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The past few weeks every time I asked one of my friends to hang out, they’re like, “No I can’t I have finals.” It’s just been like non-stop studying Yall can’t even go get coffee with me, so if you had finals the past few weeks this video is for you at least They’re over now, they cannot hurt you anymore. You’re safe now. Today, we’re doing texts during finals week I want to let you know that you are not alone There are other people that struggled probably more than you did it’s beginning to look a lot like This yeah, I’m gonna fail. I’m gonna fail. I’m gonna fai. Fail. I’m stressing out. I’m going in now. wish me luck. Okay (Music playing.) OK, wasn’t so bad. I think I did okay? *She inhales* See, it’s not so bad. A lot of people make it out to seem much worse than it actually Is, and it’s like it’s only 20% of your grade. *Deep in thought of what she said* Okay, it is a big deal. Where were you today? What do you mean? The final. It was today. No, it isn’t it’s tomorrow wait.. OH This is like Everybody’s worst nightmare. Imagine just waking up not remembering what day it is missing your final. I was very sick in the hospital with ebola I like my organs are basically like exploded and inside me. I didn’t I had to be in the hospital I could not make it. Valid excuses 2017. Um did you take this photo of me in the library last night? Ha yeah, why didn’t you wake me up? You’re snoring so loud I didn’t want people to see I knew you. Also you were drooling. Where’s the drool? I don’t see the drool She literally looks like a nine year old nine year olds have finals too? From math, finals is probably like what’s 2 squared? 4, BAM! A plus. This dude stayed 40 minutes after he finished the test *crickets chirping* So I was like dude you okay? And he was like I’m just Absorbing the reality that I have to live with my parents for the rest of my life because I legit knew nothing on that test *Lia chuckles* Bless his little heart. He is all of us *Chucles a bit more* Poor guy. How do you you take a final and know nothing on it? *Wondering about this dudes life choices* You gotta know something I’m not trying to brag or be a dick or anything But I could never invest myself to sit and study for hours and hours and hours So, I kind of just like looked over my shit like right before I took the test like the night before and morning before and then I just went into it like yeah i’ma just do this okay If I fail, I fail. I just always went into my finals or my tests or anything at school. Just like okay I’m gonna do okay, but I’m okay with okay, cuz you know what I was pretty bad at tests But I was good at doing my homework. I was that like an A or B from homework And so if I get a C on the test. It’s okay because I have that homework cushion I don’t know I could just never study it’s like with editing. I can’t sit and focus on something for so long I need a favor What? Can you send me every single government note? Wait? So did you just not take notes the entire semester? Okay, There were a couple people like that. Like you weren’t paying attention, you didn’t take notes like what now hey RIP Lia’s nose. Let me just borrow all of yours, okay. I know there was this one dude in college That used to do that to me and my best friend, and he’d just be like, “Hey Can I get the notes? Let me just copy all of them? He would almost never Show up to class and then after class you would find me in the library and be like, “Hey, can I copy your notes? I couldn’t make it to class today. I had to work.” I’m like yeah, okay like every single day You didn’t make it to class I just have to like drop out or thrive, but I don’t know how to thrive so maybe I’ll drop out okay It’s a little too late to drop out I hate how it’s like You got to drop out of the class like in the first like week or two or you don’t get your money back sucks Man, can you please bring me food? Where are you? The library. Please tell me you’ve left since last night WHAT DO I SAY? Uh Go home. This is my home now this makes me so happy I’m done with school or not done with school, but I mean I dropped out after two years of college focused on other stuff but yeah I’m so glad. I don’t have to do this because my brain cannot work it cannot function it cannot learn new things like this It’s not school new things. I don’t like overusing my brain. Okay. What would happen if you vaped a 5-hour energy? *Lia be like WTF* Wait cuz it’s like a liquid, and then you put it in a vape, and then you can like vape it I think you have a lot of energy like five squared so till twenty five hour energy Yeah, that’s a good kind of energy to have. I just woke up with dried tears on my face Was this before or after the finals? *ECHO THE FINALS* Hey, Mr. Soie, I need to pass the finals tomorrow Study, and you will do just fine. Look how hard I’m studying WHAT KIND OF STUDYING IS THIS? I’m not expert or anything, but this doesn’t look like studying to me I love studying and by studying I mean sending selfies to my teacher. Girl stop, and gonna put on glasses like look look. I’m hella smart wait Those are the same glasses as me! deadass she has the same exact glasses as me YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY GLASSES Bitch take those off. The Instagram life is the life for you. Hey you in the library? Nope home Oh, you’re done studying? Nah, I gave up. Just basically picking out my casket right now because I’m not gonna survive this week same Thinking pink maybe purple. Pink sounds good. Mine will be aqua with glitter rest in peace in style They died trying Chill y’all haven’t even died yet. School is supposed to prepare you for the rest of your life not want to end your life *Lia chuckles* Hi, I don’t know if this was asked last week, but is there gonna be a curve on the final exam Hey, Jessica. No. I never curve, but especially not for a take-home Thought I’d ask. Worth the shot. Wait Hold up. Is her final a take home? What doesn’t that mean you could literally just Google all the answers check with all your friends get together with the rest of your class And just work on it together. A take home final? I have never heard of this and all my years of going to school They write a take home final doesn’t it defeat the point if you could just Google everything I mean, that’s what you do in real life once. You’re done from school graduated. You have any problems in real life Ya, Google them. You ain’t gonna make up an equation in your head be like uh THINKING OF A PROBLEM I don’t like somebody at my work. What do I do? You’re gonna Google It you’re not gonna come up with a damn equation like the square root of x is y mx b and slope and maybe if the slope is positive Then I could fire him I realize that made no sense I’ve written one sentence one sentence that’ll end up deleting It’s nine o’clock When I used to write an essay I would just start writing the paragraphs first And then I would do like the beginning intro paragraph last because I I? Was so bad at those I could not just like think it start typing It’s just like pick a subject and then start typing. Oh look this person knows Education is supposed to improve your life. Not make you wanna end it yeah, but let’s be real What does it make you want to do? *Music plays between the choice of ending your life and improving your life* Right before you take the final you get a moment of confidence About to kill this final one an hour later Lolz, I failed. Ouch. My plan was to go to my testing lab open my microbiology exam and click Submit But I did it and I got a B totally prepared for an F Yeah, see that’s the best thing you could do you can just be like oh, I’m gonna fail. I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail, and then when you don’t fail. You’re like oh oh I did not fail like when I want to buy something I’m like this is gonna be a hundred dollars, but I always overestimate so when it’s like fifty dollars. I’ll be like hell Yeah, save some money. I think it’s better to set lower standards. You ready for finals week? It’s finals week? Lol praying for you When you don’t even know what week it is. Because on the 13th I’m going to Sheddy’s with my classmates And I’m gonna do 39 shots of fireball Right in a row and then I’ll call Taylor to come get me and I’m coming home to sleep for 24 hours straight I don’t know which is worse Taking the finals or doing 39 shots Wouldn’t that kill you I know it would kill me because I’m small and that’s like one shot is way too much for me You doing 39 shots? That’s a whole damn bottle sleeping for 24 hours straight though, that sounds great. Mr. Mac, I need to pass the final I’m sure you’ll be fine. Do I look fine? I’ve been sitting here for the past seven hours trying to study look over my biology. The only biology I’m doing is crying *Thinking about what she just said* Is that even biology? I’m talking about all my years of high school college knowledge Gone, and replaced with the YouTube But anyways thats’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure that that like button In the face and comment below let me know how you did on your finals. Did you pass did you fail? Did you do okay leave a like if you’re on winter break right now make sure you subscribe to the Wolfpack WOLF HOWL Well, I love you guys so much, bye guys OUTRO MUSIC (Subtitles provided by TheGreenEmerald)


