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Funny Dad Fails (June 2017) | FailArmy

[SOUND] Watch out, watch out. [SOUND]>>Okay.>>Here we go, and a one.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Go.>>Want this saki shot? Saki Shot. Soggy. [LAUGH]. All right. [LAUGH].>>I want it dad.>>The problem with this trick is [NOISE].>>Dad.>>It’s broke. Man that’s cold.>>Are you okay? Are you okay, dad?>>That isn’t very secure.>>[LAUGH]
>>Are you okay?>>What do you think?>>Scary cuz it’s coming right at us.>>Hi-yah.>>[LAUGH]
>>You think I’m crying on my own, well I ain’t, and
I didn’t wanna write a song.>>It’s worth hanging out with you.>>[LAUGH]
>>[NOISE]>>[SOUND].>>Aah, [BLEEP] Aah.>>[BLEEP]
>>My God, holy [BLEEP] God, quit it aah.>>[LAUGH]>>Go.>>[LAUGH]
>>Two, three.>>Racist.>>[LAUGH] I wanna know.>>You got this.>>Look at him. [NOISE]
>>Did daddy say a bad word?>>Yeah.
>>What did I say?>>God [BLEEP] it.>>Goo Goo.>>[LAUGH]
>>It feels like we are just looking at myself right now. Let’s see what my daughter
already acts like. Coo Koo.>>Hi, baby.>>[NOISE]
>>No no.>>[NOISE].>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>My God. My God.>>Girls.
>>[BLEEP]>>[LAUGH]>>Mike quick he’s coming.>>[LAUGH]>>I know that’s>>Dad you’re gonna flip the whole table. [NOISE] [MUSIC]>>Run Madeline run. Stay away from her, you will
>>[NOISE] [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] All right. [MUSIC]>>That’s pretty good.>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>Put your hands in, go.>>[LAUGH]>>Who’s that?
>>Dad>>Do you want dada? Whose that?>>Dada.>>Who is that?>>Dada.>>[LAUGH]
>>I guess when you go out on the patio for a minute and your daughter doesn’t have a swimming
pool this is what she does. What are you doing? You know that’s the dog’s water bowl. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Funny Dad Fails (June 2017) | FailArmy

  1. "Dad! Are you- are you- are you- are you- are you okay? Are you okay dad? Are you- are you- are you okay?" Priceless. Adorable❤

  2. genau so stell ich mir Amerikaner vor… sie erfüllen perfekt das Klischee… 
    the perfect stereotype American. u are the most stupid peoples except the Russians 😀

  3. It's a shame that the kid is 0:56 is more of a decent human than grown adults; he asked repeatedly if his dad was ok, while you see adults laugh at their family and friends get hurt and never even ask if they're ok or check on them smh


  5. I'm so glad all of the super readily accessible video recording devices were NOT around when my kids were younger…..

  6. That little girl's reaction when her dad shaved off his beard was the same reaction I had when my dad got rid of his. He had a beard for the first four years of my life and one day this weird looking dude walked into our house and I freaked out!! Took almost an hour for him to convince me he actually was my father. I'm almost 30 and he STILL brings that up….

  7. I'm not gonna say who she is, but now I have visual proof that my ex wife has a perfect doppelganger out there…

  8. are you ok ( 6+ times ) ..damn best kid ever and best careless dad ever , you Dad-hole reply back that you are ok …………………………

  9. 1:05 that sound "Are you ok Dad" coming from deep of his/her heart, I wish your dad listen to you sweetheart. ❤️💔

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