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FUNNIEST JAPANESE COMMERCIALS | Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos

*murders whiteboard* Jack: “L A U G H !” Jack: “Yes, yes; hello, everyone! Hi, everyone; yes!” Jack: “Welcome back to ‘Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos™’ ” Jack: The only YouTube show to be nominated for 12 Oscars” Jack: “Including: ‘Best Actor’ ” Jack: “Best….” Jack: “Roll the intro!” *the intro (aka stupid trumpet noises)* Jack: “I, I don’t have an intro for this series” Jack: “It’s…This is the intro”. *awkward silence* Jack: *sigh* “Fuck….” Jack: “Let’s create our own theme song for it then” *intro (aka trumpet noises)* Jack: *giggling* “Comedy!” Jack: “Today, we are going to be looking at some things” Jack: “that we have looked at before, which are Japanese commercials” Jack: “more specifically, funny and weird and cool Japanese commercials” Jack: “The last time we saw some weird shit” Jack: “and I got 7 million packages of graphite from people so…thank you for that” Jack: “we have, we have solved the graphite shortage crisis” *laughing* Jack: “Turns out if you just need it come to my house; I can sell it to you for” Jack: “for a HIGH price” *in a bit deeper voice* “Whadda ya buying?” Jingle: “Instead of imagining… (x 3)” Jack: “Okay”
Jingle: “Instead of imagining…” Jingle: “Ins-tead of i-ma-gi-ning; i-ma-gi-ning (x 2)” Jingle: “I-ma-gi-ning; gi-ning (x 2)”
*on screen*: “What do you (want to) play with?” Announcer: “D’Station” (it’s an ad for the Pachinko parlor “D’Station”; “pachinko” is a Japanese gambling device resembling a pinball machine but with automatic payoff, as in a gambling slot machine) Jack: “pfff what?” *laughing* Jack: “Wha- what the fuck?” Jack: “What were you selling? Wait, is this part of this one or the next one?” (it’s part of the next one, which is an ad for canned coffee) Jack: “Wonda – wonderful coffee” Jack: “Oh, maybe that’s what it was” Jack: “You drink- you know what happens when you drink coffee” Jack: “You come outside of yourself and you get wings and you fly away” *music* Girls: “Hey!”
Girl: “(Have a) ‘red’ in the morning!” (“red” refers to the color of the coffee label) Jack: “Oh no, that’s- this coffee…okay”
Girls: “Yo!”
Girl: “(Have a) ‘red’ in the morning!” Girls: “Ta-da!”
Jack: “Okay”
Girl: “(Have a) ‘red’ in the morning!” Jack & announcer & on screen: “(Have a) ‘red’ in the morning!” Announcer & on screen: “Dedicated to mornings – morning shot ‘Wonda’ ” (“Wonda” (wonderful) is a canned coffee brand) Jack: “I don’t want that” *a lil laugh* Jack: “If I’m walking down the street I don’t want Japanese girls bursting through the wall and being like ‘HEY DRINK SOME COFFEE!’ ” Young man: “(On you can get one of your favorite songs a day for one year every day”
Jack: “Uh huh” Young man: “Now, by something as surprising as that, I’m…” Jack: “Don’t give me those eyes”
Young man: “…astonished” Jack: “You know they turn me on – oh god” *dies of laughter*
Young man: “Dad?” Jack: “Okay, I see exactly why you’re giving those eyes now. That definitely turns me on” Jack: “Look at those knees” *wooooooow* Announcer: Jack: “Why? What was the point of that- why a- why?” *laughs* Jack: “ohhhhhaaaaah” Jack: “This is gonna get really weird- I’m working on like 3 hours of sleep, man” Jack: “I went to bed and I woke up and my body was like ‘yeah that’s enough’ ” Jack: “pff SON OF A BITCH!!!!” Jack: “WHY?” Wife: “Don’t use your wife’s (my) shampoo!”
Husband: “Huh?” Wife: “Fashion that men can’t see can make women…” *Japanese hand drum (tsuzumi) sound effect* Wife: “… do the boogie-woogie”
Husband: “Give me a 100 (bottles of) Rigaos” (“Rigaos” is a shampoo brand for men) Announcer: “Males need male scalp care” Jack: “You know what?”
Annoucer: “All males-” Jack: “I don’t even want to know what you’re saying. I don’t even know if that would help. I don’t think that it would help… to know what you’re saying” Jack: “All i know is that you just walked into his house and was like” Jack: “Hey,”
Wife: “Wife’s shampoo”
Jack: “y’all motherfuckers like bubbles?” Jack: “Is that his sister? His mom? His lover?” Jack: “No one will know” Jingle: “I will find it – your unique ‘motivation switch’!” Announcer: “Mother, please leave it to School IE” (it’s an ad for an individualized education (IE) school) *slow-mo poke sound*
