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Funny Caleb City Vine Compilation 2018 - Best CalebCity Vines of All Time

no no no no no no no yes okay so who does the acid in number six oh my god listen closely I mean it Dart you're right well good luck then here take this what you think you're going to hit me I'm literally the fastest hedgehog on them what's the Pythagorean theorem a squared plus B squared equals C squared so everybody sign the Declaration of Independence I know you're hurt right now yeah yo guess what happened on Monday you got that girl's number yeah somebody's asked me what Barack Obama's last name is like am I supposed to know that better scramble like an egg before you get folded like an omelet nigga a lot of people say this how are you doing oh my ears burn link don't touch that cake you've had enough for today what did I just say she went on it's all you are you six-foot right naw nigga 512 nigga that I have to calm down I almost hit him everybody hands in here this is a stick-up everybody sticks up introducing our first car developed by Apple but where the windows nah drop the back and put your heads up I'm never wrong I thought I was wrong one time but I was wrong so I'm doing my homework reading its book this man's name is literally wolf game how savage hey you get out of here before you get hurt hey turn around I couldn't see them what are you doing what did I tell you this is not my house it's not like you want to hold them no oh my gosh mr. West are you okay are you all right are you even rustier teeth yeah breast man what's wet hot dog water boy didn't i taters ah ah ah what type of burgers do you guys sell here sir this is a taco shop yeah can I get a cheeseburger that's all would you like cheese on that no I don't actually make sure there's no meat on my cheeseburger either I claim this house mine no I live here I already called the guys oh you're awake well your teeth are finished and um gums all buddy and where's my ticket what bro get up stop playing bro I don't really care yeah you make me so mad I'm gonna buy the Antarctica penguin just don't worry about it all right what was that oh hell no where you gonna see you later copped you you don't have been sneaking along with my girl is that a donut keychain I mean it's my favorite snack me too you know that's why I got this oxygen up where'd you get all this money selling drugs huh did you find everything okay today sir hell no how did you plan on helping me how how where's my phone you're talking on the phone yeah I gotta call you back bro I'll find my phone then I was like but I was wrong why is he not using wait what are you like on your dogs I'm not gay but nigga did I ask all right well I'm about to tell you a story about what eating the booty goes wrong bro you want speaker hey you're not supposed to be in here leave or I'll make you late what the hell where did he go EVP unstoppable nigga you thought that was going in try again you ain't no parlor he's getting really distracted in class and it's affecting his ibaka dang I don't know I got you I got you hmm so ahead of my time even when I rob about the future I'll be reminiscing you want looks like your baby's just fine no um no defense at all here that just really ugly like don't have another kid yeah so why do you want to work like that I don't you know what I'm here for oh well I don't think you got it ma'am care if your grandma in the hospital I have you waking up in a hospital what it's a long day I'm tired same about okay Oh will you guys be having some salad no do I look like a vegan to you I only drink water cuz plants have feelings too you people disgust me so how old are you 20 oh yeah I was twenty one time for like a year it was born though always a tad you stop come on it's blood do it right next tape I'm sorry but I've got some bad news for you what is it find out next time on Dragon Ball Z where you go yeah I didn't get a Macbook for my birthday I got windows that ain't bad at least I got a laptop damn the hell your total is 128 percent of me all right have a good day sir have you been drinking nazim yes I'm gonna have to ask you wait ah dammit all right have a good day sorry but it appears you have HIV no that can't be right or are you a doctor you'll be messing with them dirties huh this light money doesn't grow on trees well actually most currencies made out of cotton fiber and cotton is known to grow from bushes to trees so technically wait yeah where my fans at I love my mom and my dad and my granddad Oh give me all your money um can you not can you not bowls and cups out of here vacuum the floor look at me what I'm talking to you how how that's a 65 thanks you're a little short oh and now I got a flame your boy looking like an angry sloth it can I get a couple of no my god be SVS quote be s what are you talking about I just turned 21 today I understand your frustration but technically your ID says you're 5 so yeah no very important to maintain a healthy diet where will you be when diarrhea strikes hmm hey yo look who fell asleep first prank I'm John hey y'all ready dope I'm tired of it