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Hello, everybody. My name is markiplier and welcome to Zooicide now. I saw this game on steam It was on sale and then Ethan recommended it to me, so uhh I have no idea what it’s about, but it looks like a mixture of goat simulator and I’m just gonna go into a game, and I’m gonna hopeful- oh shit …well that was fast. Alright hu-humans win *chuckle* Oh, it’s a multiplayer game… is it? OH, it’s a multiplayer game! [yea u said that twice already] I didn’t even kno- oh.. All right, then ok Am I even in this game? I didn’t see markimo- o0oh WhAT the fucking hell?!? hi *questions life* *proceeds on laughing* are you stuck?? are you stuck bro? Oh my God, are you kidding me? The fuck is happening to you? All right. Well, you’re screwed So do you stay there buddy. Are you ok- aAAah [manly screams from Mark] Don’t closesline me with that horribleness ohh my god *laughs* [that face tho] Oh shit are those nunchucks can i have those? So are we supposed to kee- oh.. Oh my god. *manly moans* *questions sanity* *chuckles* what is happening? Are we supposed to keep them from escaping? is this a Harambe simulator- What is that? What is that? I- I’ve got 1- oh.. oOH I’ve got mOON SHOES. I’ve got MOON SHOES *laughs* *laughs even more* What is that? Oh? It’s an axe. Fuck yea I’ll take the axe. Oh my god a chainsaw ok I’ll take the chainsaw, *evil laughs* *maniac laugh* Is that on, or is there a my brandishing it like an asshole. Oh my God. Hi-ok. alright you want some of THIS, huh? yeah, your eyes on the prize and not on me aAH git hACK’d whoOOAA whAt the fUUCK wHAT THE FUUCK??? i fUKIN desTROYED him I annIHILATED HIM wHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?? What is ha– I have no idea what’s happening. And I LOVE it. I love it so much Oh my God. Sorry. I’m freaking out here. This is the craziest game I’ve ever seen in my entire life Oh my God, so I just got to keep an eye out for animals right? *chuckles* and then MURder them if they’re out?? Is that how this works? I don’t know if there’s like a point system. If there’s a respawn or if there’s like an objective, but the gorilla DEAd Well there ain’t no giraffe in the enclosure, so me am assuming that something is suspicious around here so Markimonkey on the case. Markimonkey on the job There’s a trail of destruction here. Oh my go- *chuckles* what is that? is that a kangaroo?? oh god this is so funny What is happening in here? *chuckles* Oh my god, okay. Bye. fUCK am I supposed to hunt them down. So they must be hid- oh shiet They must be hiding i just here just cracked the top of my skull. Oh, I hear you. Oh, I hear hear more steps than me Oh sorry it’s just the carcasses of the dead girl. Oh my God they’re all decapitated *cries internally* So how do I find him? I mean you wouldn’t think it would be hard to find a giraffe Oh my god you ok buddy? Oh There he is. I’m coming for you brehv ya want some of thIS? aaAAH yeeEEEAAAA- whoOOA Oh my gOD this seems so weird This seems wrONG. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my God. Oh *Markimonkey releases manly moans* *Mark screams* ooOOh Did you fucking chop- oh my God he’s gonna like oOOW WHY ME??!? I’m on your team. I think what it what is happening with my body right now. I am just one leg I can’t even can I do anything Ehh Fffukin *screams* Fuckin *screams again* I can’t do anything can’t I? I can’t do nothin aah oh my god *manly weeping* Oh my god. I’m dead.. I think Oh my god. If that asshole had enough like- oh my god switch to dead human, switch to dead human dead human Captive Ostrich, oh He’s fine. I should have gone after him. Oh my god. Geez what the fuck was that Oh, I don’t get any of this, but I love it. Oh my god, okay Well the Kangaroo’s Dead Giraffe is still tus- no giraffe’s dead now okay, and then it’s just that one guy with an axe. Oh Mega Mike. Okay Mega Mike can you finish off the ostrich and get this over with I think that’s my dead body there’s my moon shoe. Oh Player has quit? Does that mean we can win now? I’ll just stare at my dead corpse and hope that’s something- oh he took my moon shoe?? That piece of Garbo Fuck that guy. Hey yeah you *laughs* Just look at the fuckin giraffe- He’s just dead and staring up my asshole *preceeds laughing again* Hey can you check my prostate while you’re looking there? Sorry? I’m just quivering in anticipation. Oh my god What are you doing Oh fuck yeah, kick- oh my god. Oh fuck What is happening?? This poor ostrich. Here we go, the final showdown Okay He quit. *Laughs* alright let’s do this *laughs again* I’m an animal this time. I’ll be the giraffe. Oh, I can see them. Well, then why can’t they see me? [Mark wants to get noticed] What do I- oh fu- oh *laughs* Oh man. Oh, hey, okay, alright, then thank you? and- oh fuck. What did I do?. What did I doo?? I don’t know what I did Ah- whoa whoa Who- who’s stip-steppin out there? Is someone coming after me? Oh this is the best Well fuck what is the point of this? *laughs* What is the point of this? I don’t know. Oh my God that’s so funny. Alright, can’t go that way Bazookas? There’s freaking Bazookas down here? Why can’t I get a bazooka? Oh? Can I get a bazooka? I just- fuckin stop that. *Tries* nope that’s like a *weird noises* Can I ple- *more weird noises* Nope. Right god stop that Stop humping the ground. It’s really disturbing. All right. Oh, I’m gonna just try to go up. Oh my gorill- Oh, hey what the fuuck OOOookay, Alright. oh, I’m not gonna whoa. I got problems up here. You know what let’s go for it *weird noises* That guy disintegrated. You want some of this- *Mark’s “manly” battle cry* Ooo hey can I have that golden key? whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. hEEY! We wIIN!! We woOON! I killed my fellow gorillas but I think we won. Oh my god, that is.. This is the fucking funniest game I’ve ever seen in my life. I wanna do one more round. Just one more. just one more round Just one more round. 2v3 animals. I got it. I got- me and Matty we got this avenue *weird noises* Oh, I saw someone jumping- that was an explosion. Alright, got me this. Roller skates? Yeah, bruh. Will I go super fast? Oh fuck I go so fast [He fast as fUK boOIIIII] They’ll nEver cATCH me Oh, dual wielding chainsaws- oh please on roller skates? fuck yeah bruh, fuck yeah bruh Get ready for some of this *0.0* wWWHATT THE HELL???? I am dEATH! I am DEATH- *laughs* I’m spinning death *laughs again* Hope you guys are okay with hearing nothing but chainsaw for the next 10 hours. Maybe chainsaws aren’t the best idea [no Mark they’re the BEST] Oh, where are they? let me go down there see if I can find someone. Am I out of gas? think I’m out of gas. *Mark’s warcry* You know what I don’t think I’m prepared for- what yes I am now. Come here you *Mark makes chainsaw noises Why is this not working? This should be working right? Oh, shit. It doesn’t work. I think this is only meant big ones let me go for uhh- this. whatever this is. Can I shoot you? HooOOO Okay, I mean i didn’t expect that to actually work. Hello? anybody home.? My name is Markiplier. Git ready to get blAAM’d git bLAM’d where’s the fucking detonator whoa, I don’t know where the detonator is. that’s a girl’ head this is the chainsaw. I can’t use that really *screams* oh god it’s so scary. Oh that’s so scary- is that it? No It’s a spent one. Ah it’s my grenade here we go I’m gonna getcha. Not that, not that, THAT gimme, gimme, gimme, give me fuckin that! There we go. uwansum?? Ya fuckin. Do I- I have it right? Oh. bOOOM sHHIit dude. Okay. I got a gun I got a gun now. It’s just me and a gun against the world. Alright. Who do we got left? Who’s left in captivity? No one? Fkin- oh, hi? Oh uWaNSUm?? tha- that’s what this is for buddy. Come at me Headshot come at me bruh. You want some of this? Yeah, fuck you up any day, brUH. Oh, is that right in your noggin? Line fire in this Noscope ya. Chain saw might be just appropriate for someone of that height. Now it’s a fair fight come here you *warcry* Come her- where’d you go? Where the fu- Don’t run for me. U runnin from me boi?? You runnin from me your giraffe bITCH. AAah- this is not on anymore. My chainsaw was off *Mark’s interpretation of chainsaw noises* Come on. It no wUURk. Fhuk oh come on amig- yEES- oOOH I fUCKd you UP!! woOOO!! Okay, the hell. Oh my god. I can’t take any more of that. That was so fucking amazing. I love that And there’s more modes! They all had animal warfare. That’s so cool. This game was so cheap too *laughs* That’s all the time I got for this game. Let me know what you think down in the comments below I’ll put a link to the game in the description as well. This was soo funny Oh man. Look out for Markimonkey if you play this for yourself or anyone with a Markiplier-style name So thank you again everybody so much for watching let me know what you thought down in the comments below And as always I will see you in the next video. Buh byee Sub 2 Keem

