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24 thoughts on “funny candid camera jokes

  1. Peter Funt, you're a failure and a mistake! You bring shame to America! Your good-ol-days preoccupation can suck my fat one you live in 2012 Get With It and stop this patty-cake shenanigans Grow Up!

  2. @TastyTacoBoy well all in all the show got cancelled and thank God! That show was a waste of time and a waste of space! God bless Mr Zelneck who sued that shit for brains Peter Funt! Maybe that doofus (Peter Funt) will learn something from that lawsuit!

  3. I HATE candid camera! True story: candid camera got booted the aire because there was a prank involving an x-ray machine and somebody got injured by it resulting in a lawsuit against Peter Funt and candid camera were history!

  4. @Nelkwie4 u misunderstood .every muslim man and woman is not allowed to have sex before marraige. not just women!!

  5. @MasterTenku all tht u said is just gibberish ! u got no proof dude!! i dont know about u guys but we bath atleast once a day and muslim women have more than one burqa that they WASH every now and then JUST LIKE NORMAL CLOTHES !! man u crack me up XD i can see how much you hate our religion but islam taught us to respect everyones religion…bcz THTS A SENSIBLE THING TO DO !!

  6. @OttawaSavage I'd be curious to see, of the people who kept walking with the money, how many were women and how many were men who could ignore the short skirt……

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