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Funny 3 Color Glue Slime Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

– Ready. Sweaty. (laughs) You look silly. (censor bleeps) Hi guys! It’s Audrey, and I’m here with– – Jordan, from JustJordan33. Self-promo!
– Hashtag self promo! And today, we are gonna
bring back our OG video. I actually filmed this video exactly, actually not exactly a year, but you know, closely to a year ago, and that is the three
color glue slime challenge! So what we do is we are
gonna be blindfolded, and we have to pick out
three colors of glue. But not only that, we’re switching it up this year, and not only doing three colors of glue, but three colors of– – Charms! And– [Both] Foam beads! – So this is so fun, and we have no idea what our
slime’s gonna end up like, so let’s get started. – We’re gonna ready sweaty
goey to see who goes first. Ready? [Both] Ready sweaty goey! – Yes! I won. – Oh my goodness. Audrey, if this is a new
subscriber watching this video, and they don’t know what
ready sweaty goey is, they’re like what in the world? – Okay, Jordy, spinny spinny. I am the claw in the claw machine. You ready? (Audrey beeps) (beep) This is literally all they always do. They never pick anything up. – True. (Audrey beeps) Which one, which one? (Audrey beeps) Are you kidding me? – Okay, I’ll pick one for real now. – That one! – This one and, ooh, this one has the groovy grooves. That means its a sparkly one. I know my glues!
– Got it. – I know my glues! I’m gonna guess this one is blue, and I’m guessing this one’s green, and I’m guessing this one is clear. – Let’s see. – Oh no! – Okay, now it’s my turn! I’m kind of excited to see what I get. I’m nervous.
– Don’t memorize. – I’m nervous. – Don’t memorize. I’m mixing them around. – Ah! My blindfold! – Guys, there’s only one
pink in this whole box, so you’re lucky if you get it. It’s the special pink. – I feel like I will get a special pink because it’s right here. Ow. This one. I don’t know if this is the special pink. We’ll see. This one. Oh wow, okay. And… This one. – No way!
– Let’s do it. – You got the special pink when you said you got the special pink! You cheated. (Jordan laughs) How’d you do that? – I didn’t cheat. I’m not a cheater! – I feel like your slime
is gonna end up good cause it’s orangey and
pink and just clear. – Yeah, look. I got a clear glue. I’ve got orange, and I have pink. I must admit on the last round, I didn’t go with the
very first one I touched. I didn’t mean to do that on
purpose, it just happened. – Okay, now we’re gonna pick out– – We both got orange. Yum. – All right, round two the–
– Charms! – Charms. I almost said the beads. – The charms. – Okay, ready? – [Both] Ready, Sweaty, Goey! (shrieks) – I’m so good at that ready, sweaty, goey. (Jordan laughs) Okay, ready? – Sweaty, goey! – This one. – Oh wait, you gotta
mix them up, you can’t– – I don’t know what’s what! This one. And this one. – Man! You got my favorite beads! – I think you pretty much
know what you’re gonna get. – These ones are the little whales. – I got the whales. I got the lollies, and
I got the strawberries. – And I got the pineapples, which is like one of my
other favorites, too. – There’s only three left,
so Jordan has to use those. – Yeah. And I got cupcakes,
and I got rubber ducks! – Rubber ducky! – Yay! Okay, cool.
– This will be fun. Okay, beads.
– Beads! Foam beads, okay. – [Both] Ready, sweaty, goey! (shouts) – Okay, for this one,
since there’s only six, we’ll do every other person. – Okay. I got you. – [Audrey] Ready? – Sweaty ready. Oh wait! Go. – This one. – You picked up two! – Give me this one. – Okay. – Ooh, green! Moving them around. – Ready? – Jordan, you missed the bowl. (laughter) – Audrey! (Audrey laughs) – Empty bowl! – Come on, this one. – Got purple. – Purple. – Our favorite color. – Oh, I wasn’t ready! – This one.
– Okay. Ooh! – Pinky! (laughter) (squeals) – My turn! Ready? This one. Ooh! Minty! Bluey? – My turn! (laughter) This one! Pinky! – Pinky! – Pinky! – Pinky! – Okay, you have two choices. – My last choice.
– Better choose right, sonny. Oh, you chose wrong. You ruined your theme. – Wait what did I pick? Oh, ah! – So blue is left. All right, now that we have all our stuff, it’s time to mix them together. – Let’s go. – Okay, so I’m first going
to add in my purple glue cause that’s what I picked first. – I’m gonna start with my pink because the pinky glue is
the rarest of the glues, and I found the pinky glue. – Wow, and that’s the
first one you got too. (glue plops) (Jordan giggles) – Okay, I’m going to add in my scented, orange creamsicle glue. – I wanna smell it. – It smells like glue. – Wow, I got a really good whiff of that. – Yum! (glue bottles squirting) Why are you still on the first glue? – Cause I got a giant bottle, okay? – Okay. (glue bottle squirts rhythmically) – Okay, I’m adding my orange creamcicle, but it’s just orange. – It’s just orange, not scented. – Neon orange, so. – We didn’t get the scented one. – Boom shaka, whoa. That came out really fast.
– Wow! – It’s really a runny. Really a runny. It’s really a runny. Okay, now I’m adding
my last one which is– – Now I’m adding my last one!