*on screen*: Individual guidance – School IE Jack: “Okay, maybe it’s just the sleep deprivation… I don’t know what’s happening” *laughs* Jack: “Don’t you just hate it when your mom poke ya in the face, all slow like” Jack: *laughs* “Did that go on long enough?” *laughs* Jack: *brutally murders marker and board* “LAUGH!!” Jingle: “Yellow hat (x 2)” (Yellow Hat is a Japanese retailer of automobile accessories) Jack: “Oh, I’ve had a nightmare like this”
Jingle: “(We have a) lot of tires” Jack: “I- I’ve seen this before”
Jingle: “Yellow hat (x 2)” Jack: “I’m uncomfortable”
Jingle: “(Our) installation is careful” Jack: “Don’t look at me like that!”
Jingle: “If you choose a tire” Jack: “What the fuck is going on?”
Jingle: “(choose) Yellow Hat” Jack: “I’m assuming that there’s a company called ‘Yellow Hat’ that fixes tires or something” Jack: “Otherwise, I have no idea what’s happening” Man: “These gyoza with ‘wings’ look delicious!” (called “Hanetsuki Gyoza” (羽根つき餃子) in Japanese)
Waiter: “Please (help yourself)!” Man: “Ah, then, thank you for the foo-”
Editor-in-chief: “Leave this to me!”
Man: “The editor-in-chief is…!” Jack: *laughs*
Man: “…excitingly…” Man: “… eating it!” Jack: *laughs*
Man: “(And she’s) wonderfully…” Man: “…drinking it!” Editor-in-chief: “It goes well (with the food)!” Announcer: “It’s ‘okay’ (goes well) with meals – Strong Zero Dry” (Strong Zero Dry is a lightly-sweetened (“dry”) chūhai (fizzy canned drink with high alcohol content) ) *on screen*: nonsweet chūhai (different than Strong Zero Dry)
Editor-in-chief: “It doesn’t go well (with the food)!” Jack: *laughs* “That was fucking impeccable!” Jack: “That was incredible; I love that!” Man: “She’s eating it!” Jack: “Ahh, that’s my type of comedy: just crazy” *shooow* Jack: “Ooooh, tickle me pink!” Man: *slurps* “As I thought, this is it!” Curry rice: “Wait a minute!” Jack: *laughs*
Curry rice: “Curry rice is better than cup noodles!” Kid: “Hot water!” Curry rice: “You only need to pour hot water here!” Curry rice: “Wait 5 minutes and it’s done!” Jack: “The poor man; he just wanted to eat his noodles”
Curry rice: “You don’t need to stir it to make it taste good” Curry rice: “It’s easy to make (someone) eat it because you don’t need to slurp it”
Jack: “Oh, Jesus” Kid: “It’s delicious!” Curry rice: “Which one do you prefer: noodles or rice?”
*everyone raises a “rice” (メシ) sign, except for the elderly man* Elderly man: “Noodles!” (he still wasn’t convinced)
*raises a “noodles” (メン) sign* Curry rice: “Hey, hey, at least have a first bite!” Jack: “What is going on?”
Man: “Wow, what is this feeling?” Jack: “What the fu- hahahahahaha”
Man: “I was wrong~” Curry rice: “Rice is better than noodles! Curry rice!” Jack: “FUG YEAH!!” Jack: “I want these noodles; I need them in my life” Jack: “That was 28 seconds of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life” Man: “As I thought, this is it!” Curry rice: “WAIT A MINUTEEEEE!” Jack: *yelling in Japanese* “WAIT A MINUTEEEE!” Jack: “Again, I just love it: as soon as you yell at me, I’m yours” *on screen*: One day, in the morning Lyrics: Sometimes I want to know how Jack: “Ahhhww”
Lyrics: the world Jack: “ohoho no”
Lyrics: comes by Jack: “the poor horse”
*on the cell phone*: Amazon Prime – buy immediately with 1 click – express delivery – free (of charge) *on screen*: on the following day Jack: “Yeah hehehehehhahah”
*on screen*: hula hoop – express delivery is free (of charge) Jack: “That’s the- capitalism: Amazon Prime can make you a better person” Jack: “Most of the stuff in my room has been bought with Amazon Prime” Jack: “I think I was born on Amazon Prime” Piko Tarō : “I have a fanta”
Jack: “No!” Piko Tarō: “I have a lemon”
Jack: “No!” Piko Tarō: “I have a ‘C’ ”
Jack: “No!” Piko Tarō: “Uh uh uh – fanta lemon +C” Jack: “THAT DOESN’T WORK! IT’S STUPID!”
*on screen*: Lemon Jack: “IT’S STUPID!” Jack: “I have a bottle” Jack: “I have a hand” Jack: “I have a ‘please stop making this meme’ ” Jack: “bottle, hand, please stop making…STOP!!! Jack: “Whaddup gamers!?” Jack: “Where we dropping?” (x 3) Lady: “Hey, Ken. Let’s marry?” Man: “Let’s!” Man: “Let’s get very flashy” Jack: “That fucking escalated quick”
