Laughter is the Best Medicine

Funniest Halloween Pranks on Kids: Hilarious Halloween Pranks

Who likes Halloween Candy? Meeeeee.
Well, we’re gonna replace candy with some healthy Halloween treats today.
These are called veggie fruit chews guys. This is the most worst I ever tasted.
Not good. Mine tastes like broccoli. Yuk! Mines tasted like poo poo. It’s kind of good..kind
of bad. Be honest with me Adrianna. It’s bad. We have asparagus flavor, beet flavor, vitamin
A and D… Hey you’re saying disgusting stuff is good stuff. and it’s disgusting. I threw
up. You threw up? OK. They’re delicious, healthy cupcakes. It tastes like poopy pinjada. Riboflavin,
B12..B12 is the like the best treat you can get on Halloween. It’s like the worst thing
I’ve ever tasted.Think I need water. These are the treats that are replacing candy on
Halloween. How do you like Halloween without candy? SCREAMS) I want Candy!

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