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Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 466

[Music] [Music] Nagato permeable sayonara Vinny – they actually gave me a concise not him yes I go home with optimism about the you Ronnie Jedi [Music] but all those sent out blow ho blow her blowhole on a video [Music] [Applause] Vietnam the van same the same [Music] he’s a precious named waste for the men invade the lowest how to attack one of its neighbors carava haha don’t be cheap we’ll just play the mattress because we’re pretty much guaranteed in a parka oh hey there he’s got a big ol board big ol board [Music] [Laughter] [Music] okay now we hit him with the holy Nova [Laughter] [Music] hey guys check it out [Music] beautiful [Music] [Music] I’m dead but I’m so dead right now shut up I don’t want to hear it dude is it active shut up [Music] I mean I can’t win now even if he leaves like even if you have keys I can’t get through that okay I don’t know I can play arch-villain I’ll just die detecting out but roll I think I have to play the Elise Jana what if you get wait how do you deck out I have two cards left on my deck he’s at 20:30 plate least you wanna know because do you know what our drillin or foam does he replaces their hand my deck in your hand – yeah there’s a place oh I was trying to read them well I lost now oh no I didn’t I got Azari holy well unless I die this turn [Music] that worked out I guess I dropped them by accident and now I get I didn’t get a win for free it puts both people to home guys don’t clear this Oh alright take those [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] okay guys I love this day [Applause] [Music] negative sixty thousand five hundred f6 [Music] viper doesn’t have to fear that also annoying for re you to have his puzzle box Draco’s to think to plays foreshadow a pain [Music] [Music] oh I just had doomsayer blindness that minion was dead because it was silent that is so much better than a shadow were paid okay I tried my hardest barn IU Game one well played I didn’t know Sepphoris was that smart [Music] see our assembly ended up being over silver name it’s making Rd you spent man on doing stuff not just healing his own face [Music] that’s exciting that’s just free minions wait when it makes a copy does it copied champions yes look copy this rush buff oh good question it’s mine oh yes it does it’s insane yep that was not that’s not on our to use deck hmm oh my gosh it still has rush it still has rush it still has rush yes this is insane this is insane subtle call the police this is illegal mall right fine fine I think three of them is enough like follow the man live for a turn also you know if there’s more powder than that but that’s it this was the two cards and two turns we created this whole mess that’s just turned around so quick underbelly use of the game all the AoE Barry did summer names back to yep LX it control warrior schools don’t fight quite as well so we just went now so there’s that you can give you more time no how does Margot the second one doesn’t cast also the opponents just dead [Music] [Music]

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  2. 2:13 Unrelated Taiwanese fact there.
    the name 很星爆你知道嗎
    is actually related to an anime called Sword Art Online
    the reason it will appear even on name,is because it had been a heat on a discussion platform called
    there are nerds like 4chan and computer engineers there like reddit.
    somehow based on hates that the charater, kirito owns loads of THOTS.
    and base on his OP plot skill to endure literately every boss. this made this charater seems effortless and compared to the time, while other anime's main charater suffers too much to gain a little.
    therefore they grant him a pretty infamous name. as his skill StarBurst Stream are mentioned
    whenever you go, what ever you post. even just with a little bit of charater kirito's eyes,
    or even any cut-scene in anime, those users can spot it and down vote it
    this made word 星爆 popular only between Taiwanese. and i felt home while watching this at other places

  3. Можно вечно смотреть, как сливается глиномес на биг-присте.

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