Laughter is the Best Medicine


What for funny gifts for Christmas will I
buy to troll people? What is it people are happy with and isn’t too expensive? Hmmm… I will save many lives with this video because
I will show you 20 funny gifts for Christmas. All these gifts are worth around ten dollars. We all have someone in our life who loves
to drink. For those people there is no better gift than
the megaphone drink hat. They can drink easy and make a lot of noise
to annoy people. Or they can do it secretly, with this drink
bangle. BUT after too much of drinking your friend
is drunk and sleepy. Then it’s best to give them a nap sack so
they can rest in peace. Or sleep in peace I mean. But ow, what happened? While being drunk your friend had a one night?! How did he do that? He don’t remember it anymore but he is going to be a daddy now. This gift is perfect for him I think. It’s a survival toolkit for new dads. Make your friend the best daddy, he doesn’t
want to be, in the world. But you secretly think his success with woman was because of your presents, the Christmas beard or hair baubles. Or maybe it was the portable pizza pouch you
gave him that caught the attention of the women. We will never know. 9 months later. The child is born and your friend have to
walk with the baby sometimes, because fun fact: a baby need fresh air too. I didn’t know that either. But is raining, like always. The perfect present to give your friend is a umbrella hat. The child is a cry baby. Litterly. Your friend wants some silence and peace. So what does he do? He goes to the toilet and he stays as long
as possible. But after an hour on the toilet he is bored. For those people, the perfect present to give
is the toilet golf, toilet basketball, a book with crap jokes and toilet roll with little
games before you wipe your ass with it. Or with money to show him how many money he
would have without his baby. It are perfect presents to keep them busy
while they doing their thing. But after a while his wife thinks he flushed
himself and she wants to check on him. But he was prepared, thanks to you! You bought a caution cone for him, your friend
put it before the door of the toilet so he can stay a little bit longer. And let us be honest, it’s just smells terrible
inside anyway. Someday he has to come out of the toilet. He can’t stay there forever. By coming outside he will spray a little bit
with the bullshit spray you bought for him, to spray all the misery in his life away. But, god damnit, It didn’t work, because
by coming outside, his wife and child are throwing poop to him. Not literally but its the favorite game of his child. It was a mistake to buy this for his child, bruh. A few years later. You discovered his child was apparently a
daughter. What the hell! You always thought it was a boy! His daughter loves unicorns. You give her a unicorn shower cap and a unicorn costume. But in the end, your friend has the perfect
family. A woman, a child, a dog and a cat. But why not use these animals when he is celebrating
a birthday, Christmas or whatever he wants to celebrate. Why the hell should he serve people the whole
evening if his animals can do it for him?! And for troll reasons you give him a cat a
unicorn hat. His daughter loves the cat hat, but his cat
hates him for it and is secretly planning to kill him. But he is prepared! Thanks to you! Because you gave him the book:
How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill you He survived the attack of the cat and he
lived happily ever after. THE END. This were 20 funny gifts for Christmas. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, turn on
the notifications and I hope to see you again. Ciao!


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