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21 thoughts on “Funny Boat Ramp and Boat Launch Fails

  1. It's so bad with this nonsense where I live, a guy I know parks with his tow truck on Memorial Day weekend with his tow truck and waits, eventually someone sinks one or it gets stuck on the ramp. I've seen so many times just fishing from shore where someone bounces a boat off a dock or off the ramp, into the ramp, etc. Last year was scary when I saw a girl come into a dock full speed and roll a jet ski. I've seen a guy bounce his boat off the foot bridge with people on it with his boat because he wasn't paying attention.

  2. Can't decide who is stupider (yes, that's a proper word)… Is it the people on the boat ramp? Or is it the video dumbasses who aren't smart enough to use landscape mode?

  3. When we got tired of water skiing we used to get a cooler of beer and watch stuff like this at the lake! Loads of fun!

  4. People who barely manage life on the solid ground , shouldn't be allowed on the water jeopardizing other's life!

  5. As someone who lives in a place where almost everyone has a boat, I can safely say that 90% of people who have boats are idiots.

  6. I was a boater for 10 years or so and trailered the entire time and am thankful that I never had a serious incident on the ramp. When you go to any ramp for the first time it can be really stressful. They're all a bit different and in New England the tides and currents create very changeable conditions. You launch the boat and come back 4 hours later and the situation can be entirely different. I used to launch on the same tidal river ramp and got really good at it because I learned all the tricks.

  7. I've been launching boats for well over 40 years , and not one problem . Tells me some people should not own boats .

  8. My favorite hobby is watching people back boats on a long ramp while eating pickled pigs feet and Drinking Budweiser. LMAO

  9. I saw a couple back a sail on to a boat ramp, then they promptly loosened all of the safety straps. As the boat promptly rolled off the trailer and onto the ground.

  10. I have always wondered whether stupid fucking bastards are attracted to Jet Skis naturally, or whether it's a result of marketing that shows stupid fucking bastards bustin' their asses on 'skiiis. Perhaps it's some innate desire to be a pain in the ass to others that causes 'em to rip their 'nads off in absolute divine Jet ski crashes. I guess it doesn't matter so long as they can't walk away from their collisions. Keep it up shitwads, you make life so much more enjoyable.

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