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Funny arabic humor (Subbed) Sexually misleading riddles حزورة مع شطورة

good morning and welcome to a new episode of A riddle with Shattora(her name) the one who wins today will get a very big prize which is.. full house fornuture and a new 2009 car lets see who’s going to win this big prize lets take the first call hello.. Hello .. Peace!
Peace! How are you, shattoora? Iam good … who are you? I am “Hazza bin Jasem” Welcome Mr. Hazza are you ready for the first riddle? Yes I am ready, I hope you’re also ready! I am ready and I hope you win with us A full house forniture, and a car, model 2009 ok tell me.. it’s job is to get into something.. yeah! used usually with the mouth to protect from jerms usually it’s used one time and then get’s trashed yeahhh every person needs one… HELL YEAHH did you get it? ahh .. to be precice .. I know the answer, but.. am..I am.. shy to say the answer .. we’re on air! whyyyy, it’s so easy! if you dont tell me, you wont win! I know it’s easy and you know it,but.. but not on air, I cant answer this riddle! If I say the answer, you won’t win. The answer is soo easy and it is.. Shisha Extension! No..No…No! My thinking went to the sexual side of the riddle! it was the shisha extension.. you didn’t win Mr. Hazza! but the riddle was leading to sexual stuff… Please give another chance.. Please, please! Ok then.. lets see if you have more luck with another.. yea but… Full house forniture and a 2009 car! Ready? but I have one wish.. please dont make it lead to sexial stuff again. No, Mr Hazza.. GO FOR IT!! Used to Open! YEAHHH used on the table.. in the kitchen.. and in the Bedroom BAD! can be used by the hand *$*@$ !! you guessed? Even worse than the first! oh miss shattoora!!
yeah?! Miss shattora.. you’re leading me to sexual stuff! No MR. Hazza! What “no Mr Hazza!!” looks like you didn’t guess the 2nd riddle! I will say the answer… and also you wont win.. it is the “Bottle Opener!” ahhh… no .. no .. no! it didn’t come to my mind I thought of something else.. ahh ok, since you wont make it easy for me.. I want to tell you a riddle.. and I want you to answer honestly.. OK! There’s a TALL thing!
yea? Starts with the letter “A” and ends with “R” goes back and forth.. and brings children.. What is it? I guessed … and my thinking didn’t go far! Autocar! TRUE! Autocar INTO THIS PROGRAM! Autocar INTO THOSE RIDDLES.. AND Autocar INTO THIS CHANNEL!!! and .. THANK YOU!!

43 thoughts on “Funny arabic humor (Subbed) Sexually misleading riddles حزورة مع شطورة

  1. @innocent4eva lol k autocar means dick.. so his is saying fuck this program, fuck those riddles, and fuck this channel.

  2. @dudeeedddd147 You're too american.. I don't blame your ignorance, it's your government and family who told you this.
    It's funny because we're more developed than you are =)
    Google Dubai f%cktard!

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