looked at my roommate my roommate it’s my Kiwi and so I ate my roomie I’m thinking hi. Well, maybe a little baby. I don’t wanna lie. I know when you text me girl I don’t always reply. Well, you’re not an angel either. You can’t even fly Down down

100 thoughts on “Funniest Fortnite Tik Tok Dank Meme Compilation 2

  1. I will use u code but when i come home from vacation

    Well when i have enough dang time for my game to update dang it long on ps4

  2. 4:16 my favorite part
    oh yeah 3:59 is sometimes me and my brother arguing over if our dog bites or not

    at first i thought it said my roomie ate my pantry lol

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