Laughter is the Best Medicine


That is enough of that. Hello! This is now
my sixth video. And you would think that I’d be getting a little less awkward in front
of a camera, but, no. So for the last two weeks you guys seem to have been really enjoying
my videos. And I think it’s because I actually sat down, planned them out, scripted them
and worked on the idea for a few days in advance before I actually shot the video. Um, and…
While I would love to say that I’ve done that again this week, I haven’t. Sorry. Luckily
though, I found this. Some of you probably think I’m a massive creep right now. Well
you’re wrong! Mostly. This is me and my sister’s baby book. Basically when my sister and I
were in the really early stages of childhood, like from you know, two until about seven.
Six? Seven? My parents kept a diary of sorts of the stupid shit that my sister and I said.
Thank you tiny little me for scripting this video for me in advance. So today, because
I haven’t got a script and because I haven’t had any time to work on any of the video ideas
I had for this week, I’m gonna just read to you some of the stuff that I said when I was
very, very little. These range from 1997 up until 2003. So I hope you like them as much
as I (sigh) am embarrassed by them. So I’m gonna start from ’97. Um, this one, just to
let you know, my parents for some reason call each other babe just like around the house,
instead of actually calling each other by their real names. So that’s just a little
bit of back story to this one. Zach calling to Dad from his bedroom: “Hey Babe, I had
a poop! Just a little poop.” So we’re off to a classy start. Zach to Mum drinking coffee:
“Can I have a sip? Because I’m very drinky.” Zach’s advice to Dad when leaving in the morning:
“Don’t poop in your underwear, Dad!” Solid life advice from a three year old. Zach to
Mum: “I’m very sick because I have a throat in my tummy.” Mum: “What would you like in
your lunch today, Zach?” “Um, maybe macaroni and ravioli and sticks and sugar and toast.”
I knew what I wanted when I was four. Dad to Zach: “Zach, what would you like to be
when you grow up?” “Um, a tree!” Dad laughs: “No, I mean some people are policemen, some
are cooks, some are scientists, what do you think you would like to be?” “Um, I just wanna
be a tree.” I really knew what I liked. Mum: “Zach, please don’t look through the neighbours’
window because that’s not polite.” Zach runs outside and says to the neighbours: “Mum says
I shouldn’t look in your window because it’s rude in there!” Zach to Mum: “Mum, when you
kissed me last night, I saw one cootie.” Zach to Mum: “What do trees smell with?” “Mum,
a boy is called a male.” Oh there’s more. Mum: “That’s right. And what is a girl called?”
“Um, a vagina-male!” Why did I know that word? “Hey, I think it’s starting to snow. I just
saw one cornflake fall down.” Zach to Dad: “How does the egg get out of the chicken?”
Dad: “Well it comes out of a place sort of like the chicken’s bum.” Zach: “Yup, but eggs
don’t come out of my bum because I’m not a refrigerator.” Mum reading the help wanted
ads: “What kind of a job do you think you’d like Zach?” “Spitting.” Reach for the stars.
Zach after tripping and scraping his knee while playing: “I don’t like this fun I’m
having!” Zach, phone in hand: “Mum, what’s Santa’s phone number?” Looking back that one’s
kind of sad. (phone rings) I don’t like answering the phone when there’s no one else home. Okay.
So there you go, I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself and hopefully entertained you guys.
And if I haven’t, then… Then what more do you want from me? Kidding. If you liked this
video, please give it a like and share it everywhere you can. Tell your friends about
me, it’s a really good way of getting my face out there. Also, subscribe. Also, just a quick
sidenote before I end this video: Um, this beanie is from an awesome company here in
Australia called Hungry Lifestyle. As you can see it says ‘hungry’ right across the
top. It’s got a little pom-pom which I like because… Because I like it. Um the guy who
runs the place is awesome, he’s very personal and makes a real effort to please his customers.
I’m gonna link the website below so you guys should go check him out and buy some of his
stuff if you like it. Also, this came in the mail today! Yay! Um, those of you who are
Jacksgap fans might actually recognize this. The company that made this is called Johnny
Cupcakes. I actually found out about it through Finn Harries. Um, I think he tweeted about
it or he mentioned it in a video, I dunno where I got it but anyway. I found out about
it through him, and I went on the website and I really liked it and I bought this and
it got here in like three days, um, it’s an American company and… I like it. So I’m
gonna be linking both those websites down below, um, they do guys’ and girls’ stuff
so make sure you go check them out. And I will see you next… Tuesday. Forgot what
day of the week it was. Bye!

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