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Funniest Moments from NEW Episodes! Pt. 3 ๐Ÿ˜‚ | SpongeBob

Oh, there you are! You forgot your thinking thingy. I wasn’t sure which one was yours, buddy. Now my name’s buddy? No, duh. That’s my name. I think… No, not mine. Wrong brain. Oh, bad brain. I guess I’ll take this stupid one. Hm… [shaking] Try saying “I’m ready”. I’m heady-dy. Dime deady! Spaghetti, dimes sweaty.
I’m all wetty. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready! – High five!
– Yeah! [evil laughter] Yes! My plan is working. Now everyone in town
will know what a jerk Krabs is. Yeah! Man, you think you know a guy. [evil laughter] – Huh?
– Hey, you! – You’re under arrest.
– Arrest? For what? I didn’t even steal anything this time. Vandalism is a crime too. You’ve been caught red-handed, Plankton. Eh, should have used the green paint. I usually laugh all the way to the bank, but for you Plankton,
I’ll laugh all the way to the clink. [laughing] [moaning] – Hello, numb-skulls.
– Hi-ya, Deldo. – Shall we do the empty head handshake?
– OK. [screaming] – What was that?
– A signal for the meeting to start. Come on. Whoa! [screaming] [music playing] Good, I see everyone’s
in their assigned places. The secretary will now read the minutes. These are the minutes.
One minute, twelve minutes, wait a minute,
give me a minute. OK, mail call, boys. Let’s see, who do we have? Toothy. Four Eyes. Lefty. Heads. Fingers. Einstein. Stretch, Chuckles, Bingo,
Blemy, Wheels, Boogie, Red Trip, Wink, Skeeter, Stinky! Thanks, SpongeBob! No problem, guys! I’m gonna call you Filthy Muck, ha! And you can call me Little Yuck. [laughing] ♪ If you’ve ever smell the stink
Of an unwashed dog ♪ ♪ Or inhaled the fumes of a gassy bog ♪ ♪ If a whiff of rancid rubbish
Makes your tonsils clench ♪ ♪ Well friend, that’s just a hint
Of Filthy Muck stench ♪ ♪ Filthy Muck (Filthy Muck)
Filthy Muck (Filthy Muck) ♪ ♪ And his nauseating buddy Little Yuck ♪ ♪ They roam with sweaty socks
And musky boots ♪ ♪ They frolic with the belches
And the putrid poots ♪ ♪ Living by the code
Of the stink-filled snoots ♪ ♪ They love every aroma
Just as long as it pollutes ♪ ♪ Filthy Muck (Filthy Muck)
Filthy Muck (Filthy Muck) ♪ ♪ There’s no stink
That ever stank so rank ♪ ♪ No stagnant mildew half as dank
As the stinky stank of Filthy Muck ♪ ♪ And his buddy Little Yuck ♪ Extra! Extra!
Read all about it! Filthy Muck finds playmate!
Noses on high alert! [alarm sounding] My shnozola! I belong to a club called FEMA. That stands for
Fix the Emptyheads Mess Again. Our civic duty is repairing the mayhem
the Emptyheads cause every month. You got some gunk on your tie. Yeah, they’re badges. Hey, SpongeBob. – How would you like to join FEMA?
– No, thanks. After giving my brain a vacation,
I need a rest. – Huh?
– Uh-oh! Speaking of brain vacation, ah! [honking horn] ♪ We must admit
We’re dumb as a box of rocks ♪ ♪ But time permitting
We’ll be nitwitting ♪ ♪ Has anyone seen my socks? ♪

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  7. I'm Betty, spaghetti, I'm sweaty, I'm all wetty…

    I'M READYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hade dog that mean I only like sea animals not land animals I study abouts because I want to work at the aquarium

  9. Can yโ€™all make a spongebob episode when sandy meets a new squirrel that think heโ€™s smarter than her and stuff pls

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