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These parents were playing hide and seek with their kids at jcpenney, right? Couldn’t find him anywhere until they heard a little sneeze coming from this box. He was hiding Inside of the box he’s gonna go hide-and-seek Pro I’m telling you, He’s gonna be a champion! How to keep the youngest under control and work them out at the same time. You better pray he never gets strong enough to escape from there because, once he does he’s gonna be unstoppable. Those look heavy. I mean he looks kind of smugly. I think he’d like the secretly enjoys it. He’s like trying to wiggle himself out. This game (I think she meant kid) was stuck in this machine And then started throwing candy and toys to all the kids who were there, he became the most popular kid at the arcade. This is so funny cuz I can never win these things those claws are faulty AF I should have known all I gotta do is just squeeze myself in and climb in. I’m joking don’t do that I mean I’m trying to tell you not to do it But this kid looks like he’s having a hell of a good time Can we trade places with him or what. My daughter looks into the sink and says “Hey George.” Oh my god, that must have been terrifying for a parent to see! Like the last thing I wanna do is think your daughter’s talking to some paranormal things in the sink But then they look down, and they saw George. The friend of Peppa the pig Not so scary, not so scary at all, but she’s just like so calm it was like ”hey George” She’ll probably put him there. ‘Never violate a sleeping schedule even if you fall asleep in a very unexpected place.’ This is so true. I got so grumpy when people wake me up. I hate being woken up… I’m never grumpy, unless you wake me up then imma be hella Grumpy. This kid was like look nap time was at 2:45 SHARP! I’m not missing it for anything Just fall asleep in the stairs. He looks like a little comfortable even though It’s just stairs, and I could never fall asleep on stairs. So every year, This kid and his parents have a Halloween costume contest okay, and every year This kid wins. This is him the blue mailbox I thought the one on the left looks more fake But if you look closely you can see his tiny little feet underneath the mailbox. How does he do this? this is crazy are his parents seriously not helping him with these costumes cuz that’s Insane I applaud you for your skills and talent it gets better though because the year after showed up as a vending machine, Like was real chips, that’s amazing like you can feed yourself and go to Halloween at the same time I just love when kids think outside the box or in this case inside the box! *laugh now* sometimes parents are like “just be normal Please!” And kids they’re like ”nope I want to be a mailbox for Halloween.” Sometimes play pens are bought not for children, but rather Against them to keep them away from our precious gaming setups the parents are like stay away you little savage! *Laughs* This is how this nine-year-old kid plays games against his parents, and he wins them all I don’t know what complicated moves He’s trying to make but I wish him look imagine. Just trying to use your computer like this I don’t understand, and how you how do you even rekt people like that, to my dad john? from Mere? Is that how to say that name? ”I wish I could say die in a hole, but it’s Christmas so Merry Christmas.” okay This is enough to put anybody in the Christmas spirit. This kid’s parents are like Enjoy the scenery we’re on a boat, and he’s like ”nope found something better than nature”, games. He has his priorities straight I never once thought that somebody could have an evil kid until I saw this who does this monstrosity? He just ate only the chocolate only- the whole point is to have a little bit of strawberry on your spoon, a little bit chocolate, a little bit of vanilla, and just *Fake slurp* DELICIOUS! But no no no no he just ruined it for everybody nobody gets chocolate now except for him It’s all the chocolate. these parents. Thought they could trust their kid to bathe by himself for half an hour and then this is what happens they trusted him, and he sits on a throne of lies! And… bubbles, lots of bubbles. A Throne Of Bubbles…. Kings of bubbles of Thrones ”For Christmas all this kid wanted was cash so this parent suspended $20.00 worth of change in jello is it bad that if this makes me just want to pay for everything in jello” And I’m like here ”Here’s my payment”like I would be the most annoying person the planet But it would it would be kind of amusing only for me Not for the people taking the money, okay, I won’t do it ”This kid has printed this face on a piece of paper and has been taping them behind every window in this school” And you what I say that this parents can force to go to school, but they can’t force you to be normal Everybody is like ”oh my god” ”There’s somebody stuck behind a door” and then they realize it’s a piece of paper These parents are all like go hang up your clothes.And this kids like I’d rather make art does that look like Optimus Prime Or is that just me ”every time these parents fall asleep their son logs into their computer and starts taking pictures with webcams” I love the awkward little leg rase. He’s like ”Enjoy ;3” ”our daughter is not okay with coming back to school” She’s like ”you can dress me up, but I’m just gonna faceplant and not move now” I think some of us like school. I liked school for a bit, but then there was moments. I did not like school I want I went through both phases like I get both sides of scenario for the people who are like ”I love school” and like I get you people who are like ”I hate school” like I get you, too But just like you can just got to go you got push through it will be over And I when it’s over and I’ll kind of miss it a little no that’s a lie You won’t miss it at all, these parents were like ”let your sister play the game, too” So he just gave her an unplugged controller. She didn’t know the difference This only works if your sibling is Really young, otherwise. They’re gonna know that they’re pressing right and you’re going left this This is possibly the oldest trick in the books ”So, this kid insisted that he wanted a picture with a vacuum cleaner parents didn’t want him to do it But he insisted and they took him and now forever” He has his picture of a vacuum cleaner, and I gotta say one thing it does not suck Get it cuz vacuums. They suck dirt… Like this picture doesn’t suck okay,” my two-year-old figured out how to go cross-eyed and that does it in every picture” Goodbye to normal photos, forever But she looks so cute doing it like you can’t ever be mad. ”Hey Kevin, What do you want to be for Halloween?” He’s like” a fart.” be careful what you wish for this kid actually went as a fart What is this is this like a fart making device like is he not just so far, but he’s makes fart noises …I don’t hate it. I don’t love it either, but I don’t hate it. ”I work at a summer camp and this eight-year-old girl said she drew her older sister” and her parents are not gonna be happy when they see how she depicted her older sister look at this, I- Can’t I just can’t ”This kid in my school makes chain mail wears it and refuses to take it off when asked by teachers”oh My god, that’s amazing. You know dangerous public schools are nowadays I say he’s not wearing enough chain mail ”So this girl’s mom is about to have another kid so she’s about to have a sister.” She’s like not happy about it She wants ALL the attention to herself, and she’s not she’s not even she doesn’t want to deny it She’s like ”I don’t need a sister. I want all the things for ME,” but the parents aren’t gonna Stop giving birth,… so yeah. She’s getting a sister and ”enzos food you touch And you die” is this a threat, or is the lid poisonous? Which one is it because if it’s not poisonous. I’m willing to take the risk. here We got a PERFECT example of kids versus parents the parents did not want the kids to sneak out okay? The kids REALLY want to sneak out the parents put up a whole maze of strings everywhere. It looks like it’s not stopping them They’re going up they’re going through it now I wonder if you touch a string doesn’t alarm go off because that would be intense and then your parents wake up And then you’re in trouble then you’re in a hell of a lot of trouble This kid is like ”mom we have been in this godforsaken Pumpkin patch for four hours. I want to go home” I feel like this is like was me as a kid all the time whenever my parents wanted to grocery store or go shopping Or do anything that I wasn’t interested in I this was my face like I was just like ”KILL ME” this kid Doesn’t care about pictures. He’s just straight up just spitting on his dad’s hair like look at this spit Is that even spit or vomit I don’t know, but it’s gross. I don’t want anybody spit in my hair. Well anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you all SO much They awesome say sweet and don’t forget to be nice each other. Bye Bye. Ghost’n’Ghost-by lighthouse

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