Man: “(Let’s get) the biggest diamond in the world” Lady: “(Let’s have) an unexpected… birth of a giant ladybug” Man: “(That would be) the best!” *swallows sashimi* Man: “On second thought, we’d better give up” Lady: “Yeah, we’re not smart enough” Jack: “What?”
Announcer: “Tuna contains DHA” (DHA is a fatty acid good for the brain) Announcer: “Silver Plate” (Silver Plate is a Japanese sushi delivery company)
*on screen*: “Fresh tuna is Silver Plate” Jack: “Okay, I’m legitimately out of words” Jack: “What the fuck happened?” Jack: “Okay, you wanted to eat sushi together…Maybe…I dunno….Whatever you do in your spare time with the privacy in your own home” Jack: “but all of a sudden you’re married? You jump out of your own cake, cool, I’m up to speed on that one” Jack: “relationship progressed a little fast, but whatever, maybe you’re just flashing back to when you were together” Jack: “All of a sudden you have a diamond the size of some people’s houses” Jack: “It concentrates the sun into a beam…” Jack: “…that lands on a ladybug, that makes the ladybug massive, …” Jack: “…and then I’m assuming that this is a conversation where you question your love for each other, and you’re probably gonna get a divorce” Man: “On second thought, we’d better give up”
Lady: “Yeah, we’re not smart enough” Announcer: “Tuna contains DHA” (DHA is a fatty acid good for the brain) Jack: “Yeah, I- that’s exactly what it was. Yeah, the sushi ended their marriage, maybe because they ate the sushi and it made them hallucinate?” Jack: “and then they realized they could do better than each other- I dunno” Jack: “Okay, looking good so far” *music* Jack: “Yeah!” *music continues as Jack dances* Jack: “This is just a good time!” *on screen*: What color are you? Jack: “I dunno what this is” (Lumica is a Japanese manufacturer of glow light products) Jack: “Were- were you selling those lights?” Jack: “I need to get me some of those so I can do the” *dances* Jack: “You can’t see my legs as well, I’ll get something for that too- I’ll get a leg cam for the next video” Jack: *slams table* “Genius idea! No one else has done it. First.” Lady: “You can’t do the impossible!” Jack: “Oh God” *laughs*
Man: *singing* “We can do it! (x 3) Do!” Lady: *singing* “If you can believe it, everything is possible”
Jack: “What?” Everyone: *singing* “Think of any dreams you want to make come true – anything!”
Jack: “Oh it’s a- that was a Metal Gear Solid arm; i get it” Man: *singing* “We can do it!”
Everyone: *singing* “We can do anything!” Everyone: *singing* “We can do whatever we really wanna do”
Jack: “Oh, God, I did not like that” Everyone: *singing* “We can be whatever we really want to beeeee” Everyone: *singing* “Anything!” Jack: Is this really a Playstation ad in Japan? (yes, it’s a PS4 ad)
Everyone: *singing* “We can do it! (x 2) Everything!” Everyone: *singing* “We can do it! (x 2) !” Everyone: *singing* “We can do whatever we really want to do” Jack: “What the fuck is happening- He just punched a dinosaur into the wall!”
Everyone: *singing* “We can be whatever we really want to beeee” Everyone: *singing* “We can do whatever we really want to do” Jack: “Trico!”
Everyone: *singing* “We can be whatever we really want to beeee” Everyone: *singing* “Yes, we can do…” Everyone: *singing* “…anything!”
Jack: “Sweet mother of God, this commercial is insane!”
*on screen*: Doing what’s impossible is the best Man: “Yes!” Jack: “Yes, give me! I- I’m gonna throw my- here’s my wallet- just-” *gets attacked by wallet* “Fuck!” *laughs* “Jesus!” Jack: “That’s not supposed to happen- here- take- take- take my money. That was the joke. Ow!” *laughs* Jack: “Now I gotta clean my money off the ground” Jack: “I have to clean my money off the ground because I have so many of it” Jack: “I need to clean all of that hundreds of thousands *stutters* of dollars off the ground” Jack: “Because I’m a Youtuber and we have lots of money” Jack: “What’s that, Mr. ‘person who works at the bank for me’ ? Yes, buy the third boat. I need another one” Jack: “Also, I need that arm, just so like- if someone across the room is talking while you’re in the cinema or out at dinner and you’re just like ‘cha ch poof shhhUT THE FUCK UP!’ ” Security officer: “Open!” Jack: “Oh, please be something weird inside. Please be, like, a person” Jack: “What i-” Chicken dolls: “Waaaaaaaaaaar” (they say “Uō” (ウォー), which is the Japanese pronunciation of “war”)