  1. I'm the same way with essays I for the life of me cant write a intro paragraph so I write everything else then the intro. If I still cant I have someone write the first sentence then I write the rest.

  2. One time I got really lucky with a test at got a 96 after I didn’t study at all but that was only once 😓

  3. Its good to study before bed the night before because when u sleep u memorize it ig or my teacher was just lier

  4. My geometry final exam brought my grade up to a 64, and a 64 is needed to pass. I barely made it to part 2.

  5. I thought i was gonna fail but i passsed both of them and my friends got geliouse cuz they needed to retake it again so……MIDDLE SCHOOL HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I got a 79 on math final, 90 on science final, 86 on social studies final, and 87 on ELA final….. I’m bad at school bro don’t come for me

  7. Honestly..

    I don’t study.. and I don’t get why need to study :/

    If your teacher ‘taught’ you it already, you should know it deep in your soul

    If not, there is always one way

    Take a reasonable guess

  8. I just joined I have watched your channel for a week and I already love it (I'm not exactly sure how long I've watched but not very long)

  9. Why kids have there teachers phone number is this a thing dam I would have had my teachers number not in a dirty way but I could trick him to give me questions to study these kids these days

  10. In 3rd grade we had Finals and still to this day we still have Finals in in 8th grade ugggghhh

  11. The thing is with a take home test,in my school,they have a meeting with the parents to make sure you don't cheat and if you cheat ,Rip,you will fail and your parents will beat you 😨😨😨

  12. B66hyhybybyjtvrv fun t up just in order post about fo up in it is important in it is ijbuh6grz /:3/


  14. love people say people only remember this and that when they never forget something like your language you grew up learning off by heart and did

  15. In Texas we have these things called the STAAR test.40 something questions that determine if we pass or fail the grade.

  16. I just gotta do the dreaded introduction of an essay. After about an hour or so writing and rewriting the beginning, my brain knows what to do.

  17. When u said its everybody is mightmare when u missed a final well i had something like it i had a math test and a O level test and i studed anther subject but when i went to the test i found it soooooooooo easy has this ever happened to u?

  18. 9:22 that would and will be me when I have to take finals. I’m going into 6th grade so i’m getting into the grades where this happens. Now I feel like I might die in high school

  19. This gave me ptsd again from when I was in school lol. I literally had nightmares about finals over a year after I graduated 😂

  20. What me and my friends do to pass finals is eat a bunch of fruit loops during our long study hall at the beginning of the day as a sacrifice to the gods of finals week

  21. I didn’t do to bad on all my Finals except math got like a C- my mom wasn’t to happy about that 😅. But I suck at math anyway so who cares I passed the damn class she can’t say nothing

  22. We take a lot of tests in the last week of school a lot like finals but I’m not in high school or college yet so it’s different. But when you take this test you have to wait either the whole summer til you come back to school or sometimes people fail to do their job quickly and you have to wait pretty close to a whole year. Imagine a whole year of stress waiting to figure out how you did. But you also have all the homework and tests of that school year plus waiting for your results from last year. I’ve never studied for these tests so I have that long to stress about whether or not winging it failed me or was a total success! So far it has always been successful. I don’t plan on studying any time soon. Cuz I’m just so smart like that.(ok tbh I have no hope left. ;-;)

  23. Biology is my favorite subject, I’ve always been a fan of science

    (Love ur vids btw!❤️❤️❤️)

  24. About a take home final — my friend had one of those one time, which he forgot to take until 2 AM. So he actually called me as he didn’t know much in the final.
    He was damn lucky I was still awake. I had done everything I needed to do and so was playing video games.

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