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100 thoughts on “Funny Gay Commercials 7

  1. Wow! Look at all the comments of people freaking out because people said some basic statements that these commercials are homophobic and full of cliches and stereotypes. Who are the ones getting outraged over nothing?

  2. This was funny. Why can’t we joke around anymore. I keep seeing in the comments that say gays that find it funny have “internalized homophobia”.
    They were funny and I know saying I’m gay won’t give me a pass but I also don’t experience internalized homophobia” because I do know I’m gay. I go around saying I’m gay when they ask me “do you have a girlfriend?”. I know who I am. You shouldn’t just assume that because some gays find it funny that they have internalized homophobia. It’s call internalized homophobia when they can feel that they like the same sex and disagree with their feelings, so they “act straight” or they denied who they are and be in the closet or they hate the fact that they have this attraction and so they don’t embrace it. That’s the only time when it’s internalized homophobia. As long as they embrace their feelings towards the same sex, they know who they are, and they don’t change the way they are than it’s ok and not harmful.

  3. these were not funny gay commercials. they were ads written by str8 people about gay people trying to be funny but they failed unless you are 12 yrs old

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  5. Funny and also interessting to see how the commercials reflect the state of gayacceptation in parts of the world they are comming from. Westeuropean commercials very outspoken and over the top, Aziatic and Southamerican commercials very hidden and only just touching the subject.

  6. 0:20 Wow that was such an awkward moment. I guess he didn't realize how dumb he looked with those phone-sunglasses. Bullet dodged, phew.

  7. Thr Filipino commercial is the most funny for me! I’m a Filipino and honestly, this is the 1st time i saw this commercial

  8. Sorry. NOT FUNNY! Except for the first one, I'm quite offended by the homophobic stereotypes portrayed by the others.

  9. Actually most of these are really kind of homophobic. Real comedy punches up to undermine those in power. It's doesn't use those who are marginalised as the butt ( pardon the pun gURLs) of the joke. This is neither farce and nor is it in any way socially critical satire. It's just plain old boring heteronormative bullshit – a quick easy and lazy joke. Replace every gay guy in these skits with a girl and you will get your proof.

  10. The PS incident happened to me once with my PS Vita but instead, I shook my big dick to the guy and he said: "I meant your Vita, you f$cking homo!" I didn't pee my pants though because if you pull out your entire dick including the balls and rest them on your pants you can perfectly and pee without the need to grab your penis.

  11. Why do people think these are homophobic… am I missing something? Stereotypes are NOT homophobia. Jeez. And stop pretending like y'all don't know that a lot of gay guys are stereotypical.

  12. Except the first two, rest of the commercials in this part are full of horrible stereotypes. Worst out of the all seven videos I just watched

  13. "Adam" was too stereotypical gay…but I'd put a bag over that ugly face and bang that ass like a drum tho…

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