100 thoughts on “FUNNIEST GAME IN YEARS | Zooicide

  1. Dose anyone else ever chuckle but then try to keep it in and end up sneezing weirdly on the screen and for the next 6 and a half minutes wondering what just happened while STILL laughing uncontrollably, or is that just me?

  2. Who else just woke up from a nap and is currently asking them self when they are while re-watching this? In 2018.

  3. Where is the blue cross over with Jack do you want to see game I think so because in his game he saw a guy could not chuck’s and weird little shoes please it was cold but that’s what you said so cool

  4. Zooicide the game who’s title is two letters away from demonetization has human noises that makes me convinced that the humans in this game have a iq of zero (explains why they are destroying a zoo) and has the coolest ostrich ever

  5. I would be funny if all the sudden all the animals all exploded and all the animals legs flew everywhere. 😂🤣

  6. just watched deer man again now watching this cant stop laughing im crying thank you Markiplier for making my days better i can always count on u to make me laugh no matter wht you rock

  7. Mark:Ooo zooicide..A funny and maybe scary for children game? OH YE LeZ PLAy click hoop boop bop loads into game What thee f*ckkkk Slowly turns to he dude with he glitches arm What THE F*CK!? few secs Is this a harambay simulater? Look r deez nunchucks?? XD ok what is dis XD Woahhh Are These…MOON SHOOEEES?? XD XD XD XD finds chainsaw and axe*Oh hell yeah I'll take the axe OOOO A chainsaw!? Sees harambay Ooo YOu wAnt soMe Of ThIS OH YeAh iMa GeTcHa*Gibberish* Looks at severed parts* What the fuck.. XD Me:Dude..did you not just see what the hell u did to that gorilla? My mans…YOU Were FIgHtIng a GoRIlLa

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