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100 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 476

  1. Скучный режим, который скучно смотреть и в который скучно играть.

  2. как вы зае*али со своими "хайлайтами" в новом режиме, который уже все 100 раз видели, потому что пара стратегий и всё, а вы каждый раз "О БОЖЕ ОН СОБРАЛ 20500!!" я понимаю конеччно что контент брать неоткуда потому что все стримлеры играют в это, но блин, я стал тупо проматывать эти моменты с батлграундом

  3. when i see battlegrounds in first time : no , this isnt hearthstone
    when i see trolden clips with crazy RNG : yes , its definitely is hearthstone

  4. I love your videos Trolden, but please say in the title if it's only Battlegrounds footage, so I don't waste 10 minutes of my life watching dice rolls.

  5. "Pro" players making the biggest misplay in this game mode is pretty painful to watch. When you play demons, this is like the only thing to check.

  6. Твою мать… В нарезках теперь сраные шахматы будут… Диз перманентно за них будет всегда от меня. Угорать с тонны рандома, так весело!

  7. Can't really blame Trolden for making a video dedicated to Battlegrounds when Team 5 has stopped giving a shit about all the other gamemodes.

  8. Вас тоже бесит этот тупой режим и вы хотите обычного брось кидай карты?

  9. Atleast label it properly.If you wanna make battlegrounds clips – it's fine, you can do whatever the heck you want in your channel.But dont expect me as a viewer to watch everything you throw at me.

  10. Well. I don't play battlegrounds and I am not interested in ballegrounds video. Can you please use some another name for videos with this game mode?

  11. First time thumbs down, sry. But I“m sick of this battleground-stuff. It‘s everywhere from Twitch to YouTube. And I also know it‘s hard for you finding the appropriate content at the moment.

  12. Watching multiple streamers kill themselves with that card makes me feel better, since I totally never did that to myself once, lol

  13. battlegrounds looks like youtube's videos. players do nothing, just watching animations like us now.

    first time I disliked trolden 🙂

  14. My doctor told me not to watch Kripp due to my potentially lethal salt levels that are higher that any human in record. So I found a loophole and figured Kripp must be here due to his crazy shit rng. I’m 1/3 through and if Kripp isn’t in this video I will sue trolden for not supporting the protestors of Greece who want to free the salt king

  15. 4:26 I’m in the hospital now for my blood salt levels. My doctor recommended for me a vegan diet but that may increase my desire for the salt that this round headed bearded man gives me. Please text Kripp Addiction Support to 0-3-12-0

  16. Lmao everyone crying about 1 battlegrounds video needs to chill out. You’ll get more boring evolve shaman videos later babies

  17. I think I don't only speak for myselfe, so can you make a seperate series for Battlegrounds? I am only here for standard Hearthstone now some auto battler…

  18. In every videos there are at least two clips of SilverName, I'm starting to think if he's just a noob or commits fails just for the lulz

  19. Idea: dislike all trolden videos saying hearthstone in the title but featuring only battlegrounds content. Name it properly man, you gave me false hope

  20. All the people who raging about battleground content are probably these kind of people who play shaman in standard and tempo mage in wild.

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