Laughter is the Best Medicine


I originally wanted to travel across the country
because it’s a sick experience. I have not done that before as an adult and I wanted
to see what my country was about. Some of my favorite things about traveling
are not knowing what’s around the corner. Also I noticed that you can kind of tap into
this lovely flow of synchronicity where you just trust that you’re going to meet the right
people at the right time and you’re going to be at the right place and you’re fully
supported. Dirty Laundry is a web series part narrative
part interview. We were definitely influenced by shows that we came up watching. Chappelle
Show, Punk’d the View. They’re all in there. The only weapon we had was, “I’m going to out
act you. People are going to believe me more than they believe you”. This is in college you said? This is in college man. This isn’t high school or middle school? This is, no. Why am I telling these stories now? Well,
I think enough time has gone by to where I can kind of just look at these stories and
realize that it wasn’t the end of the world and I can take something I can learn and laugh
at it. Taking a road trip across the country as an
adult is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It just so happened that I had this web series
and we figured we could use this trip as an opportunity to blend work and pleasure at
the same time. I had two companions on this road trip. The
first one was an eighteen year old photographer that I met through Instagram, you got to love
social networking. Josh is a dope photographer. Liked his work,
sent him an email and he was down to go so we went. My second travel companion was Grant. This
is a guy that I met through a mutual friend a view years back. He’s a good guy to have
a on a trip. He can talk to anyone, and he does. So we spent a lot of time on college campuses
on this trip. Our main goal was just to talk to people we met and hear stories from their
lives. Why did these people choose to share their stories with me? I don’t quite know why. But, we did get permission
from everybody. What kinds of stories did I hear? I see my boy. He’s with his girl. They’re
dancing. And this girl had a friend. My boy and his girl wanted to get away from her.
So he calls me over he’s like, “Eddie, can you come over and, you know, take my girl’s
friend off our hands?” so I’m like, “I got you bro. Yeah,”. She was pretty large. And in charge. Where was regionals? Oklahoma City. We met a boys’ team from, where were they
from? They were Brazilian. Chilean. You met a Chilean. Oh my goodness. I experienced my first asian, Thailand, Malaysian
threesome. Next week we’ll put up a video that we shot
at UC Santa Barbara. Trust me, you do not want to miss this. Tell your friends, subscribe and we’ll catch
you next time.

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