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Funny Horse Videos – Cute and Funny Horses Compilation

Funny horse videos – Cute horses playing 25 facts you probably didn’t know about horses 1. Horses were part of the first Olympic games Chariot Races was the first Olympic sport. 2. They like sweets and sweet tastes. They will reject anything that is sour or bitter. 3. Horses cannot vomit. They lack the gag reflex muscle right before their stomachs. Without that muscle, vomiting is not possible. 4. They also cannot get frostbites on their legs. A protective mechanism stops that from happening, and horses can endure sitting in icy water or snow without a problem. 5. Horses have good taste in music. They like listening to classical music, finding it comforting and serene. Music calms down agitated horses! 6. Did you know a horse heart weighs 10 pounds!? 7. Their intestins are incredibly long: they measure about 89 feet in a fully grown horse. 8. They have a heightened sense of touch: they can feel a mosquito on them the instant the insect lands! 9. Horses cannot breath through their mouths. 10. Arabian horses have one rib less, as they are a distinct breed. Different breeds have different features: the shape of the ear, the height, the tail and even traits: some are more aggresive, others are faster. 11. The fastest horse in the world is Secretariat. His record hasn’t been beaten to date. 12. They drink at least 25 gallons of water a day, even more in hot climates. 13. Horses’ teeth never stop growing. 14. You can tell whether a horse feels cold by touching its ears. If they’re cold, the horse is too. 15. There are 16 muscles in a horse’s’ ears allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees. 16. Horses with pink skin can get a sunburn! 17. They have impressive long term memory. 18. Horses have seven common blood types. 19. The oldest horse on record has lived until the age of 62 years. 20. Horses are known to mourn the loss of a companion. be it human, horse or another creature. 21. They also do well with routine, they like having a predictable day. They especially like routine when it comes to food: same food, same time. 22. A horse knee joint is the equivalent of a human wrist, and a hock joint is the equivalent of a human ankle. 23. The Mongolians were the first to domesticate this wild creatures, around 5000 years ago. 24.You can tell whether a horse is dehydrated by pinching its skin. if the skin takes long before returning to its initial state, the horse is in serious need of water! 25. In 2003, a mare was cloned in Italy. It was the first cloned horse, and it was from the Haflinger breed.

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  1. These animals are fantastic. There is a large Friesian Breeding farm and Stables in Townsend California … home of the two Grand Champion Stallions Othello and Mathijs.

  2. I wanted to watch this video but there were 7 ads to a 10min video. I understand you want ads but isn't that too many on one video?

  3. Wow. I’m impressed. This is THE first ‘funny horse’ video I’ve seen that hasn’t had any major abuse. Sure there are still bits and shit that I don’t like but at least there wasn’t any dickheads riding minis or something

  4. I love horseys even though I'm terrified of them. Understandably I'm terrified of any animal bigger than me. Horseys at SO pretty.

  5. Your banners are so annoying that I won't subscribe and also won't watch in the future. Also, there's almost 45 seconds of "dead" time at the end. You are NOT funny.

  6. My horse sat (not really, she was pretty much hovering over me, except for her chest. Her chest was squishing me, but not enough to break anything. ) on me for five minutes ( Black Percheron 17.9). Hurt like hell! But I laughed. And I had a big ass bruise on my side.

  7. I ride a 🐴 horse called Hobbit he loves to play with a soccer ball but he doesn't really get to 1like more fun for Hobbit.

  8. This is just horses being horses but still being cute. Unlike other channels that make “funny and cute” horse videos and don’t know anything about horses, this is actually cute and there is no abuse from what I can see.

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