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Funniest Twitch LIVE STREAM Fails Ever !

Today we’re gonna be looking at the funniest Twitch fails. If you don’t know what Twitch is It’s a platform where you live stream, so everything’s happening live. So if you screw up or do something embarrassing the Internet will keep it FOREVER So what’s gonna happen? We’re zooming into something intense, it’s gonna happen PFFFFFT HA HA HA HA HA *GASP* NOOOO How does that even happen like, imagine my chair just like SHBAM That’s what I mean something: embarrassing happens to you on a stream. It stays on the Internet FOREVER So this is guy shopping in a store. Okay, he’s checking out yo thank you for the sub uhhh thisarobbery This a robbery? Oh no, that’s so awkward. So on Twitch as well when people subscribe or when they donate like their name pops up So this person’s name is thisarobbry and this dude is shopping and everybody around him now thinks that he’s gonna rob Okay what’s gonna GASP SPEAKING OF ROBBERIES This dude just ran up to some dude’s streaming and stole his phone. Wow. Out of all the phones you could have stolen You stole the one dude who was live on Twitch. Well, guess what? Now thousands of people have seen your face and now thousands of people know You’re a thief and now thousands of people are gonna report you to the police. You’re gonna be really easy to find I’m not saying you should ever a rob but like come on so stupid it’s bad enough already as it is You’re a thief but you’re also stupid Okay Girls walking just going for a stroll I’m I was that way like what’s gonna happ- A pole happened. A POLE. I mean, I can’t even make fun of her that much because I I did see it, I did see it. We all saw it. I can’t make fun of her too much because I do that all the time I’m never paying attention and then I walk into poles. At least she says she’s been drinking. I have no excuse So this girl thinks she’s getting into her uber. The guy thinks he’s picking up a girl… if you know what I mean It’s just she’s getting in the front cuz the back doors locked because he does he’s not an uber driver. He’s picking up… “a girl” So he wants her to turn it off because what he’s doing is illegal And she wants to keep it on because she just thinks she’s getting an uber driver So she’s like, “What?!” But I guess if like you own a car and you’re Ubering people you have the right to tell you and left to film Right. Do you? It’s your car. I don’t know what the rules are It’s not recording don’t worry it’s not recording It’s not recording or anything, just thousands and thousands and thousands maybe millions and millions of people are watching. Who knows? I mean, I don’t know how many times this video got shared but a lot of people have seen this Yeah, just talking to my friends, you know just 1, 2… million people ooo this… This is terrifying. Like this is why when you order an uber you always gotta check the app and make sure the license plate matches the license plate Of the car you get into Hello? You’re looking for Caroline, right? From Washington DC I live here Oh my gosh, she’s scared now because the person who just called (hello?) was the uber driver She was supposed to get into the car with and they uber drivers like hey, where are you? My heart would be racing at this point. She thinks she’s getting kidnapped. He’s not trying to kidnap her to be fair, buuuuuuuuuuuut Still. Are you an uber? No. Oh my God. Drop me off. Oh my God Okay, thank you Misunderstanding?!! That is terrifying So this is streaming. Okay and his mom walks in behind him while he’s streaming and she’s in her underwear Hella awkward. I don’t know what’s more awkward, for him or his mom. Either way, it sucks This is why I don’t stream, like you never know what’s gonna happen. This next one is a messed-up story, Okay? You see this dude, looks fairly nice, right? He is supposedly disabled. Okay until Until he just walks off With his feet! Like a miracle just happened. Yeah, you saw that. So what he was doing is he’s pretending to be disabled So he could get donations. Isn’t that really horrible of someone to do? Like you should never fake something to get something because what did that thing actually ever happens? You don’t know how this universe works how horrible you’re gonna feel then like the people who like pretend Someone’s died so they can call in sick It’s like how are you gonna feel if that person actually dies? Horrible Right?
