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Brother please take him you take my bike i am going where are you going i am going keep it i don’t want my bike No Riksha is agreeing to take him then So we try to ask some biker instead of course i have to go home its getting late, and i am hungry also Listen Aunt of Wall of China You are bigger than Lahore Fort gate my family let me eat everything that’s why i become so big How much do you eat now can you eat five six caldrons only this is only breakfast then i have Lunch Dinner and Hi Tea A biker is coming Stop him Brother, Aslamo Alikum, How are you i am fine wow we got a real chicken will you help us my son can you drop my son there near dirty engine come my son no sir i cant sit my son come on No sir i cant Nothing will happen give me little space how i sit now put your leg on that side you pick up his leg i grab the bike pick up how can i sit than give me space lay down the bike now up a little deflate the tire how he deflate the tire the bike will come down then its too high how i climb on it come here on this put your feet here then where we put that i think he is mad he is a good boy he will take you little further, now good now take him how i ride it now tell me how i ride it take me anyway, my son grab him from here not like that, hold him firmly ride it, i cant, ride it try it start it this will not work i kick start it great, take him now go now, how can i ride now go go, take him Papa take him somehow manage it How i manage it, i am sitting on the handle i Push you weight is too much my son please take him take him take him i am going home where are you going you take my bike i am going where are you going I don’t want my bike i don’t need it, you keep it come here, where i sit, on the handle sit here on the headlite come on sit how i ride this heavy bike see he is not sitting you sit i push you where should i sit, on the meter ? see bikes engine has stopped take the bike take the bike take it take it take the bike i don’t want it you are irate with us come here, can i push no no he is irate with us come here listen to me this was a prank how i ride this it was a prank ok this is a Lahore Tv Prank i will show you the camera see behind that tree is our camera near the wall in the street see it? yes yes, wave you hand then thankyou now offload him we all together offload him He is our K2 not like this he will fall don’t let him fall the earth will hurt pray for the bike give the bike something to eat can we bring anyother bike or Riksha No thank you, thankyou if you were a bun i could have eaten you thankyou thankyou

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  2. पुरे का pakistan खाना यही खाता होगा सायाद तभी पाकिस्तान भीकरी है पाकिस्तान का मा का भोसड़ा । … 😊👍Pyaar From India

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  6. मे indian हू आप का फ्रेंक देखता हूं

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