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The barber be like, what do you want?(a lamaa boi) Just ruin my life Fam! Say no more And that’s exactly what this barber did, ruined this man’s life. That’s what it feels like. If you haven’t left a hairdresser crying, have you even lived? Sometimes you just get unlucky. ( like me) Sometimes they are great at their jobs but they just… That one time, and you can’t like tell them that they screwed up. You’re like, I love it, and then you leave, and then you DIE What do you want? Ever seen a make up brush? Say no more!(a lamma boi) *laughs* This dude turned into a real life make-up brush. Our make-up is going to be so on fleek Imagine just taking a human, and just using a human to apply make-up. He’ll be like lemme just fix that eyebrow And then he will take his head and be like… *Thunk Thunk* What do you want? Lemme get that barcode, fam This dude legit has a barcode for hair Like I wanna scan it, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Guys what happens when you scan his hair? Like are you paying for like pears Apples, maybe even burgers You guys are wondering why there is a pinata in my videos ( live for pinata am i right) I’m not quite sure… We’ve had a pinata at home and I just kinda wanted to include him. in your guys lives because… PINATA! Pineapple may not go on pizza, but it does go on hair apparently. I wouldn’t rock this hair cut… But then again I just haven’t changed my hair in.. ever Ok, maybe I’ve changed it like once, but nothing drastically.And thats because my hair is so dark, that I just feel like If I tried to dye it any other color It would just destroy itself. Like it would just fall apart and I would have no hair, I’m just not going to screw with it, like you know, sometimes you just gotta let things be, and deal with what life gave you. And what life gave me… was brown hair. I’m just not gonna screw with it. Yet! Mabye one day. But no anytime soon, I just want to wait. It much easier. Resemblance, if they didn’t tell me what it was supposed to look like I would have just been like it’s a hair It doesn’t look bad. But once you have that mental image of what it looks like Suddenly, you can’t unsee like suddenly all you see It’s balls where you want, ah, give me that squilliam Fancy-son you got a mustache on your forehead dude a mustache on your forehead. This just looks Wrong, like I feel like we just need to like move this part of his hair to right here And then it makes sense girls be like love my new clip I guess it kind of sucks when your clippings are showing. It happens to the best of us Okay but this is too much like usually it’s just it’s like at least like Trying to be blended at least it’s like sort of there This is like who let you leave the house like this who saw you and was like that’s not obvious at all Just rock the short hair at this point like you can rock the short hair better than you Can these little? Measly strands remember when Justin Timberlake literally had noodles for her like literal noodles Like we weren’t even sure if it was hair or noodles. We still don’t know the barber goes. What do you want? Give me something fresh for the summer. Say no more You literally have a strawberry for hair. The jaw is well done. We can tell it’s a strawberry Do you want to be a strawberry? Maybe do I want to be strawberry? No this person either really loves Tomatoes or really looks for things. Either way. We’re not judging we got an up thinned hair stuff It’s kind of cool like I would never rock it, but I’m kind of impressed Also, it saves you a lot of money on plane tickets Okay. I’m out of here bye it’s not ten minutes in I still gotta film this looks like a floor mat if you’re gonna have hair like that at least Wash it or cut it to be fair. Oh There’s no to be fair. I feel like there’s no explanation for this. I don’t know how much I can look at this without literally just Puking imagine this smell that comes out of this person’s hair I can’t even tell who this is girl or a guy you really really really need some scissors or a shower Why do you grow men and want to look like Tenis balls? I just want to be a tennis ball when I grow up life goals. guys, This is the hottest hairstyle in 2018 mark my word you’re gonna see this everywhere You know, it just said a man pooping on your head kind of like what life does to me? I told you poop hair is in and I’m not talking about being a brunette. I’m talking about actual poop hair I mean who doesn’t want to be a ginger poop emoji hair can also be Practical AF like you don’t have to carry a purse around anymore. You’re just gonna make your hair into a purse I know it’s genius on a serious note. This actually looks like it sir It was very difficult to make get this dude has the perfect hairstyle for that one, son You do I know what some talk about. It’s like Right for a second imagine that little ponytail Getting whipped back and forth with a song playing don’t even tell me your life isn’t complete because that would be a sight I know this video is supposed to be above bad haircuts, but I don’t know. What’s worse a mullet or her demon-possessed face Like I’m gonna have nightmares. I don’t think I could recreate the haircut, but I could recreate the smile I mean the haircut looks fine, but those plants on his head to click they’re dying They need water ASA. If a cop with this haircut pulls you over you have a hundred percent chance of getting a tissue it’s funny because I don’t know why I feel like I believe this like why is it the cops that have Hairstyles like this are like way more strict than cops with not hairstyles like this The barber goes would you want fam mom? Why are you talking like this? You’re right, sweetie, sit down cuz your mom’s giving you the haircut. Not the barber when I was a kid My mom would always cut my hair. I used to have the longest mermaid hair I thought I was a merman I loved little mermaid and then my parents gave me haircut like up to here I was really sad about it and I haven’t been able to grow back to how long it was So but on another note since we’re talking about my hair I had one of the worst Hairstyles ever for prom I’m gonna show it to you guys I said promise not to make fun of me, but I know you guys can’t make that promise. So here it is I know my hair looks like a flower. Why did I think this is a good idea? (I like it :3) I feel like I actually even thought it looked great. I feel like I walked out of the hairdresser and I was like hair on fleek and now I look at this and I cringe so hard when I’m like, what was I thinking? And why did none of my friends stop me like no one was like that is horrendous I feel like as the night went on and the curls got a little less crazy It didn’t look so bad, but the further first like four hours I look like a flower nothing against flowers But I don’t want to look like one worst haircut ever add great clips Never going back there employees who were just too busy trying to finish quick and clock out this poor, dude Look how sad he looks I just want to give him a hug. Come here pinata It’s okay his hair probably grew back by now. It’s okay. Don’t cry barber goes. What? Do you want mate? Give us that Windows XP Startup logo fam. I Got you cuz actually does it I mean, it doesn’t look great, but it does look great If you know what I mean, like it’s not like you’re like yeah cool hair, but you’re like cool hair Am I making any sense? I’m impressed by the design. This is like a work of art. Is it a hairstyle Maybe but is it a work of art? Yes, and obviously it’s not an Ozzy video without some puns We got Sherlock Holmes up in the house I would go there even if they caught off more than an inch when I only asked them to cut off an inch I see you we know all of you, you know when you go to the hairdresser You’re like just split ends. Just the ends. Just the split ends You literally show them this much and then this much of your hair is gone. You’re pretty much bald We got the British hair weighs like Airways, but hair weighs Thoreal Thoreal, I mean he has amazing hair not anymore I mean, I’m sure it’s still amazing But it’s just he cut it off having your hair in a bun quite literally eight hours at the hairdresser. Just look like a huge D. I mean it’s so pretty honestly, it’s still pretty like this has like Khaleesi vibes for me like I’m like, I’m diggin it. It’s a bad that I’m saying. I’m diggin it I’m diggin it cuz it looks like Majestic and regal it only really looks like what they’re saying if you squint Otherwise, it kind of looks like pretty hair. Maybe that’s just me. Anyways, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you all so much Stay awesome. Stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice other. Bye Bye!

