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100 thoughts on “Funny 16 Personalities Highlights (INFJ Only!)

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  2. 😆 I used to hypnotize my ex-husband and get rid of his hiccups. One night he smarted off to me while I was getting rid of his hiccups and I told him he’s lucky I’m capable of much much more than just stopping his hiccups lol lol

  3. This is the place where i am in the midst of nf's.😍😁 Btw I'm enfj but can relate many of those intuitive feeler types. I think all nf's (enfp,infp,infj,enfj) can relate to each other a lot.

  4. The retail situation is literally me, even if I don't work in retail. I just don't like to talk on the phone or open the door at home. I'm always happy, if others are taking care of that. 😂

  5. You know what's funny, I had doubts about you being an INFJ, but seeing you do the skits and being a chameleon acting the different types, and acting how INFJs do in public–it has confirmed me you are indeed an INFJ. Thanks for the laughs FJ. Keep em coming!

  6. Thank you for this video if someone asked me about me or anyone who wants to know me I’ll show them this video (I’m an INFJ).

  7. Sometimes I wonder if we are just projecting ourselves into everyone else, when we suspect whatever thing they've been through.

  8. Dayum boy.. why INFJ's parts always makes me felt like they are so sexy af. As ESTP's i would said that maybe i have something for INFJ's ☺️

  9. man thats all our(infj only) deep thoughts… I always do this to my students : " yeah u can do it #fighting #hwaiting #Jiayou #kambate. I truly believe in your potentials. ^^" but inside im thinking "am i doing it right am i good enough to encourage a person?_?"

  10. Uh…yesterday was my birthday. (Yes, Scorpio) And thanks to Frank the only response I have to people saying “Happy Birthday” is…

    “…one year closer to inevitable death”.


  11. My INFJ Brother, Mr FJ: In the past, I know we disagreed on the existence of "two-type Timmy." That being said, I think we can agree that this video "Funny 16 Personality Highlights (INFJ Only!)" is a hilarious series of interpretations (and simulations) of how an INFJ would act. And now I better stop writing and editing this comment before my boiled eggs boil over and my chicken dinner becomes so dry it no longer tastes like chicken.

  12. Only infj will understand this vine

    And Ive come to the conclusion, infj will truly never be understood by anyone else.
    We're not in the thick of society. Society rarely interacts with us therefore its hard to understand what you dont revolve around on a daily basis

    Even in relationship with an infj, you will struggle. Because what you've learned to know among other people , the infj will totally confuse the crap out of you.

  13. Hahahaha. It was a great idea to have compiled it!
    I love them all! Especially the wedding and monopoly bits. Thats very relatable.

    And how adorable are you Frank!❤

    Way to go!🙌🏼

  14. Make a video on infj expectations vs reality (#introvert being missed judged in general) we are not a cry baby..we are more alive like anybody can be. Like a chameleon we have the colourful life.✌🏻

  15. I love everything about this channel and your videos, I always come here when I need to feel understood and just watching these sketches gives me a little bit of hope for better days to come and meeting better people❤️

  16. Hey FJ! Really love your videos and comedic sketches!!! I was wondering if you could make a video about opening the door after a door slam, recently a person I've deleted from my life reached out to me and wants to fix their mistakes and make amends, since I've never done this before I'm kind of confused on how I should deal with this, it's a complicated situation that I'm not familiar with and I was hoping you'd have an idea about it. Hopefully I made some sense….

  17. Ok guys I'm an infj and want to do a gc on Instagram 🙂
    Who wants to join

    Also great video!
    Felt will all of them hahaha
    We infj's can really have it hard sometimes when we are the 'therapist' of everyone lol

  18. This had me LOL. I've been on two dates that have turned into coaching clients. Nothing wrong with this, right?! : )

  19. Alternate title: The 16 personalities of FJ’s awesome hair! OMG so relatable—the interview, the monopoly, the retail skit and the waiter- just tweak it to a tech/patient interaction!

  20. Fellow INFJs! You are invited to the first ever NYE INFJ Solo Kitchen Dance Party! Commune with your INFJ brethren without leaving your house or suffering through awkward interactions with strangers! Boogie the night away alone in your pjs with the music drinks and snacks YOU like, and know you are making deep connections with other INFJs the world over! Like to RSVP, and enjoy an awesome NYE not having to make eye contact with anyone!

  21. We always have this epic narrative for events and life in general. Like the contemplative narrator of a movie. Lol. Sometimes it gets depressing and too real for people lol.

  22. Because of 1:24, I just wanna throw this out there. My bf and I (both INFJ’s) booked a trip for him to come see me. He gets to the airport & can’t find his flight. An employee looked at his info & realized he showed up a day earlier 😂 To this day we still laugh at the fact that we didn’t even notice the wrong date, day, or flight information.

  23. How about INFJs and other people‘s pets?

    Neighbor: our cat shadow bites, he doesn’t like to be petted

    Me: watches cat

    Cat: leaps into my lap, looks around, and crawls up my chest for me to snuggle it like a baby.

    Dog: curls up lying on my feet while I sit in a chair

  24. one time my Uber driver started crying while telling me her life story and i swear i barely even said anything to her the whole ride

  25. I am an INFJ female. After the first date with my now boyfriend, he asked me out again. I considered telling him that I really liked him but as a friend and that I could offer him advice on girls. I actually imagined scenarios of how it could be really fun to help this guy write text messages to girls and tell him what to do and not to do on dates. However, I went on the date normally without telling him these things, and had second thoughts. We started dating, I stated having feelings for him. After a couple of months he asked me to be his girlfriend and saying yes was the most natural thing to me. I love him now and would not share him with anyone.

    Even though INFJs are intuitive I learned to give things a second chance – even if I had no clue what I was doing at the time. My intuition was clearly off – even if I hate admitting it, haha – maybe it gets out of balance because of the stressful situation, dating can be, I don’t know

    Besides that everything is so correct it hurts and soothes me at the same time, haha. Thank you for making these videos : )

  26. Wow, it's all so me. I made strangers spilled all of their secrets without me asking much like i was just sitting, alone and then they just talked until i really need to go after an hour nonstop life-coaching a stranger lmao

  27. Lol 100% accurate!
    I would say the student one was a tad off because if you look at me, an INFJ high school senior WE DIDN'T WATCH ARTHUR
    iCarly is where it's at 😉

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