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Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 465

I need to spell [Music] I don’t want that damage spell that zero man I’m so good Oh hit him in the face hit that oh my god I’m so nasty make nasty dog can I get a death wig suddenly you lose the game so please don’t tell me he’s gonna get to blue gills and absolutely right bite shit [Music] fighters known as 45s five times sent is that one the first 50 50 [Music] one the second fifty-fifty one the third fifty-fifty two more times one the next 53 corner coke on please [Music] see that’s not a photo Moorea whoa hey yeah [Music] [Music] since I’d pre do it on the RS sweetly what is all the other streets Mickey Pisa Mickey Pisa Judd Judd what Europe last pass rusada but still out yes now crack with the shit be reversed laboum switch [Music] why buy a jalapeño Filip Leu chance to mislead shine for you sir on channel 2 agora blessed SME of let’s upper body of the sir [Music] well I ain’t been a long time since I’ve seen someone get destroyed playing that card but cut it feels great like dumb card are we going to kill up important to play unlicensed due to the opponent you play vulture give it to the opponent he give the opponent curse of our farm doing his face bring it up to 27 end your turn at this happens he takes the damage so this minute x5 I know you guys are confused but this is math simple map [Music] I don’t know [Music] yeah what was that denomination home your deal [Music] well do on your deal on your deal on [Music] no chick though I mean this grinding bowl that’s not good no way is that six targets then are you kidding me a monk old enemies see the shoes you know stop that’s pretty good that’s actually really good if it’s a quest mage all right he’s right here for the takin it’s right there for me all right we’re in business again great turn to milk please all of a sudden we did it I finished a quest no great [Music] is that lethal they can draw eight cards [Music] Caravaggio doses the same topology a tree see a tree mood valve are literally a peon necessarily Thomas Tallis dystocia Springs on floor Micaiah Roxanna shot us boutique equipaje girl more Wichita Villa good data to drop all this [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 465

  1. What if he played Zephyris in this situation 9:34 ? Would it offer him Moonfire?
    (Yes I know he had lethal with Fireblast anyway.)

  2. im not reall playing actively anymore, but anyone can tell me how the dude could play forked lightning in the first clip? O.o

  3. Чем больше играю в эти картонки ,тем меньше при просмотре трольдена удивляюсь от этого ебаного казино

  4. 7:53 Это снова тот самый чел, который разрывает 10 и 5 ранги на комбо говне-из-жопы

  5. So apparently there's some thing blocking scrolling videos now. And the adblocker claims 64 ads blocked. This is the only video I've seen this new anti-block measure on.

  6. А почему речь последнего чувака на англ не переведена, как остальные?

  7. Нужно вставить нарезку с Лёхой Томатом, где он за одну игру на арене тащит 4 коробки с приколами Йог-Сарона. Так сказатб СИ. СА СИ

  8. If anyone needs 'RїᴏтPᴏiɴтꜱ' just use: 💧 I have tons now! 👌.
    You should try this dude ✔.

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