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100 thoughts on “Funny INTJ 16 Personalities Sketch Highlights (INTJ Only)

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  2. Hi Frank and his Frisky Ponies! Frank you do a lovely job with your MBTI videos. I love each and every one of them! Now, I watched this video and the one about INFJ versus INTJ and for various reasons I am totally confused about my type (am I INFJ or INTJ or something else?). Apologies in advance for this long post, and if I sound obsessed.

    For background, I live in India and unfortunately there are no qualified MBTI practitioners here. So I had to resort to online tests. I have taken the test over several years on several websites and each time I got INFJ 😁

    But here is the problem. In the thinking v. feeling bit I always score 45% thinking and 55% feeling. I sometimes get results like 'you use both functions equally' or 'you are INxJ'. And when I tried to analyze my way of thinking (according to Frank's INFJ versus INTJ video) I just got more confused (maybe I am not analytical?).

    My logic for choosing 'feeling' answers in the tests is:

    When making big decisions I usually follow my heart. Like one time I received a good job offer in a different city. Accepting it would have been the correct thing in today's world. But I love my family and didn't want to stay away from them. So I turned it down. I hope it means I give priority to feelings?

    But the INxJ answer threw me. Then I read somewhere that Thinkers use the expression 'I think…' more often and Feelers use 'I feel…'. I checked some of my correspondence (emails, whatsapp messages) and realized that I haven't used 'I feel' in a single instance. The concept itself feels alien to me. Then I began to unravel.

    I realized that sometimes I lack in empathy. For example, a friend posts her baby pictures every other day. Whenever she does, it is cue for my other friends to go 'ohhh so cute! Heart eyes!!!' But I often find myself rolling my eyes.
    At times, someone might text me that they are sick/sad but I am tired or in a mood, so I won't respond for a few hours, until I am ready for conversation. I hate to visit people in the hospital. If I were a feeling type wouldn't these things come naturally to me? I am also very intolerant of inefficiency or a lackadaisical approach to any job (even folding laundry). Does all this make me INTJ rather than INFJ?

    Sorry for rambling but I have literally nowhere else to go with this problem. I don't even know why type-ing me is so important but somehow it is, 😂 I can't stand not knowing an answer. Please help?

  3. I agree to having thought these sentences, I just don’t say them out loud. There’s always this one person who wouldn’t understand what I’m trying to say and then there’ll come the dilemma of wether to reduce the entropy in his mind or save my precious energy.

  4. Gary, sorry for the serious comment (if it's inappropriate, please delete it with no mercy), but… Is Carly still writing here and I just don't get to see her, or did she "disappear" at all? Does anyone know anything about her? She hasn't posted an update in a while and I'm starting to worry 🙁

  5. Strange. As a 60% INTJ [balance INFJ] I dont recognise myself in ANY of these. Although I guess my facial expressions have a do not disturb written into 60% of them. I've never done any "favours' for money – I like helping people.

  6. INTJ here! So accurate…my favorite video for INTJ thus far has been the roommate one. “Did you invite people over? Why would you do that?” My INFJ friend and I always go back and forth on which of our types have the better lines. XD

    Would love to see 16 types meet karma.

  7. I am coffee house INTJ all day every day. Like, I would be annoyed if someone knew something was fucked up and didn't tell me…so I have to ruin everyone else's mood with all the fucked up things that happen in the world. "I love Drake!!" "Oh, that's a bummer, he grooms young girls and is creepy and predatory on top of not knowing how to make good music, but if you want to support him that's on you"

  8. So I once went to a party where the drinks were covered by the ticket price, and requested champagne at the bar. Someone saw this and commented that I shouldn't do that because bubbly makes you drunk too fast. I said: "Yeah, but you see I'm only having one or two [unspoken: because after that point I remember I hate bars and everyone in them and start to cry], so I want to make sure I get my money's worth". They looked at me really funny. So…yeah, the wedding one is relatable.