Like you never ever ever want to make up something Negative just to get something positive because what goes around comes around, people. I guess he forgot his webcam was on I don’t know what happened But dude, you stood up one way some way some day lies always come out and this is proof This one is insane So this dude is playing with matches on stream, which I think you should just never play with matches ever But I mean, I guess like what if you want to light a candle? I don’t know but this goes horribly wrong So wrong, that this dude throws the lit match into the garbage behind him aaaand Then the garbage like on fire and then sets his whole house on fire He lives with other people. Luckily everyone got out it safe Nobody was injured but this dude just burned his house down live on stream I’ve heard of crazy things happening stream, but this takes the cake I don’t understand what he’s doing. Is he trying to make a bigger fire? You know, just add some cardboard to it Let’s just give fuel to the fire like you are making it worse Yeah, flammable things. Put flammable things on top of the fire. That’s gonna help. Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh. I don’t I feel like it just this is just common sense Would you put paper on top of fire to take out the fire? No, you would probably put like a wet towel on top of a fire or water I don’t know, anything but paper and cardboard is what I’m saying? Oh wait Oh, he’s finally coming in the water after he’s made it massive I feel like a wet towels at best scenario but at this point like this point you just gotta call 9-1-1 like you gotta call 9-1-1 get the Firefighters in there to do this job because dude, you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m terrified Okay, so this dude’s just playing games and Oh Mic attack I mean, I can’t say I’ve never done that this pink mic has hit me in the face more times than I can count But at least it got it got a little soft stuff on it So like doesn’t hurt his looks like his looks like it would hurt. Like you could lose a tooth with that thing she’s just taking out a door on stream Ohhhh I like saw that happen before it happened. Oh, I want some of that food , I want some of that Her reaction Was so adorable she was like That was so cute I just wanted to hug her after but also I hope she’s okay, and there was no broken glass. So this girl thought her stream was off She started acting pretty weird. UHH OMAGAHH BLUGGH OOOH Like I’m sure we’re all weird on our own time But yeah I guess I guess you gotta be a little extra careful when you’re a streamer, and by a little I mean a lot more careful So this girl’s streaming in public at a bar ok, ok cheers cheers *mouth drop* ha everyone went quiet No one’s gonna help her up? Come on people help the girl up! I’m glad this guy eventually went but first he enjoyed the show. He was like, (welp. nvmd). But THAT was a bad fall She like took the chair with her and everything. Okay, so they’re driving and streaming which Honestly Wowwww I was just gonna say is very irresponsible and this is why I really don’t think you should be filming, Texting, doing anything that distracts you from the road when you’re driving because you don’t realize how powerful a car is I understand you might think you’re the best driver in the world But you don’t know how other people drive and also, how horrible would you feel if you hurt someone? It’s not good There’s a lot of people who love you too like you don’t wanna do anything While you’re in the car except for drive that distracts you from driving How many times I need to say this? At least like ten more times? Like people need to just stop doing it. Anyways, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you all so MUUUCHH Stay awesome. Stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice other. Bye. Bye

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  1. Sommy friend was doing live stream and something embarrassing happened his girlfriend came in and startes dancing and knocked over the camera πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. my dad was texting and driving and I was in the front (I was 11) and he kept looking up and down looking on the phone until there was a red light and we nearly crashed but he stopped just in time and then he was texting again and green light we sit the for 10 seconds untill I told him I was scard for life and I was getting a gut feeling I was gonna crash before that and after that his wife was driving I was in the back tho and this dumbass stopped so suddenly so we nearly crashed one time I did crash my mum's friend was driving I was with my bestie(I was 4) and we had a mini crash and i banged my nose on the seat in front I wanted to cry but I didn't cuz did hurt that much

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  17. at one of my assembly's a teacher was asked to give out more awards so she said "am i doing these too?" and the principal nodded then she say's "oh god" and laughs and says "did that come through the mic?" and everyone starts laughing

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