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Funniest Senior Yearbook Quotes! (I Hope These Aren’t Yours)

hey guys before we get started with today’s video I just want to say sorry about the bad audio quality as my mic wasn’t working at the time of recording so I had to use the camera mic which is clearly not the best but I didn’t feel like filming again so with that said sorry and enjoy the video Aereo was pop and youtube welcome back to the channel oh man that felt so weird saying a different intro was what I guys welcome back to a brand new video on my terrible channel oh yeah terrible channel back guys I hope you don’t mind this fuckboys outfit today you know I just I’m washing my clothes right now so I just had this old shirt well actually it’s new but I never really wear it our little banana friends going to be joining us for this video today okay I had a little pocket here and I just wanted to put something in it so I just put the man in man I hope that’s ok speak in a memorable moment guys today we are going to be taking a look at some of the most hilarious and somewhat hilariously sad year book quotes now when I graduated high school we actually I don’t think we had your book quotes cuz I can’t remember what the heck I wrote well I guess it wasn’t really a good year book book that Vincent Tavares wrote you can’t be proud of what you were born as only what you do amended two guards I look better than the person next to me wait Stan dude that’s a good-ass quote yo if I got to remember one of these two it’s simply going to be Amanda tag art take art whatever I’m gonna remember her name cuz to guard ranjith’s Park but anyways I’m gonna remember her quote okay that’s much more memorable than frickin mr. Tavares by the way that is a great to play Caitlyn cannon instead I need feminism because I intend on the marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife and I are making a point 75 cents for every dollar a man makes you know what I’m paying that last part we going to write no I don’t know what you’re saying Caitlyn Canon dude really cool frickin turns the yearbook quote into freakin feminism I mean really Caitlyn sure they make cannon people like you that give them it is the bad name 75 cents for every dollar a man makes please you people are supposed to stand up for the Equality of women not the degradation of men please learn what it means first how you and Barney doing good alright Barney so good what is your favorite place in the school the bathroom because there is Wi-Fi well with the guy that has was a lord or Lord Lord of ring game to have no idea what that is but anyways you know what it makes sense the guy that has the Lord on a shirt of course you would want Wi-Fi in the bathroom just for all the teachers out there whenever you read this yearbook quote now you know whatever mr. Lord went to the bathroom and took a long time oh you know that while he was taking a crap hey was definitely using the Wi-Fi to play Lord or whatever the heck that is Lord the ring game whatever kind of want to try that game now see kids I told you I was hot in high school dang okay that’s alright I like that’s got a little spunk got a little bit of class to it I think what he’s going for is ten years down the road when he’s showin in ten years maybe okay maybe fifteen twenty years down the road when he’s showing this to his future kids if he has any he can say see kids I told you I was hot in high school and you know you can read the quote and it’s exactly what he’s supposedly saying okay wait the deck at that right steady will make sense wait what’s that you see a dude’s head Harry where oh right here dude it’s like a hairy dudes head right under this yearbook yo my dude I don’t think that someone’s head I think that’s actually someone’s hairy leg yeah I’m pretty sure that’s the kneecap right there a hairy one but a meet captain sure alright you tried scar those condos said I hate my name I’m there with you Carlos I hate my name too what Barney what oh yeah Cherry’s not my name guys stop calling me Jared Barney Ben I just told you straight up okay my name is not cherry she’s not calling you that rowdy me really wow the dudes names rowdy negro yes it’s my real name whoa kid well sorry for asking you know what’s even funnier than the yearbook quote is the faith that the dudes making no wonder they named him brow II should burn this place down when I had the chance this Michael Scott ever want to know how a classic 95 all died in a fire there are 10 years later yeah no no all right what the heck what do we have here are this girl her yearbook quote was fluorine uranium carbon potassium bismuth thick medium helium so for germanium Julian oxygen neon and it really I think I pronounced all of those kind of correct way but I don’t get it what is it holy smokes guys look at this the abbreviation for each of these element actually spelled out Keith gets money well duh she learned something in science I get Michelle ho says I’ve been a home my whole life oh ok that’s just what I know that’s what I’m saying that’s just weird wait a minute guys maybe she’s not getting at anything dirty you know I mean maybe she’s just saying she was always a hope I did her last name you know like a family tree a family clan the family gang the family plans the family hope that was a joke call myself yeah you know I mean am I seeing this right this girl actually put emojis in her yearbook quote that you didn’t know this was an option all right how do you read the winky face sticking tongue out winky face just hung out faced a happy face sad face kissy face hard face or anything dogs a cat face or space panda penguin is that a mouse let’s go with them out boy what’s up why is there no banana I don’t know that’s a good question joseline Montana Rose says you’re all going to regret not being me in high school all right Jocelyn my girl keep telling yourself that listen I got a little bit of words of wisdom for you ten years from now nobody’s even going to remember who you are unless of course you become famous or something then it’s kind of cool seeing people again that you Highschool wait this one is coming from a gay boy go to old Daniel such a kind individual such a freshly dressed smart looking student just look at what he had to say about his high school Thank You Carlisle high school for teaching me friendship understanding community kindness of youth optimism and community wait guys what was what’s the problem you don’t understand what’s going on here okay well let me spell it out for you f you see k y ou you alright guys I think that’s all we have time for today if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to smash that like button yeah I said smash I never say smash but okay smash that like button celebrities familiar also if you’re new be sure to subscribe to the channel because we post videos here every single day also feel free to turn on my post notifications so you guys are never late to a new video and let me know down below in the comments guys what do you think about some of these interesting yearbook quotes for those of you guys that just graduated before summer or you know are going to be graduating this year it’s something that you should be thinking about or have already thought about anyway send you guys so much for watching and until next time I will see you guys in the next video good night [Music]