Jack: *laughs* “YES!” Announcer: “Smartphone RPG – Summoners …”
Chicken dolls: “…Waaaaaaaaaaar” (it’s an ad for the mobile game “Summoners War: Sky Arena”) Jack: “I mean… I do wanna play that RPG now, because of this commercial, so… you’re- you’re ahead of the game, Japan” Jack: “That was even better than I could have expected it to be” Jack: ” I wanted to buy these…” Jack: “when they came out- remember when the meme and everything came out of them, and it all went viral and everything a couple years ago” Jack: “I really wanted to buy them, but… I- I don’t think I could get them shipped to Ireland at the time” Jack: “and now I don’t think they make them anymore” (you can still get them in many places) Jack: “So… if any of you have a link to be able to buy these chicken things, please let me know!” Jack: “i want to hug them all and let them scream…” Jack: “…that’s what it sounds like to listen to a Jacksepticeye video” Chicken dolls: “Uooooooooooo” Lady: “Huh?” Cat: “Hello, I’m the little grumpy cat” Piko Tarō: “And I’m little Tarō!” Jack: “Ahhh, fuck off, no!” Lady: “Small?”
Jack: “Go away!” Jack: “What do you have this time?”
Piko Tarō: “Ah!” Piko Tarō: “You can get a ‘little grump’ ” (A “Little grump” (fute puchi) is a lightly-flavored small-potato candy ) Jack: “Okay, it’s a different song, so that’s better”
Piko Tarō: “You can get a ‘little grump’ ” Cat: “Little”
Piko Tarō: “Ah!” Everyone: “Little – Ah!”
Jack: “And you got a cute cat so…No, nah, you’re still doing it.” Jack: “You’re still doing the meme. Get outta here” Jack: “Where we dropping?” Jack: “It’s Japanese Zenyatta” (it’s an ad for “Pip Elekiban”, which are magnetic patches that treat muscle stiffness)
God of magnetism: “Go up! Go up!” (raising the magnetic field strength)
*on screen*: magnetic field strength (in millitesla) Lady: “Ah…It’s amazing!”
God of magnetism: “It’s amazing, right?”
Lady: “More! More!” God of magnetism: “Okay, this is the maximum” (reaching 200 millitesla) Jack: *laughs* “Oh my God”
Announcer: “New product – Pip Elekiban max 200”
*on screen* The greatest magnetic field strength in the history of Pip Elekiban Jack: “What the fuck? Ohh, man, that’s weird. Imagine what that sounds like from outside the door” Jack: *in Japanese* “Ah… It’s amazing! It feels goooood!” *owl hooting* Elderly man: “Is it full moon tonight?” Younger man: “Ah, ah, ahhhh…” Jack: “Oh, God”
Elderly man: “What happened?” Younger man: “When I look at the full moon, I- (change into a)” Jack: “Why did you tell me about the moon? I’m a werewolf, dude!”
Elderly man: “Fox? Raccoon?”
Younger man: “A wolf!” Elderly man: “Is it a fox or a raccoon?”
Younger man: “A wolf!!!!!”
Elderly man: “That’s not it!” Elderly man: “Red fox or green racoon, I’m asking which one you want to eat!” (“Red fox” and “Green racoon” are different types of cup noodles sold under the brand “Maru-chan”) Younger man: “Do I have to choose now!?” *howls* Announcer: “Maru-chan: ‘Red fox’ and ‘Green racoon’ ” Jack: “Yeah, a good message for the kids: eat your noodles or turn into a werewolf” Jack: “It’s like when they told you that if you keep masturbating you’ll get hairy hands” Jack: “Well, you know what? I got fucking hairy hands anyway” Jack: “probably from all the masturbating” *laughs* Jack: “Ok, well, that does it for this episode of ‘Jacksepticeye’s funniest home videos’ ” Jack: “Thank you, elves, for going out and procuring all of those wonderful videos for us” Jack: “I hope you laughed, I hope you cried, I hope you thought about your place in the universe…I hope you did your taxes as well, actually. Jack: “I hope that you’re actually, like, paying your way forward… You know, I hope that you’re just doing good in life. I hope that you’re reaching for the stars” Jack: “You know what, if you miss the stars, at least you might hit a planet or something- find new life” Jack: “That analogy kinda got off the rails, but…” Jack: “GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!” *outro music plays* Jack: “What a fucking weird episode” *laughs*

