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FUNNY DIY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Easy and Simple Pranks for Girls by 123 GO!

Looking for new pranks to pull on your friends? You’ve come to the right place. Watch out! We’ve got a fresh new batch of pranks comin’ right at ya! Hey! Happy Wednesday! Ew! Is that a tongue? Take the fake tongue and stick it right onto the lollypop like so. Now it’s show time. Gah! My tongue! Pull, Sophie! Pull! It hurts! It hurts! I’m trying, Vicky! Ah!! Oh my god! Your tongue!! Oh, I’m sorry, was that joke in poor TASTE? No matter how much I sweep this place it gets dirtier and dirtier! Almost done… And off to the trash you go! Phew! Oh, hey Lily! Hey!! Seriously?! I just cleaned this place! I’m gonna get you back! You’ll need a step ladder, a cup of water and a broom. Climb up the ladder and secure the cup of water against the ceiling with your broom. Hey, Lily! Can you help me with something? I have to grab the mop, can you hold this for me? See ya, sucker. Wait… What? You’ve got to be kidding me. Looks like Lily’s gettin’ a shower, ladies and gentlemen! Ah man, that water looks cold! If that won’t teach you to throw away your trash, what will? Hey, scoot over I wanna watch too. No! Those are mine! Geeze, way to be stingy, Lily. I’m out already? Don’t touch my chips while I’m gone. Is the coast clear? Lily said not to touch her chips but she never said anything about her toys, did she? This outta teach her to share with her friends. Quick, she’s coming back! Time to have a little fun. Woah! Did you see that? Man, I gotta lay off the sugar. Okay, I definitely saw it move this time. That’s it, I’m outta here! Thanks for the snack, Lily! Hey Amy, can I borrow your red marker? Oh, sure! Amy? What’s wrong? Take cover, she’s about to blow! ACHOO!! Here ya go! Uh, hope you have some hand sanitizer in your bag, Sophia. Aloe vera plants! For this prank, take an aloe vera leaf and slice it in half. Now scoop out the clear goo with your fingers. Ew, it’s so slimy! Something tells me Sophia’s about to put Amy in a snotty situation… Here goes nothin’! ACHOO! Hey, Amy, want your marker back? Ew, look at all that goo! EW! Is this a ton of your snot?! Cool your jets, Amy, it’s just aloe vera. See? No germs here. Even so, it’s still pretty gross. Alright, time to unload all these yummy groceries. What was that? Ow! Who did that? Ooh! Okay, that’s it! I surrender!! Is the coast clear yet? It’s payback time! Take a regular soda bottle and remove the label. Put one elastic over the bottle. Take the second elastic and reduce it in size by half. Now place it over the cap and push it down toward the first elastic. Continue doing it with all the elastics you have. Don’t forget to put the label back on! Now we wait! Where’d Amy go? Orange soda! My fave! Don’t mind if I do! Woah!!! That thing is ready to explode!!! Aw, poor Vicky didn’t even see it coming, did she? No matter who you play it on, this prank is always a sure winner. Need these? You’d better hurry up and mop, that stuff gets really sticky! What a gorgeous day! On days like these, enjoying a snack outside in the fresh air is usually a great idea. What? I said usually… Ew! Hey, Lana, why are you laughing? This isn’t funny! Aw man, I just bought this thing. Ugh, why are you laughing at me?! Well, something tells me Lana won’t be laughing for long… If you’re in need of a simple but hilarious prank, plop down some hazelnut spread on a bench or a chair just like this. Wow, it looks just like — do I really have to say it? Man, that was hilarious. Lana, wait! Too late now. So, this was super fun but I gotta get back to class. Ooh, I forgot you’re covered in bird poop. Smell ya later, Amy. Joke’s on her, she just doesn’t know it yet. Hey, Lily, what’s up? Oh gross! Couldn’t find the bathroom, Lana? What? Ew! What’s all over my butt?! I swear, It’s not poo! I don’t understand!! If you post this, I’ll never talk to you again! Too late! Weren’t those pranks awesome! Which one are you going to do first? Be sure to share them with your friends if you dare… Don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s Youtube page so you never miss out on hilarious videos like these! Until next time, friends!

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    Me:Be quiet these videos are the bestttt

    My Mom:Yes they are now you are grounded

    Me: {;|w|;}

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