you in the red give me your money your who you oh yeah mm-hmm empty your pockets empty your pockets and my feet hurt why I was running was running let me take something I mean I kept you in here do no big drugs thanks have a nice day you do the same you don't ever tell me what to do yeah you Magister step for my chart oh hey today we mourn the loss of a great man good honestly bro I don't even spend time with her like that and like she wanted to do others up one moment Obama get us the lisanna mmm Hogman she cheated on me again what should I do I think you should just break up with her I can't I love her so with the amount of money your parents made this year we can get you let's see a backhand what do you mean about everyone go ahead and take out the homework from yesterday a professor I actually forgot to do the homework oh yeah man you're really good cook yes I was your mother Oh what would you like to talk a lot don't you you like to talk a lot put your paws okay you've had your fun but it's nap time now you ready to goes what what what's this now I don't ever have to get up to get the remote don't I defeat the purpose of the remote oh hey keys you passed my water is oh yeah cuz pass communication is most important in any relationship did it work for your relationship yeah look I don't give a truck mine I agree they come into Massa they get a popcorn bro I hear that song work by Rihanna FaceTime and Drake you me Rihanna featuring Drake come on said we can't talk no more so you got to go yeah like a negative burger with like just lettuce so you mean a salad no like I want the burger just like no buns oh yeah I like to sooth Snickers my girlfriend was hungry so I gave her Center no she turned to a guy okay I didn't know what I'm not enough of a man to open my own door I was shoes homie nigga come about them shoes nigga this man just came in contact with a real nigger hopefully he'll be more careful next time this is actually good how'd you make it hooked it up with some eggs nope cocaine some cinnamon ketchup hey this is one or two performers from the other night I wanted to know if you could give me a chance what performer were you the rapper all right well you can leave your so I got these rechargeable batteries instead cuz they last longer yeah that's dope what app is that what app is that and where the hell are the cops Goku give me your booty is any drinks I'll take the strawberry lemonade do you guys have pink lemonade pink lemonade a strawberry lemonade be right with you hey could you pass me the net nananananananananananana now kids you good you seem a little stressed I just been worried about my future lately you know I can understand that like what if Metro don't trust me dog look she bad Oh everybody on the ground you put your hands up put the money in the bank wait I'm tired of a man we frame with mama dolly Bruce Lee go oh I [Applause] so for presentation we're gonna need visual aids what what is wrong with you I don't even know you get it that way you know what the hell were you oh damn I think I blinked did I blink come on man you know tell me if I blinked come on Dawg get blinis niggas really trying to step to me bruh I think these niggas really need my vaidhi how much for Erica $25 yeah would you say seven mean I could but you got to run these hands after I wanted to talk this out but I'll find it perhaps he's handsome and I want one what's your emergency I think I broke my leg okay stay calm we could be there between five to seven business days if you pay extra you want some water or something oh no thanks I don't drink all right I'm not gonna tell you again son I'm not too drunk that I can't drive dad we're not even in the car what did I just say doctor should you really be cutting with that I'm not a doctor oh yeah I'm a thief in the night give me the ball about to dunk on you what what though you said you wanted a shirt right I want it long I just want to tell me who was the astronomer who modeled the universe with the Sun in the middle rather than the earth I don't know Copernicus okay and your piece of will be done in 15 minutes 15 years I'm sorry what I said about 15 minutes about 30 years I want to find someone but there's no cute guys around here he's somewhere in the backyard there he is look at him sleep if you never come yet a dog huh spare change yeah thank you thank you go to jail see if we got one we got so wait you're my uncle and my grandpa who that's right so wait yes I thought of 30 smiling cannot be happy next question how did you come up with the name Moby Dick oh you want to know hey Bobe they want to know where I got the NIP hey how are you hey watch where you aim in my nigut wait what so Paul's up yo Dee what you up to nothing all right well I'm gonna go to the gym if you're trying to go and leave well enough alone could you oh damn it not again okay remember looks don't matter um you have a good personality nigga you don't know me Shh you a good dog aren't you you're not like those other dogs you want me to pet you all right I'm a I say he's been here about four duh what all right then man a you should come due