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Funny Beyblade Battle vs Pennywise the It Clown!  Beyblade Burst Turbo / GT / SlingShock

welcome back to the Blast Zone
today I just got the new Air Knight beyblade burst today we’re gonna be
testing it out against all these really cool SlingShock beyblades let’s do
these battles that you Ronald McDonald your restaurant it’s so good
Big Macs are the best you Pennywise when the It Movie what are you doing here the
old new slingshot beyblade no one’s ever seen it or beat it this is gonna be hard
guys and here’s the catch if I win yeah coming back with me but if I win you
have to go where you came from Pennywise you got yourself a deal let’s
battle we’re gonna pick for beyblade eat let’s do this I’ll pick first
Z Achilles what are you picking Pennywise Oh brutal ‘when art okay it’s
a good pick my next beyblade sword Excalibur what’s your next beyblade now
this idiot deep tied for me is one more babe Vise leopard we’ve got our four
beyblade is Bozo the Clown and this place or I’m I I’m gonna send it back to
this place let’s ride down first battle alright Lucy’s beyblade horn where’s your
dread Phoenix man I thought are you scared
I don’t think so I’m saving dread oh you are well I’m not scared first three
points let’s 3 2 1 let it rip go now and ice destroy
moon or asked you’re no match for me bozo hey what is it be it go to our and
I feel ya to zero guys I’m gonna win this battle go now or night don’t let
him attack you like that take him out three zero air knives the
spin kick what happened the next battle is Emperor Forneus vice Leopard he’s scared guys he won’t
pull out his big bey he’s 32 on the left rear wiper 40 X brought this all to make
sure beyblade alright whoo you win you’ll find out all right
let’s do this for this you got this when it’s just a touch of magic that did
nothing all right one zero spin finish for my Emperor
fourth oh yeah Pennywise one zero zero one litter all right do the 40s beat the
it clown so um my defense is like really good so if your attacks have no effect
we’ll see about that so I’m gonna call Ronald McDonald okay all right all right
beyblade you got this yeah how do you feel about losing to time zero I need a
win it’s to 0 next battles to one the 1240 and subtract you’re on beyblade
40th no 46 easy sound guys good yeah to one it come finally my lay its to one
do one letter a mini-grid on out for Nia yeah great attacks now
it’s time to pretty much yeah looks like I’m gonna win this how do you feel I’m
on guys 3 1 / 4 yes now put that in the loser pile are you doing beyblade for
Archer Hercules you’re 0 3 2 1 minutes right now for my first big hit beyblade
Callie so who started to hurt you ease let’s go 1 0 its 1 3 2 1 the red strip
so now Scalia saw your speed zero Bozo the Clown finally win his first next
battle Z Kiwis a for dread Phoenix I’m not scared one day this is gonna be gone
– I don’t think so a killjoy – wonder listen clown I still have one more
battle left in me err night yes I’ll go back with you but if I win you have to
go away three two one five one more point and I win no more black magic or
whispering we are gonna win guys I feel it’s five two squats about to go home i
won let it rip go now a night don’t give up to Daddy peel it
clown I should’ve won so come back home you go back where you came from you see
I just wait I’m good see ya go back to your house thank you guys so much we’re
going back to black so please subscribe and like and if you guys want to see
more awesome characters like this be sure to like this video
there’s always bye guys have fun beyblade

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