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Funny Christmas Facts For Kids – Weird Christmas Unimaginable Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Fun Wacky facts Christmas Nightmare before Christmas facts Top 10 the Christian celebration of Christmas is meant to praise the birth of jesus christ the bible does not actually state when Jesus was born he was it some historians are to be relied upon probably born in the spring December 25th was chosen to be jesus’s birthday by pope julius one in the fourth century coincidentally December 25th also happens to be the date of a pagan festival called Saturnalia according to the book one night stands with American history 17th century Dutch settlers brought the Jolly fat man to American shores and their image of Santa was tall slender and very dignified without his trademark beard artist and political cartoonist Thomas Nast added the beard and the rotund figure in the pages of harper’s weekly during the latter part of the 19th century it’s hard to go more than five minutes without hearing the familiar tune of jingle bells running through your head during the month of december the truth is that you should have been hearing it in november according to mental floss magazine composer James lord pierpont wrote the song in the eighteen fifties to play for his boston sunday school class during thanksgiving as a way to commemorate the famed medford slay races kids and adults love the song and eventually changed the lyrics to fit Christmas no word on whether the original lyrics contain the line dashing through the snow in a one turkey open sleigh in some Eastern countries like Russia Christmas is celebrated on January seventh the date is different because the russian orthodox church uses the old julian calendar for religious celebration days there are approximately 25 to 30 million real Christmas tree sold in the US every year there are close to 350 million real christmas trees currently growing on Christmas tree farms in the US alone all planted by farmers North American real christmas trees are grown in all 50 states and canada Christmas used to be illegal in Boston for a while in the sixteen hundreds when the pyrrans came to the new world they brought within their strict ways their religious views and their distaste for Christmas although Christmas was widely celebrated in Europe as a Christian holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ Puritan saw it as a false holiday with stronger ties to paganism and Christianity and they were correct according to the book the battle for xmas from Boston’s earliest days Christmas was not celebrated holiday goodies like putting in mince pies were banned December 25th was a mandatory workday and town criers walk through the streets reminding the populace no Christmas no Christmas no Christmas the Statue of Liberty was a Christmas present the biggest Christmas gift ever was the Statue of Liberty the French gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1886 the 150 2.5 feet tall 225 tongue Lady Liberty quickly became a symbol of freedom welcoming immigrants to New York the holiday might seem like an ancient tradition steeped in history but it’s much younger than you might think Christmas didn’t became an official federal holiday until jun 26 1870 the holiday mostly got its start in pagan roots as an excuse for drunken revelry which wasn’t appealing to the strict Christian Puritans early in America’s birth some states started recognizing christmas and a lobby started for a national holiday for thanksgiving and christmas to strengthen the nation’s unity

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