  9. Nobody understands how fascinated I am by this personality type and how badly I want a person like this in my life. Y’all are so rare 💕

  10. Love!!! 1) I have threatened customer service before (like that certain timeshare company with full exposure, por ejemplo, after which I was promptly and swiftly given a full refund); 2) I have written college papers for people before, although just for fun and not for cash; and 3) Not having to do with INTJs, but wedding-haired Frank James … oh my 😅

  11. I feel like I know the stereotypical INTJ so much better now: essentially, a borderline supervillain in the making.

    This is what I love about you compiling all these together: all of these skits side-by-side makes it feels like an actual multi-faceted character being written into a variety of situations, not just a gag that required minimal thought due to its appeal to a niche fandom. Frank, you put so much effort into these and it is SO appreciated. I don't know the types as well as you do, but this is proof that you're not talking out of your ass or simplifying things way too much just to make a joke work. Then there's your comedic timing, which is fantastic enough to carry the more difficult "situational comedy" bits.

  12. Awesome…I especially like the do not disturb part (yes I have resting b!tch face and I'm a man), the job interview, going to the "doctor"'s office, and the illuminati comment. Ive definitely done all of that.

  13. The high school thing is so accurate it hurts… also the do not disturb sign or the doctor thing… I literally think doctors are overrated af… I can treat me better… Never benefitted from visiting a doctor in my entire life 😑

  14. Bruh! My finger has been so weird since June, it feels numb and the nail is growing weirdly. Gonna go to the “doctor” next Monday LOL

  15. I can't believe this sketch came out on my birthday. As an INTJ, this is so accurate. I literally said to my mother "I refuse" when she asked me if I wanted to go out for my birthday.

  16. Lol you’re so great at INTJ. The do not disturb sign as your face is epic. And the interview lol. Reminds me of my brother, an intj. <33

  17. I can totally relate to the bitch resting face, haha! Though, when I was younger, I had a crying baby face. Everybody thought I was about to cry while I was feeling happy or neutral on the inside. Adults were even saying I should express my emotions and cry for good!

  18. I was homeschooled. I can't see myself selling writing services to other students unless it was an assignment for economics or mathematics.

  19. I watch these with my mom (the mixed videos) and she said she always knows it's INTJ when a cold shiver goes down her spine (I'm INTJ she's ISTJ) lol!

  20. You skipped over my favorite one😭😭

    I love the roommates one where my personality type freaks out over someone coming over.

  21. INTJs (and Introverted Judgers in general) are vastly underrated! [Is that because you don't enjoy blowing off steam about your supposed virtues ad naseum?] More power to you guys!

  22. I’m 10 seconds in. I just want to be super-clear about the opening scene…

    I am an INTJ. I own an island. It is the only privately-owned property in a closed bay, meaning NO ONE (but authorized visitors to my island) should even be there, since it isn’t “on the way to” anywhere. Alas, the water is public domain. 🙄

    I spent the entire summer there, one year (June to early October). Between the fishermen & other boaters puttering around just offshore, to my own trips to the mainland for perishables, about once a week, and the local who’d come by ‘just to check on me’…when asked how I enjoyed my summer at the island, my first response was, “Not enough alone time.”

    I don’t think I could ever get enough alone time, though. People talk about being lonely. I realized, a long time ago, I don’t think I’ve ever felt a moment of loneliness…in my entire life! Boredom? Sure. Loneliness? Nope.

  23. I dont feel really represented in half of the sketches, and I have gotten INTJ result in three different tests.

  24. the monopoly one at 1:57 is true for any game for us INTJs, we just dont tell the other person, we enjoy letting them think they cant win before we pull the rug under their feet.

  25. If we INTJ's cared about power or world domination, we'd be scary. (Edited to add: First time ever YouTube comment. Because, you know, the Illuminati…)

  26. All of these are accurate, but that job interview one rang especially true. I recently had an interview for a supervisor position. Of course the "in five years" question was asked. I gestured at the interviewer, who is the manager for the department I was applying for supervisor of, and said "In your position." I got the job.

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