Laughter is the Best Medicine

Funny Feisty Pet Unicorn terrorizes family.  Funny pranks, Unicorn attacks kids, makes funny jokes

I’m just a friendly unicorn. I don’t know why the kids are always running from me Makeup does it make you taste better? Hello, can I help you color? Yeah. Hmm Those markers tasty? let me try them, please It won’t taste very good. kids taste better Child at play makes me very hungry. I think I hear a young one It is a young one, I love the young ones All I really want to do is just play Is there room for two in this bed? get out! If you’re gonna eat children all day you’ve got to brush your teeth really good Two for one deal Going to eat you A lizard Very peculiar animal you are Are you tasty? No You’re no fun I’m leaving. See you later MA. Oh Sorry Please subscribe to our channel and you can see more videos of me eating small children and bothering animals and such And thanks for watching. And again, please subscribe or I’ll eat you and your children

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