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100 thoughts on “Funny Happy Birthday Song. Monkeys sing Happy Birthday To You

  1. I hope this birthday song video bring you a smile.
    You might be useful my new video : Happy Birthday Song & Funny Monkeys Dance
    Happy Birthday Song from Mermaids

  2. LOVE your parrot happy bday song! But please be careful… in some contexts around the world human-monkeys, like humans-parrots, are intended as just playful. But…it is hurtful-even threatening, in many places. Sending you all well-wishes!

  3. I've waited nearly a year to send this to my best friend and now finally in two days it's their birthday. I'm so excited

  4. this is exquisite content 10/10 I love it. if someone showed me this on my birthday id marry them on the spot.

  5. My crush just sent this to me and I'm wondering why I don't have a drink in my hand and on the beach sun bathing 🌞

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