Laughter is the Best Medicine

Funny Captain America vs Iron Man Nerf War w Monkey King comic in real life SuperHero Kids

Well gee, I just love doing good! Help! Somebody help! A citizen in need! Captain America to the rescue! What seems to be the problem? I need help crossing the road! Help crossing the road? I can do that! Oh thank you young man. Thank you young man! No problem! I just love doing good things so much! See you later sucker! Hey! Is someone there? Hello? Hey! You! Captain America? What’s wrong with you? Is it just me or does he look evil? Prepare to die! Okay, I think I have a plan to beat him! Rick? Hey! Good luck Tony! Well, I guess I’ve got to do this myself. The first thing I’ve got to do is get a better gun. I think I’ll take that one. Oh whatever. Get out of my lab! Uh oh! Oh yeah. I guess being evil doesn’t improve your memory. What? What is this? This is our new bubble prison. It should keep you contained. You have no idea what’s coming;. You think the Joker was bad? She’s nothing! Your all doomed! Uh boss? The plan didn’t work. Captain America failed. This was expected. Everything is going exactly to plan.

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