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Funny and Lucky Moments | Shadowverse Compilation #79

Hello everybody and welcome back to the cafe Today there’s going to be a lot of discount on our menu Because of our new chef named Jerry and his Heaven Gate secret techniques Now if you can’t wait to see it then you skip ahead to the countdown above Because now we’re going to answer some of our customer questions Maybe you should add subtitle when yo do the intro? Well there’s actually this caption function right here where you can turn on the subtitles. It follows the script I have and it should be in line with what I want to say. It’s only in English at the moment but if anybody want to contribute then feel free to do so Why don’t you play with English voice? Do you just like the sound of Japanese? Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I use Japanese voice. Before Shadowverse I play a lot of Visual Novel and because they usually voiced in Japenese it just feels more natural for me hearing Japanese voice. Haven’t seen any ads in a while, still demonetized? Yep, it’s actually almost a month since I reapply for it and that’s a bad sign. I’ll probably tweet YouTube tomorrow after this video published so wish me luck I got a response from them. Fun fact I actually have a tweet ready to be sent as you can see here What’s your favorite Blood card? It’s hard to say. I’m not a Blood main so I don’t have a lot of opinion about them other than “Screw You Azazel” I guess I’ll just pick new Spawn because there’s some cute content involving him like that Yonkoma I made a while ago What do you think of story mode? They’re a mixed bag, to be honest. Morning Star is definitely the weakest from all of them but it definitely gets better on Guild War. Sadly the Stell Rebellion and this new “Seed of Conflict” doe sn’t really click with me. Then again I play for the waifus, so it’s not like I expect a lot. In Idolmaster what’s your favorite idol? I actually never saw any Idolmaster series but if I can choose just from looks probably Tsumugi In celebration of opening a cafe for a month how about holding Haruka fanart competition? That’s actually a good idea. I’ll probably do it after my monetization back because that’s way more important and worth celebrating so look forward to it. And that’s all the time we have for today Now please sit back and enjoy the show and I will see you on your next visit.

33 thoughts on “Funny and Lucky Moments | Shadowverse Compilation #79

  1. #BTCafe New Expansion was revealed. What are you looking forward to seeing and what are your thoughts on the new traits and cards so far?

  2. #BTCafe
    What skin for each class based on a card would you like to see?
    Also, is there any lore behind the cards? I know, some of them come from other Cygames projects, but I'm quite curious if there is any story behind each card.

  3. 2:31 Of course it had to be the silver haired girl.

    #BTCafe By the way, do you play Azur Lane/Girls Frontline? I've seen you post pictures of Enterprise, Shoukaku, and Springfield from time to time.

  4. #BTCafe Have you read the Rage of Bahamut lore yet? I become less caring for the SV lore once I realized RoB was better than SV in term of story quality and Portalcraft hold many important character in RoB lore duo to their lore and I saw you love playing Artifact so you may enjoy it as well.

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