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  1. L is for lovers, how love on another
    A is for ass, of which I like to eat
    U is for you're the only one for me
    G is for the only gamer I see
    H is for happy, I always feel it
    When you put it together what do you get? LAUGH!!

  2. I wouldn’t mind Japanese cuties comming out of the walls to make me drink coffee. I love coffee and cute japanese chicks

  3. News Flash 2 : wow giving people his money got attacked by his wallet because The wallet would not let him take the money out

  4. Jack: do you hate it when your mom slowly pokes you in the face like……
    me: my Mom never does that

  5. You know how in the US we have shirts that have Japanese symbols on it and you have no clue what it says, but you just hope it says something good? Well, they do the same thing in Japan, but the other way around. My sister saw a shirt when she was in Japan that said Martin Lutherling Jr.

  6. You can buy those chicken things at a pet store. They usually have them in chicken, pig, and another random animal.

  7. Can I get that Japanese Coffee? Like seriously. Don’t ask why, I just need coffee and it’d be amazing to just want coffee and a bunch of pretty woman come out of nowhere and give me coffee. Man, I’m lazy.

  8. Jack: as soon as you scream im yours.

  9. It sounds like Jack's watching hentai at 11:00 XD

    (edit) this just happened XD


  10. L is for Lovers who love one another
    A is for Ass of which I like to eat
    U is for Ure the only one for me
    G is for the only Gamer I see
    H is for Happy I always feel it

    When you put it together what do you get

    A pretty damn entertaining time



  11. i have watch this a million times but i still laugh.

    (jack is the only person that can make me laugh)

  12. How to get the chicken things. Step one: GO ON AMAZON
    Step three: BUY EM ALLLLL

  13. Every year one youtuber is hit by there wallet . just one potato man throwing there wallet at a wall is what it takes

  14. 2:08 The man said, "You can get one of your favorite songs a day for one year everyday. Now by something as surprising as that, I'm… …astonished. Dad?!"

  15. 6:16 I think….. I'm not SURE but I THINK that they're young people who are being reckless (??) and are talking about big diamonds and getting married and doing crazy shit because they're gonna be together forever, but then they eat the sushi which has something in it for smart big brain promotion and then they're like, "Yeah let's not do that, we've only know each other for a week"…… Something like that?

  16. hey jack im a massive fan and ive always loved your amazing and funny and inventive content and i cold wish i could do that for my chanal but out of respect im not going to say name

  17. Wow i have been watching sean vids for like over than 2 years and i have never witnessed 0:07 seconds of silence in his videos…im impressed.


  19. Screw it I’ve searched half the internet to find this sound effect but I can’t find it so can someone tell me where the sound effect at 2:47 s from?

  20. Sean. You can't do a video featuring weird Japanese commercials without including the old ones with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those were hilarity GOLD. "Woohee Boohee!"

  21. Hey jacksepticeye after watching this video of I got to the highest bed in my whole house and just jumped off the cuz that's how weird that got then I done something over again and again pictures Lodge but I don't care it's way better than watching all this man turning into chicken with their sing whole bunch of chickens that sing also it might be scream I don't know which and you definitely need some of those chickens then never title of video can I have a chicken on it and that start of the video you can have ten thousand chickens goingbooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc

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