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I don’t know what to do with my hair today. So we’re all just
gonna have to deal with it. Hey guys. Today we’re doing coincidences. The most coinkydink kind of coincidences that’ll make your brain go… Mind-blowing. That’s the word I was looking for. It’s that guy, Upper Glanatomy
& Acid Reflux Disease guy. It’s him, in real life. That’s so crazy. He’s wearing the same
shirt and everything. You have the same haircut. Same face. And he was just sitting in
that Doctor’s waiting room, staring at the poster like, Oh no, this dude,
he look exactly like me. I definitely have this disease. Fresh to your door. Literally. To your — I clapped. It hit my ring. Have you ever hit something
and like your fingers go numb, and they start like… Very unpleasant. RIP my trigger finger. But yeah, like I said,
when we say fresh to your door, we ain’t [omitted] around. We get as close as we can to your door, sometimes too close. This one was too close. How about next time, you leave
it on the sidewalk by my house? Thank you. My buddy and his roommate for this year. They’ve never met before
and they aren’t related. But they look exactly the same. They could be long-lost brothers. They even got big fat necks. They are definitely related. Comment below. Do you think these
guys are long-lost brothers? Brother from another
mother or something? This is what we call fate. Maybe they were never
destined to be brothers, but they were destined to be roommates. I’m not crying, you’re crying. So somebody bought Nature’s Miracle, No-Chew Bitter Taste Spray. So you spray this on stuff in your house, and it makes your dogs not wanna
chew on it because it tastes bad. But that ain’t stopping the
dogs from chewing the damn bottle. Good thing dogs can’t read. TV Psychic Medium Joe Power. Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are a psychic, don’t you think you would have seen the circumstances that
your show was canceled for? Imma call him out. Joe Power, you are phony. Psychic can’t even see
his show being canceled. Phony. What are the chances a rainbow
would come out of the store called Rainbow? You could actually go to
a store and buy a rainbow, except not really. But you could see it. The rainbow is not for sale. But the store is called Rainbow,
why is the rainbow not for sale? Y’all motherfuckers
supposed to be selling rainbows. Y’all don’t pay us enough for that. Guys, what’d I tell you
about fate and destiny? This guy went to art exhibit,
and he fell in love with this picture. And he asked his buddy to take a picture
of him with the art that he fell in love with. And then when they went home,
and they looked at the pic, they realized, Oh my god, this painting is my long-lost brother. And they lived happily ever after. So this is pretty cool. An engaged couple was
looking through photo albums. As they put together a
slideshow of pictures of them growing up
to be shown at their wedding, the young lady pulled out a picture
of herself at Disney World and set it aside. When her fiance looked
at it, he was shocked, for in the background, was his
father pushing him in a stroller. Not only did they discover they had
been at the same place at the same time, but they actually snapped a picture
at the exact moment and captured it. And they discovered it years later. What the hell? So this little girl took
a picture at Disneyland, and that’s her future husband in the back. What the? How did they catch that? Like the dude looked at it, he was like, Hold up, that’s my dad. We were both at Disneyland at the same time. Bro, this is fate. What if your future husband
or wife was in a picture, in a background of a picture
that you took a long time ago? That’s insane. Kumom. Bite the Weenie. I never read those things as, “come on.” I thought it was “Kyu-mon.” But when you put it together, Come on, bite the weenie. 10 out of 10 shopping-center. Would take my kid to learn Math,
and then have him bite a weenie. Over here, we got two wholesome
family friendly football players. One of them is called Bush,
and the other one is called Shavers. Oh that’s nice. Maybe they team up on the
weekends, and then shave bushes. A lot of grandmas can’t
do their own yard work. Y’all nasty. Over here, we got The Property shop. And right next door,
we have The ‘Proper Tea’ Shop. I thought that was funny. Property and Proper Tea. I think this is great. Over here, we have his boy Fuchs. And this other guy Fuecker. I think they should team up, be the Fuchs-Fueckers, and be best friends. I wonder how their ancestors
got those names. So we got Food Club
Instant Rice over here. White Rice. And we got a Minute White Rice over here. See, they’re competitors. But when you put them together,
something seems very fishy. Why does it look like they’re
both part of the same bowl of food? When you ask to copy somebody’s homework, and they’re like,
Sure, change it up a bit. But they don’t change it up a bit. They just straight-up copy you. Obviously, Food Club copied Minute. They was jelly, there was like, “Oh, your rice is doing so good. It tastes so good. Everybody likes this rice. I’mma just straight up copy your shit.” You could have put anything on that rice. And you’re gotta put the same
exact stir-fry on that bed of rice. Like for Minute. Comment for Food Club. Alright, this ain’t even a coincidence. This is just straight-up copy. Meet me on the corner of 1200 and Fell. Oh no, the sign fell. I mean at least the sign
lives up to his name, Fell. He’s doing great for himself. We’ve got another one of these. This store called Mario’s. And then right next to it is Luigi’s. Y’all planned this. One of them had to come first. And then the next one was like, Oh Mario and I might just
call my restaurant Luigi’s. This dude was walking down the street, finds his long-lost brother. They look exactly the same. I mean they just kind of
just shop at the same store, but you know. It was a happy moment for Fred over here. He’s never felt so
relatable in his whole life. Until this moment, when he found somebody