– Glow in the dark! – Mine’s clear! – Mine looks like a beautiful galaxy. – Mine looks like pink orange. – Oh, this is a thickly slime. – Whoa, this one is thickly glue too. Oh wait, no, not as thickly as yours. – Mine’s really thickly. (Jordan gasps) – Bubbles! Oh my goodness! There’s bubbles. So fun. – Guys.
– Whoa! Yours looks like a Halloween slime! – Oh my goodness. Look at my Halloween slime. – Cause it’s got the purple which– – It’s a ghost! – The orange pumpkin and
the ghost glow in the dark. – I made Halloween slime,
and that was on purpose. – I made not Halloween slime, so. – All right, let’s mixey mixey. Ready? Sweaty? Where’s your spatula? – I don’t have a spatula. – Oh. Are you mixing with your– – Go on in my bare hands.
– Oh! Okay, let’s mix this up. I wanna see what color mine is. – Why! – What is this? What is this color? Ew! – Look at this. Mine’s just orange. – Mine’s very sparkle-icious. – All right, I think we need to move on. I have really sticky
hands now, so that’s fun. – Okay, we’re gonna activate
our slimes real quick. – Wait we’re not adding in these? – We add them in last. – Oh, okay. Activation time! – Activation! – Ah! Wow! – Ew. Name this movie. Ew. – Oh my goodness, if you know that movie, you are a real OG. Oh wait, actually what?
– What? – You are a real one. (laughter) – Cause if not, you’re a fake one. Whatever that means. – Look at this!
– This is really chunky. – Honestly, this is
like my favorite color. – We have different colors of pinks. – This is like my favorite
color, so I’m very happy. – Is this your favorite color? – This is my favorite color. – This is like my skin, but sparkly. – This looks like Hubba Bubba. You know Hubba Bubba bubble gum sometimes you just don’t
get the wrapper on, and you’re like well guess
I’m a rebel, I’m eating it. – What?
– What? Nah. – What were you saying? – No, you know how Hubba Bubba bubble gum how they have the wrappers, and it sticks to the gum
because it’s like melty? You know what I’m talking about? – So you just eat the wrapper? – So like you’re taking the wrapper off, and it’s just not coming off, and you’re like well, whatever. I’m a rebel. I’m gonna eat the wrapper! – You weirdo. Okay, can you get me some more Tide? I think I need it. – Audrey, it looks like you’re
really struggling over there. I think my slime is so good! – I don’t have enough of the activator! We’re gonna come back when we’re adding in the
charms and the beads. – Ta-da! – Ta-da! (Jordan shrieks) Here are our slimes. I’m so surprised. Mine’s like a milky white pink. – Loving the Hubba Bubba vibes from over on this side of the table. – So, now we’re gonna
add in our bead and our– – Why are we so weird? Oh, this is gonna look so good! Oh they all match with the pink so well, but I don’t know how they’re
gonna match together. We’re gonna find out. (laughter) – I don’t know how they’re
gonna look together. – Are you adding them all in? – Jordan, how did you open up your beads? (Jordan singing) (Audrey sings operatically) All right, here’s my beads. Oh no, my beads are mixing. (laughs) What? – That’s such a weird sentence. – My beads are mixing? – My beads are mixin. (screech) I was gonna say you wouldn’t be able– (Jordan squeals) I have a knock knock joke, you ready? Knock knock. – Who’s there? – You. – You, who? – Yoo hoo! – [Both] Big summer blowout. – Look at our beads! – Actually, it looks really
good with your aesthetic, and it looks really good
with my aesthetic too. I am thoroughly, pleasantly surprised. (shouts) (laughs) – Let’s add in our charms. – Look at this, look at this! It looks like the Nerds Rope! – Oh, it does.
– It looks like a Nerds Rope! If only I had a darker shade of pink. – My charms are fruits. I’ve got strawberries,
apples, and banannies. – I’m gonna add in the pineapples first, cause they’re my favorite.
– Here’s a strawberry. I mean apple.
– Strawberry. – And that’s a strawberry. – Here’s the pineapple. These are so stinkin cute. Oh yeah, thanks to Maddie Rae for sending us these slime ingredients because look at how cute this is. And look at how great this
slime is, just saying. – We’ve also, I mean, I’ve
also got little whales, little whales and… big whales. – Those ones are so cute. (shrieks) Look at these pineapples, Audrey. Audrey, just take a look. – Look at my whales. – Look at this! I’m just like you! You’re just like me. Little duckies. – I’ve also got some lollies. Okay, I’m gonna mix
all my charms together. – Look at that!
– Here they are. Goodbye! Wow, we have made a lot of slime. Wow, yours is yellow. – Look this is like my favorite cause it’s a mixture of pink and yellow, and literally pink and yellow
are my two favorite colors. Cause pink is my number one,
yellow is my number two. – I think we made really good slime. – Me, too.
– Look at this! Let’s do a slime bubble, ready? – Slime bubble test? – Slime bubble. Three, two, one.
– I’m not ready! – Go. Oh no. – I am ready. – Why do we do it a different way? – [Jordan] I’m ready, I’m
ready, I’m ready, I’m ready. (Audrey screams) (Jordan screams) – My hand is in it! – RIP headphone users, I’m so sorry. – That was amaze-balls! All right, guys, that
is it for today’s video. If you liked it, remember
give it a big thumbs up. Also, tell us in the comments down below whose slime you like more. Is it my unicorn dream slime? – Or is it my Hubba Bubba surprise slime? – Tell us in the comments. That’s it for today’s video! If you liked it, give it a big thumbs up. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, remember to subscribe and
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