100 thoughts on “Funniest Senior Yearbook Quotes! (I Hope These Aren’t Yours)


  2. In 2015 one kid wrote “two in the pink one in the stink, life’s an adventure explore it” at my school

  3. My school doesn’t do senior quotes 🙁 at least anymore. My elementary school, I think they use to, but they don’t seem to do cool things like that anymore

  4. For that last one I had a mouth full of spit and I accidentally spit it out while watching this vid lying down

  5. My quote is gonna be "once you jimin you can't jimout" or "min Suga rap jjang jjang man boom boom"

  6. I don’t think she was degrading men she was pointing out that women get paid less than men for the same work which is true and important

  7. my yearbook quote was actually,"did you see my bag?"

    i just graduated high school :,))

    originally i was going to put i hate math because my 2nd last name is 'Than'

    + i lost my bag at school before

  8. Okay barney so from now on I won't Terry, Cherry Is it fine with you Berry😂😂😂
    [Was that Cheesy?]

  9. My senior quote its gon be "Im so sick of this fake love" or "worldwide handsome – jin " or "Tonyyyyyy"

  10. My actual yearbook quote will be You are the cause of my euphoria

    Tell me that doesn't sound beautiful

  11. I stg mines gonna be either
    shawty imma party till the sundown
    wussup we are the uhh foreign swaggers
    min Suga genius
    uh and that’s a long ass ride
    wow fantastic baby
    make em whistle like a missile bom bom
    listen boy my first love story
    shimmy shimmy ko ko puff

    😂I’m so sorry

  12. Don't lose your pen lose your pen leads to Death💀

    Lose Pen = No answer

    No answer = Fail

    Fail = No Diploma

    No Diploma = No work

    No Work = No Money

    No Money = No Food

    No food = You get skinny

    Skinny = Ugly

    Ugly = No lover

    No lover = No Marriage

    No Marriage = No Children

    No Children = Alone

    Alone = Depression

    Depression = Sickness

    Sickness = Suicide

    Suicide = Death

    That's the story of Losing your pen

  13. My name is krystal and ones a subtitute cane and




  14. There’s a year book quote like this “none of the girls liked me in high school…. but their boyfriends did” thought I’d just say

  15. When i'm gonna write my yearbook quote there are gonna be even more kpop things to choose from i'm dying plz save me save me oh oh~

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