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FUNNY CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS || Girls With Curly Hair Struggles by 123 GO!

Oh hey there, luscious locks! If you’re someone who has thick, curly hair like Olivia, then you know you’ve been blessed with the beautiful yet sometimes difficult task of maintaining it. Woah! See what I mean? That stuff’s too powerful to be tamed by dinky old bobby pins! Guess what, curly haired beauties — this video’s for you! Alright, let’s get organized with my weekly to-do list! Whoops, where’d my pen go? Huh? Woah! Who knew I had dessert in there? Mmm! Maple! Oh ya, my pen. Ouch! That’s really stuck in there. C’mon… Ow! Ow! Ow! Phew! Finally. Okay, where was I… Buy more pens… Gettin’ our daily cardio done, are we? Whew, it’s like 100 degrees out here! Lemme just get this heavy hair off my neck. Hey! My hair tie! Aw man, this is the tenth one I’ve broke this week! Ooh! Cute hat alert! Um, having trouble there, Olivia? Why is it that having curly hair makes your head feel twice as big?! Aw man, c’mon just squeeze in! Okay, we’re smoothing out, smoothing out… Oh yeah, try a ponytail! Man, the hat struggle is real, people! Can I even see through this stuff? Unfortunately, curly-haired people just can’t be hat people. Wow, look at that corkscrew curl? You think it holds magical powers? Wow! How do you get it to look so full like that? What are we, at the hair salon? If you have pretty curls, chances are, you’ve had to deal with people wanting to touch it. Like, a lot of people. Seriously, Emily? Okay, that’s it!! Just because my hair is curly and beautiful doesn’t mean you should put your grubby hands all up in it!! Gahh… Wow Emily, you’re looking awfully pretty today! Goin’ out on a hot date, are ya? Wow, look how smooth her tresses are! I wonder what would happen if I brushed my hair like that. Okay, let’s see here… Let’s start with the front, shall we? Okay, it’s a little tangled, but it’s working! Ooh, fluffy. Uh, not quite sure this was the look you were going for, Olivia… All curly-hair girls know that brushing your hair makes you look, well, a little crazy… I wasn’t really going for the Albert Einstein look, but it’s too late now. Meh, oh well. Oh god. My bracelet is totally stuck in my hair! Act casual, act casual… Ever notice curly hair just grabs onto stuff? Whether it’s your glasses or a bangle, your curls just attract things to it! And somehow, the more you struggle, the more tangled stuff gets. Nothing to see here, people. Ugh, I can only smile for a little longer… Finally! I’m just playing with my hair and laughing, see? Okay ladies, no matter what kind of hair you have, you know that getting ready for the day can sometimes be a delicate science. Between your hair, makeup and outfit, being your smart beautiful self is a lot of work! Wow, Olivia, someone spent some extra time styling those curls today! But how come the second you hit a little humidity, your hair gets a mind of it’s own? Yep, that’s pretty bad, girl. Think flat, think flat! And waking up in the morning poses the same problem for us curly girlys. Alright, time to hop in the shower. Yikes! Did i get electrocuted in my sleep? Now what am I gonna do? Nope, not working. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into school or the office, greeting friends becomes a bit, well, challenging? Ooh! See what I mean? Next time you walk into work, you ought to wear a warning sign: “no earrings or glasses allowed during meet and greets!” Well, that was awkward. Yes, a handshake is a great idea. Whoops… If you thought this video was funny, just wait till you see these side-splitting bloopers! Could relate to these curly whoas? Share this video with your other curly-headed besties to give them a laugh!

100 thoughts on “FUNNY CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS || Girls With Curly Hair Struggles by 123 GO!

  1. Girl who have curly hair : I WANT A STRAIT HAIR
    girl who have straight hair : I WANT A CURLY HAIR
    i have a straight hair 🙂

  2. Black People literally invented the “don’t touch my hair” t-shirt for our MANY types of curly hair. White People reinventing stuff and making profit. And her hair isn’t that curly compared to 4c.

  3. I got a Afro I get all these problems too 😫😂 when wearing my bike Helmet I’ve got to put my hair back otherwise I can’t see

  4. That lady's hair is dirty, oily and tangled. It is literally disgusting hair.

    Not a curly hair problem.
    It's a disgusting tangled hair problem for this one. Gross

  5. There’s multiple issues with this. Girls with curly hair don’t wait till they’re 20 to first brush their hair. We can wear hats. And who is your audience you’re trying to direct this towards?? You’re saying ladies but this comedy is honestly outdated. The acting/voice over/sound effects are all just cringy as can be.

  6. I can relate to every single one.Oh and in school people LOVE to play with my hair but I don't really mind but now people don't play with it as often.

  7. I have a curly hair and it's tooo tough to maintain Hair 😭😭
    But all people say what a pretty hair does she has😘

  8. Her hair actually looked best IMO when it was bigger (like when she woke up, was out in the humidity, and brushed her curls dry).

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