tonight we have a steak and broccoli sounds good what's broccoli yeah hello yeah where's that party started Oh midnight at eight o'clock nigga hello take this ah yeah sorry for the mix-up you have a good day thanks you too officer all right does Beyonce saying I woke up like this means she slept in her clothes getting a shower go take a shower go hey do you think you have to actually eat to like live I don't know you're freaking idiot Syria my hey I can't stand when people overreact especially is that and I like to surround myself with people that are mature enough just stabbed oh my god what are you doing he'll not see but you know your smoke detector open I'm gonna end this battle yeah food eating jutsu we just took a blood test you have countless STDs gotta catch em all gotta catch em all got maybe some beautiful fish you gotta get two fish tacos and gas buzzes up you got drugs on your phone um sir I accidentally dropped some razor blades in this area that's fine no notice hello yeah I'm on my way bro you ready for what those four days ago okay would you mind getting in the oven to clean it so you just joking or should I hold back a little when I punch you grandma so could you tell us why you want the job oh I really love cleaning toilets it's a passion of mine ever since I was 12 I love okay class name some great historical mint Hitler okay what sighs did you want um Arianna sir that's not a sighs it ah dang my gasps almost at a half a tank I better go fill it up huh sir would you like a free sample of baby oil Thanks smells just like my baby that went missing in a baby oil factory why do you know that why do you know you're gonna get a smaller drink would you like the special buy one get one only $30 extra oh boy would I know they give me a small popcorn well your Diagnostics shows it's as if you've been eating only pizza for years okay technically speaking would that be a bit you see that vine with Obama and King batch way Oprah Obama lucky he gets yes I was thinking you could come over we go out Hulu and chill yeah that'll be cool did you just say Hulu I'll go to pirate school you mean private school oh yeah my bad autocorrect dad can we see minions immediately means yeah it appears you have hive this says HIV well then here's whatever wait that's a Catholic you stop right there yes officer you're under arrest for pirating music what how did you know all they snitching they say sorry but you're not qualified for this job well why not question was you should not get high on your own supply you answered false mom I think I paralyzed well you should have took out the tracks hey man you know what apply some drugs this is a church so you tell me you ever happen in class today no what happened man Tony puts Jacob and he snapped sorry yeah change for 20 Thanks this is only 15 no superstar better start arguing so you got sent home from school yeah but it wasn't my fault what why are you wearing a belt I'm sorry sir but as your lawyer I'm just gonna go ahead and suggest that you pay the child support dad I'm home hey son what did you get at the fair today ace what's wrong young man I can't find my mommy hey what's your mom's name mommy bro my shoes cost more to go whole outfit good for you my nigga grandpa my brother's getting on my nerves boy you don't have nerves my nigga what you're busted shoes off neo ugly big hair Hugh better I'm Gabe hey yo chill word on it I didn't actually for your sexuality I don't care no I said I said you know Kevin under that man welcome to every fast-food restaurant yeah can I get a large soda I cup of ice one teaspoon of soda Pikachu why don't you peek at no it's deuces hey welcome to McDonald's I'm can I get a double cheeseburger and small fries nah you seem cool what's your name Bri Bri dang may hear what happened to John not what happened man he got hearing aids aids in the ear is bad ass you can't keep drinking Pikachu like this you can't make him fight oh he's healed we're late we're going yeah you shoes off your feet in mine now you ain't fucking nobody ha ha you ready you ready you know stop following me man brother did you just say stop following you yeah I'm tired of it man I gotta be imagining stuff you're not that dumb welcome won't you help with uh yeah um how do I turn my phone on how do you turn your fucker right this way sir son go take out the trash no I don't think this is thank you yeah go you didn't know I was gone I left you a note this is a letter no letters are longer let's Netflix and chill no I mean like lives that poops and shit I hate Netflix dad there's a monster under my bed Tommy there's no such thing long dig style okay we're moving dad how did you and Mom meet we was in school when we bumped into each other books failed that's he knows I like okay class XE I know you heard that new dragon why do I hear talking cuz you got ears you dumb ass bitch Jamal step outside really quick

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  1. When you're so sick of people's shit you damn near take a swing at a child for not knowing their moms name.

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