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  2. I got a a haircut at great clips and my hair was unable even. One side was long and the other was short. I Was Depressed!

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  4. Your a really good YouTuber, I wish I was as good as you, but I’m such a small channel, no one ever sees me. I would love to grow and bound my channel, but at the rate I’m going, it’s sorta not happening.thank you so much if you read this.

  5. the ends of my friends hair feels like a brush so when she asks me
    β€œDo you have a brush?”
    I say β€œUse your hair brush”
    We are the only people who find it funny

  6. My older sister left the hair dressers crying cuz they cut an inch of her hair she was 9 so what and I was 8

  7. A couple years before I was born my dad and his BEST friend shaved his head bald and put face paint on his head to make it look like a baseball ⚾️ I think he did it bc he was going to a baseball game

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    That’s it, bye leave a like if you got them all??

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  16. 1:00 barcodes actually scan the white lines, not the black lines. So you can’t scan his hair. That would be funny tho πŸ˜‚

  17. azzy I did the rapunzel hair foubdation and cried because I had to grow my hair 18inches long and got it cut so short that it curled up under my chin and I made a mistake of putting it behind my ears that it curled that way, I didn't care hopefully I will be able to do the rapunzel hair foundation again

  18. On 4:00 I realised that girl was a vampire look at her last 2 teeth and her hairstyle. She totally looks like a vampire.

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