Laughter is the Best Medicine


orada cocuklar var okula bir test yapmaktan ve bir ansser yapmandan daha kotu bir sey yok bir soru yanlis ciKigimda hep daima cizdim little picture Cunku Ben her zaman çizim iyi oldum ve bu değildi Şimdi bu çocuklar komik Komik bazı [komik test cevapları [hiç aramaya gidiyoruz Ne sona erdi 1896 1895 yani haksız değil. Sadece hızlı bir şekilde [matematik] burada yapacak im Henüz bu biri tüm kontrolleri bu çocuk kurabiye ver. Ben gerçekten ne aslında 1896 yılında sona erdi bilmek istiyorum canlıların sınıflandırılması, bilim ne diyoruz? Irkçılık yapmak için tüm biyologlar deneyin etiketleri üzerinde şeylerin şeyler sınıflandırmak doğrudur Bir dahaki sefere onları çünkü ırkçılık desteklemez cevaplamadığınızı söyleyin ev ödevi vermek bilim öğretmenin çalışır Boom! En uzakta ödevini yapmadan alma yöntemi onaylandı! Zafer dansı Evet, ben pijamalarımı geçmiş gibi beş gün için giyen Hayır, bu konuda konuşmak istemiyorum Ben tam gibi veya Sadece yazdığı veya. Aşağıdaki yönergeler için işaretleri kaybetmiyor muydu. O onları çok iyi takip Çok iyi bulmak x ben bu çocuk noktası [Hayır] saçmalık için basit gibi işte Burada bu ve çözüm bu Nerede Amerikan Bağımsızlık Bildirgesi imzalandı. alt kısmında? Aslında imzalı Bay neredeydi… Donald Trump “covfefe” Ben bile doğru söylüyorum? Hiç yüksek sesle söyledim Bitki hücre çizmek ve bir bitki hapiste parmaklıklar arkasında onun en önemli parçaları çocuklar tanımlamak Pencere yok ne kadar üzücü bu bitki ve bu öğrenci için oldukça kalbim bak Demir parmaklıkları Annen pantolon ütüler ifade ücretsiz [basın] sizin için sağ ol, anne açıklamak Bir insan kayıt olabilirsiniz, en yüksek frekans ses Mariah Carey de neyin nesi Bir insan kayıt olabilirsiniz, en yüksek frekans ses Mariah Carey de neyin nesi En, en yüksek frekans olduğunu * şarkı yüksek tiz ses * içinde söyler Bu bir cevap verir ve sonra sorarlar, nasıl cevap buldunuz ve yani matematik gidiyor? I respect this one. I hate questions when they ask you to show all the steps and how you got it Why all the questions teacher? You figure it out. Unless i figured out the question because I looked at the person beside me Would you want to swim with the boy in the water circle yes or no no because there’s trash in the water, and he’s chubby Why? that has nothing to do with anything kids are so judgmental? What is up with all these judgmental people? I don’t want to swim with him because he’s judgmental. my pen? in a Goat my what? my penis in a goat? I’m just going to assume that this was a spelling mistake because it’s a kid not that The child has no adult supervision is putting his penis [or] [Haitian] Problems you fell on the playground and scratch your knee solution get up and deal with it. I like this kid This kid is a straight-up g. [he’s] complaining and crying He’s just moving on and dealing with life I kicked my hat to you this person answered with it’s a secret this teacher goes No way, I like her enthusiasm you trying to keep his scientific Advancements a secret he can’t be disclosing that nope. No way not a good idea I could go back in time and answer this on my complicated math questions. I would look at this is genius look at the spacing Expanded the brackets expanded the a and b] expanded Done, how [would] the brain like a cantaloupe it is? Fascist but for real guys. This kid is he put on clothes watch How many brains has he eaten will he strike again? Is he coming [for] me next [not] here in which state do the particles show the least Movement, New Jersey? This is kid Not understand where particle is is this a joke because New Jersey are they not active? I don’t know [youth] commands to tell your sister to do the following things. I don’t have [a] sister bam Don’t believe this is a kid look at that handwriting [I] can’t even write this neat now the top part is alright But the teacher seems a little bit pissed off about the bottom part. She can’t be mad at him from her spelling p They asked what his favorite activity is You can’t judge a kids are wanting to pee you want to pee you wrong with your bad [self] and you pee Just not on me [next] [exam], [oh] specialist pacific To polar Bears and four seals my favorite part of this question is how he misspelled through as I myself Miscounted I wrote three different. I can’t I can’t I can’t What are the three things you want to do in the future? Get a girlfriend kiss her roll the world [ha] ha ha I like how like he wants to get a girlfriend and kiss her before world domination I want to dominate the world, but it’s not that important can a man still reproduce with only one testicle No girls don’t find that shit attract What you even writing the word shit in your test answer? And you’re still getting half a point [your] legend the water on the Earth’s Ocean stores lots of heat an engineer design an ocean liner that would extract heat [from] the ocean’s water at ypres [Mariah’s] going to hear that [follow-up] Law he thought it was a good idea, but his boss fired and explained because he slept with his boss’s wife Jonathan that’s right, Jonathan no. I can’t read this teachers writing, but she says oh dear. [oh] [scuse] me. I’m sorry. What is your favorite hugh? Jackman the teacher is talking about colors this person is talking about hugh Jackman in a word describe school. Hell, I Dare you to grab me wrong try me This is one of those simple [things] when you see a picture And you need to write the word of what the picture [is] so you got tab? bag penis [I] Blame the illustrator guys you’re literally pointing at it. I don’t even know what the answer is supposed to be I Would have penis that’s what it’s pointing at he’s not wrong a child swallows a cleaning product [why] is milk often given to make them happy before they die is there? I don’t want milk to make me happy if I die I want tacos and all the tacos not to them – I’ve been delicious like ten times in this video What am I doing tomorrow? I am not going to be here because I’m going to be in vagina Now I hope this kid man forge in Virginia because if not then this kid is really confident He’s going to be knee-deep in vagina tomorrow Hope over here was told to name the shape and no boy did [she] name them She gave them actual name square is now Bob Sam Harry Keitt Edison these are all great names. What did the strongest force on Earth? Love this person should [have] gotten at least half a point high even a cross out love like that that just means You’re to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870 write a letter Describing your experiences this person writes it in Chinese. [I] bet the teacher doesn’t know how to speak Chinese I was a teacher that I would have given [them] full marks. We [should] describe what hard water is ice [I]? Love it. I earn money at home by I don’t I’m a freeloader How does he know what that is? Judging by his writing he’s young [oh] my God my life I can’t I can’t guys hmM this person decides to give their own answer giraffes are heartless Creatures no, they’re not that’s like one of the first insults I got on the [internet] people were calling me giraffe [nakula] good. Thank you giraffes are cool. The first cells are probably These are the best answers ever like I wish I was this clever in school. This is awesome. Okay guys I Challenge you to pick one question of this video and answer it correctly in the comment a challenge Can you do it you better you don’t know the answers right, and I was funny. I love you guys all so much o kadar çok


