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39 thoughts on “Funny Cats Waking up Owner | Cat Alarm Clocks | Top Cats Video Compilation

  1. My kitty, Joy, lightly scratches at my elbow to wake me either for a treat or something that is annoying her. She licks my beard too sometimes to wake me

  2. The very first morning after my cat girl moved in with me, I was half asleep when she crawled on top of me and bit my nose followed by a loud meow…she was only three months old but already then a real little Miss Bossy Boots 😊😊😊 R. I. P little Luna πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. My cats start ripping blinds of the windows. "Better get up fast or we will shred these blinds DANCE MONKEY!"

  4. My girlfriend hated me waking her so I taught here cat to purr in her ears. Got him to purr then pointed at her ear. Actually worked!!!

  5. My cats won’t leave me alone in the morning. When they are hungry they want food and they want it NOW! Lol

  6. This may sound crazy but when your cat comes around meowing start to make a real purring sound by rolling you tongue! it's important to duplicate their frequency as close possible! Why this will show them your comfortable in there presence and you are pleased with them in your territory (area) they start to act like your a cat too .. It is really neat to see them act like themselves.
    Steven b.

  7. My cat puts his mouth right by my ear and makes some strange sounds until I get up. How does he understand this is my ear??

  8. .The car was like I was playing with my pussy 30 minutes earlier with this paw I'm running on your face to wake you up. Wake up human I'm hungry it's time to feed me.

  9. Dogs: "You're awake? You're awake! Oh, god, I'm sooooo happy! I love you!!!!!!!!"


  10. Welcome to the world of Cattube, Dogtube and more where you will see many funny videos of pets and people. HAHahhaahah! Lol!

  11. They all get smothered with peets or licked to death then there's my cat, running while screaming, scratching everywhere he could just to wake us up because he's awake, wants some food or wants his poop/pee to be cleaned immediately. What a fucking cat.

  12. Why are these cats allowed on the bed? I train my cats off the bed. I wake up to them sitting beside the bed staring at me..and no meowing. They know they get canned food first thing in the morning and they are anxious. Got to love our cats.

  13. '
    cute smart cat touch person as petalarm…
    time to drink lick of milk / eat a canned food / go outside fresh air

  14. Funny vid but not my experience. Echo sits on the floor by my pillow and meows, that means she wants out at dawn.

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