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Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 467

[Music] this sub news efforts fireball sounds pretty convincing subdue the tests the thing great stops counterspell and it’s got really tight yeah but we never lose these well I mean you gotta ask the question like was a temperature of Allah good this game oh it dude that’s not fair ball huh okay well that’s game I think he’ll leave no you sure now but we leave it’s definitely a fire me no I never leave to this place off fire and I clicked it your player back that’s a holy fire I don’t I don’t know what went wrong maybe if you span some emotes held you went on looking for a my control tech or that oh that’s two plus three the Reeb all it takes the fitted lazy draws four three four five six seven step looks like Monsanto sees it trust me lethal Monsanto you can do it max thank you with an EXOR man as the resident EU caster here you are quite right he just hasn’t needed it he’s had such a skank he’s just been able to draw clouds and deal damage every time and filled up his hand for the bomb also which is the secondary effect of that damage it’s a win-win to deploy tomorrow a faceless bubble you’re a genius all ships clip it you’re an actual genius purple geg pick your poison so fire all my school [Music] there pull takes two series two to one over fire bad and knocks him down to five and six and purple goes up to seven and four so big match especially for that playoff seedings because purple if he had lost his match would have tied fire man in the standings [Music] [Music] wait a sec wait a second for more sip snaps oh yeah you’re right if I positioned him on the raid you know that’s true that’s true make a hundred today we’re good right I guess business come on the right back no no oh my god [Music] punished that’s a good question sometimes he takes like five minutes sometimes he takes off garrison come on all right that is the part that lets see here Hagen I guess we can vanish oh wait a second wait a second do you see it holliman’s I give them a copy we kill the copy the eviscerate our mate Adama has been easily winter action [Music] one time don’t test me I need to give a full training actually child well I do need to go for full training because if this gets taken in Superman but someone else on deck so scary [Music] oh my god this does that 200 IQ what [Music] [Music] yeah happy lifesteal [Music] Oh Jamison buffets Oh Paris pasta CJ movie and amaras Technion sake Volodya favorite passage a total shot [Music] [Music] watching this amazing matchup that bill for battery fatigue deserves me to get my cat one like I deserve it chut chut imagine reading this game of hearthstone there has to be a way I can get there like I don’t discover make into celiacs or something I don’t know what exactly we need [Music] what no Waukesha bro that should be illegal no after one hour of game she’s no other chose me after this car after Grantham regenerating it from a randomly generated pinata from a randomly generated your power are you out of your mind yeah at least it’s worth it for the YouTube content guys we were the one spring rocket we would have won we were the one you would put the spin okay there Trey the spin rocket would make a tune into that we would have one [Music] unification in Australia in English in this as perfectly people for dancing why me right [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

77 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 467

  1. 3:12…. what a moron.. he could have simply buff just the 1 snip snap and the bosses effect would have finished him off… instead he made played 4 minions…. what a retard

  2. little easter egg/backstory here. The "how was your turn 5" is an old Savjz video, where he had an insane turn as druid (iirc)… I saw that and it made me sad a bit. I miss him from these compilations.

  3. 3:19 dude is an idiot. 1. He put all of his eggs in 1 basket. 2. He realizes his mistake and could have corrected it by making the snip snap on the right big also and yet chose not to.

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