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FUNNIEST MOMENTS in The Voice 2018

This was not the agreement. I thought we was friends,
why would you do this? Because… I don’t wanna fight with
you on this one, I just want it. Blake, their finally fighting!
– Yes! Hell yeah. See, the audience get them
to change their minds. You didn’t get a chair turn today… – Change your mind and press the button! … but you still had this huge
smile on your face and I… – Let my daughter through! What’s that? – Somebody press the button
and let her through. Is that one of your relatives?
– That’s my mother. – You won’t regret it, please! God bless her.
– Yes. Can we meet her,
she sounds like a character. Come on mom, come out here. – Please! Go on.
Go out there babe. – Please.
She gonna knock us out? Hello. – Please let my daughter through! Ssssht, it’s alright mom. Just one of those mad things,
you know what I mean. I love your passion though. What’s your name? – Mel, Melissa. Hi Mel.
Don’t knock me out Mel. Hello?
– Hello. I think you’re good! We can’t see you, maybe we should
ask more questions. Are you a man or a woman? – I’m a woman. Let me guess,
you’re 45 years old. How old are you really? – I’m 19 years old.
WHAT!? Whaaat, 19? Let’s talk about this.
– Yes! Everybody just sit down,
everybody relax. By the way, I’ve never heard Kelly
not say anything before. Even more reason to love you.
– YES. Let me start this,
because I hit my button… … knowing it was a long shot,
but I think you deserve that. – Thank you. Kelly is still speechless. That doesn’t happen.
– Never! I’m not speechless. I, I, I actually am.
That was so… I just wanna say, the reason…
Like, … pffht.

48 thoughts on “FUNNIEST MOMENTS in The Voice 2018

  1. Can you maybe add subtitles for the ones that are not in English? Just a suggestion for the next video🥰 Like not for the singing if that is in another language but the talking:)

  2. 3:50 the same song had also been sung on this week's Blind Auditions episode of The Voice Indonesia, but no coaches turned.

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