  1. one time when i was in school my question was
    what happens when you die
    and i wrote
    u go to your grave
    then i got full points

  2. I know where the declaration of independence was signed, PHILADELPHIA… ThAtS rIgHt AzZy, ImA sMaRt BoI tOo!!!

  3. Here is what I googled: The 1896 eastern North America heat wave was a 10-day heat wave in New York City, Boston, Newark and Chicago that killed about 1,500 people in August 1896.

    There were 11 days of temperatures above 90 °F (32 °C) with 90 percent humidity and little breeze.[4] The temperatures did not drop at night.[1] It killed more than the New York City draft riots and the Great Chicago Fire combined. A majority of the deaths were of working-class men in their twenties who performed manual labor.

    The New York City Public Works Commissioner ordered that his workers' shifts be modified so they would not be working during midday, and he had fire hydrants opened to cool people on the street. Theodore Roosevelt, then New York City Police Commissioner, distributed free ice from local police stations. After accidental deaths from people falling off the roofs they were sleeping on, the New York City Parks Department allowed people to sleep in parks overnight.

  4. BOOM!
    (Ok I cringed a bit)
    1 like = 5 friends and hugs for Azzy

  5. Teacher : what is the strongest force on earth?
    Me: what is keeping you from floating into SPACE! Ya! You guessed it! GRAVITY!
    Teacher: …
    And yes I like my own comment! don't judge me!

  6. You know in tests they ask you questions right ? Well for 5 of my answers I said i`d hope you would know and I still got the points !!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😅😝😝

  7. When I was a kid I had a teacher who was the worst person in the world and one time (this was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life) the class was sitting down and she asked a question then a kid said the awnser without raising there hand so she got mad and put him in the corner of sham( yes that was a thing is my school btw IT WAS 4th GRADE LIKE WTH) so then I coped the awnser of him and then the teacher said did you just copie him or did u figer it out then I lied ( cuz I hate her) and said I figured it out then she said oh really how then I paused “UMMMmMm” I said “ Thats what I thought” she said

  8. One time in class I didn't know what the answer was so I wrote, "I don't know but here's my favorite food." Then I drew a waffle. This was last week

  9. Well you see… idk what to say but… well azzy… uhhhhh… well …i…i…i…I CAME IN LIKE A RECKING BALL! Btw love youre vids :3

  10. Me:im gonna see what the subtitle says WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT ,IS THIS TURKEY LANGUAGE (i don't want turkey replie's because im indo) but now it's better :')

  11. 👦🏻 👧🏻 👨🏻 👩🏻 👴🏻 👵🏻
    👕 👕 👕 👚 👕 👚
    👖 👖 👖 👖 👖 👖 🐰 🐶 🐱

    This is the Adams family. They are very nice, but get beat up and don't have anywhere to live. One like is $10 and one piece of food to them and…

    👦🏼 👧🏼 👨🏼 👩🏼 👴🏼 👵🏼
    👕 👕 👕 👚 👕 👚
    👖 👖 👖 👖 👖 👖🐶 🐱 🐰

    The Peterson family.

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