wearing the same outfit as him. See guys get excited when they see
somebody wearing the same thing as them. Girls, they’d be like, Oh, this bitch really
wearing the same dress as me? I look better, right? Somebody went to 7-Eleven. I don’t know if this was planned,
but they ended up spending 7.11. And the time was 07:11 too. They went to a 7-Eleven,
and spent seven dollars and 11 cents. This is how you win at life. So somebody sat behind
all these guys on a bus, and they all have the
same haircut, hairstyle. Is it even a hairstyle if they’re balding? I mean they didn’t choose to
go bald and have white hair and have it this way. But it’s like three of them man,
they all got the same potato head. I wonder if the dude behind
them got the same head. And he was like,
Oh shit. We all balding now. This guy had his the ice cream cone,
and he saw two people standing in line that looked like the ice cream cone. They’re in the same ice cream
place that I got my ice cream from, but they look just like my ice cream. Can you eat them? Well, what? Who would’ve known The Smashing Book
one day would be used as a smashing book, to smash a fly. And I ain’t talking about… I’m talking about smacking him to his death. And this wholesome grocery store,
we got a baby needs section with the beers and wines. Wait, is this a coincidence? Do babies need beers and wines? Because I know when I was
a baby, I didn’t have that. If I did, maybe I would
have grew up differently. Maybe I’d be like Elon Musk or something. Or maybe it’s the parents. The parents need beers and
wines, ’cause they got babies. It’s gotta be related somehow. This dude putting up a
sign for Think Safety First. Hey Fred. What’s up man? Can you read your sign? Thank saf– I don’t know how to read. Okay, okay, yeah. You’re doing it wrong. You gotta practice what you hang up, okay? This is like girls putting up, Live.
Laugh. Love. posters all over their wall. They’re gonna be like miserable
ass bitches living by a live, laugh, love. Like this dude,
Think safety first, but he living on the edge. More like Think broken leg first. These two motorcycles
parked next to each other. One says glory. And the other says hole. And when you put them together, that’s not what I think it is. It’s not. That’s not what those are. Stop it. This is a family-friendly video. This news article says, Stop Tweeting. And then right right above it,
follow us on Twitter @standardnews, because we know you’re on your phone. But we want you to like stop tweeting. And like read this article. It’s like really good. I’m sure you like it. And if you like it,
make sure you follow us @standardnews. Don’t actually follow them. Don’t actually follow them. Follow me @SSSniperWolf. Shameless plug. What are the chances? I don’t know man. God loves you or something,
but it’s probably a good ass person. This tree got knocked down so perfectly,
like it just made a bridge over this car. I don’t know what this
person did to deserve this. It’s probably Domino from Deadpool. Girl, I see you. Let me get a little bit of that luck, just like this much of that luck. Okay, I don’t know this is like
coincidence, and this fly was just like… He was probably not the
brightest fly on the shit. But somehow, he was
flying around, having a good time, and impaled himself on a cactus needle. Do you see these pesky motherf******? They flying around everywhere? Bzzzz. Oh, I’m gonna take a seat right here. That’s not a seat. That’s a spike. I should probably get a cactus. In hopes that one day, it’ll happen
to a fly that decides to enter my house. This poor boy, he was riding his bike. And the tire just detaches. I don’t know how they got this frame. Like his mom was probably
just recording him like, Oh, look at Billy with his new bike. Oh shit, we should probably
stop buying things off Craigslist. It’s not every day that you
see a seagull on top of a seagull. They’re just having a good time. Oh, this dude thought
he was cool and edgy, throwing a bottle at the wall. And then you see,
it’s sprayed back and hit him. Like, Bitch don’t throw me. All I did was promised you a good time. And you’re just gonna disrespect
me by throwing me against the wall? More of these guys. Gross and Butt. Name a better duo, I’ll wait. So this guy died in 1988
and his twin was born in 1988. So when he died, this dude was born. And they looked exactly the same. Like it’s the same person,
but like a mirrored pic of them. How is this possible? This is reincarnation. This guy is a time traveler. He’s a vampire, a demon. What’s his @? He got Insta though? Okay, this one just blows my mind. I cannot with this. So this guy was speeding. And you know those cameras that take
a picture of you when you’re speeding? But at the perfect moment, a bird
decides to fly and cover his license plate. So they can’t catch this guy. They don’t know his license plate. Bruh, this bird, all birds
should be like this bird. You watching out for the humans. Y’all hear that?
Any birds watching this video? Y’all see this bird? Can y’all do that for me when I speed? This guy is the news reporter,
and he’s reporting a robber search. You sure you’re not breaking
into stores in your free time? On your days off? What have you been doing on your days off? But anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment below,
which one was your favorite? And if you guys enjoyed this video,
make sure to hit that like button in the face. And subscribe, join the Wolfpack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys. [Music]


  1. whats funny is that in this video sniper wolf mentions Elon Musk and me and my friend have a class in middle school where when were done doing homework we can play games or go on our phones and they have apples on apples as a game and theres a card with Elon Musk and every time before we play she always makes us find that card but she never uses it because she says " he's my Elon Musk and no one shall ever take him "

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