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FUNNY JAPANESE COMMERCIALS | Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos

Hey!! Vsauce! Nest head here! back with another episode of ‘Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos’! This time, my little elves have been all over the world Before, they went all over the internet to try and find the funniest home videos that we could possibly laugh to, but this time they went all the way to Japan! That’s right! Konnichi wa! (that’s “hello” in Japanese) *laugh* *chuckling* Anyway, today we’re gonna be looking at WEIRD Japanese commercials, because, let’s face it, Japanese commercials are… the best commercials that the world has to offer all the time! They’re amazing! I’ve s- I’ve- well, I have some compilations here that I am gonna look through that I think are gonna be good. Ahmm… This was suggested by somebody to try and react to some of these because… they get a little crazy, but I’ve probably seen some of them, just not all of them, but I hope they make us laugh. Okay. Weird, funny and cool Japanese commercials *commercial’s background music*
(the goalkeeper could not defend the goal, so the dog “Punch” will try to cheer her up) Jingle: “Consomme! Consomme! New consomme punch!” (it’s a potato chip flavor) Jingle: “It’s not a fist punch – consomme punch” (the chips are consomme soup flavored, which carry a bit more bite (“punch”) than the lightly salted chips) Jack: Wh-what? Wha-?
Jingle: “You’ll feel its tastiness – consomme punch” Jingle: “Consomme! Consomme! New consomme punch!” Jack: What’re- What are you teaching the kids?? Jingle: “Consomme, consomme, consomme punch!” Jingle:”Cheer up with a punch – consomme punch!” Jack: Okay (x4) You know what? I thought I was ready, I thought: ‘Oh, they’re gonna be weird but…’ ‘…nothing can be that weird, it’s not gonna be that crazy that’s gonna make me speechless.’ First video… *chuckles* Hoooly crap! Okay, I need to reconvene in my head. I need to back off, jack off and regroup, and come back to this… like, with a better mentality, ’cause I’m not ready. Okay, in through the nose… *INTENSE INHALE* …out through the mouth *excelent exhale* Okay, I’m ready. Okay, lay it on me, buttercup. Operator: “We’re now connected live” Jack: “OH YESS!” (the dog is “Otōsan”, the father in the “Shirato Family” (“White Family”) commercial series – suspension of disbelief is required from now on) Kōjirō (son): “So? How is it out there?” Otōsan (father): “I’m like a fish out of water” (or literally, “floating”). Masako (mom): “But you were already a fish out of water in our family” (referring to him being a dog) Jack: “Oh, I love this! I want dogs to be able to talk!”
Otōsan (father): “Huh? What was that?”
Masako (mom): “Oh, nothing” Kōjirō (son): “You’re good at dog paddling!” Otōsan: “Shut up!” Masako & Kōjirō: *chuckles* Otōsan: What happened to Aya? (Aya is his daughter) Jack: *imitating Otōsan* “Aya wa dō shita?”
Masako: “Now, it looks like she’s busy at work with the new Amazing Smartphone campaign” Aya (daughter): “This is the Amazing Smartphone campaign. ‘AmaSma’ (SugoSuma), for short”
Jack: “Wha-? ” Otōsan: “Ayaaaaaa!” *yelling* Jack: *laughter*
Aya: “Be silent for a moment!” (Otōsan is interrupting her work) Otōsan: I’m sorry… Jack: “Wait, what was that for?” What was I just sold? I mean, I love it. I- I wanna buy whatever it is, just tell- I- I need to know what that was I don’t know. It was just a talking dog in space, and then it was able to talk down to the lady and they were ‘WHAT’ *hypnotic chant-jingle* Jack: “I’m into this one. This one’s incredible. ‘Galbo twist’ ” *hypnotic chant-jingle continues* Lady: “I’ll show you how crunchy Galbo Twist is” (Galbo is a line of chocolate snacks) Jack: “Yes, I agree.” *hypnotic chant-jingle restarts*
Jack: *laughter* Jack:”b s?”
Announcer: “The reason why twisted Galbo is tasty – new Galbo Twist” Jack: “Garubo twisto.” *chuckle* I want some Galbo twists, they look delicious. They look like umm… ‘Takis fuego’ fuegoooo (that’s “fire” in Spanish) I want some now. God, I’m hungry. Ugh, don’t record- I- I fail to realize that most Japanese commercials are all about food, and I should not record these things while I’m hungry. *sad uncomfortable groan* (CRONCH) Eugh! *sings Japanese commercial song* Lady: “Doing a news coverage of a hot spring is the best!”
Guy: “Yeah…Ah!” Jack: “STRONG ZERO!”
Lady: “Strong grapefruit!” (Strong zero is a brand of sweet alcoholic beverages) Guy: “There’s no way I’ll lose! I can do it too: strong…” Lady: “Wait!”
Guy: “Yes?”
Lady: “At what time do we have to take the bullet train tomorrow?” Guy: “Tomorrow? Tomorrow…Tomorrow…” Jack: “Wha- Why did it work on him and not her?”
Lady: “Strong grapefruit!” Announcer: “196 Strong Zero”
(they produce the beverage by freezing an entire fruit in liquid nitrogen at -196˚ C – locking in its flavor – and soaking it in alcohol) Jack: “Wait- what- no, hold on.”
Lady: “Ah…” Jack: “Stop- wait- what- Stop!” *chuckle* I didn’t even have a chance to figure out what the fuck was going on *while chuckling* Okay *while chuckling* Jesus Christ! Okay, she drank it, sprayed water all over him. That’s… hot Then he drank it, nothing happened, got cockblocked, and- I- you know what? Let’s move on We don’t need to understand what’s going on It’s ‘Jacksepticeye’s funniest home videos’, not ‘Jacksepticeye’s what the hell was that?’ (I mean, at this point, it kinda is tho) That’s a great series idea… WRITE IT DOWN! Elderly man: “Bruce, tofu is good for your body!” Young man: “It’s low in calories and also low in price” (that’s also what’s written on the cue card) Jack: “Why is Bruce Willis in someone’s-”
Bruce: “Low in price?” Bruce: “Daihatsu Mira e:S!” (it’s an eco-friendly car) Elderly man: “Well remembered, Bruce!” Jack: “What?!” Young man: “It runs 30 kilometers per liter” (the cue card also says “moreover, it’s cheap”) Jack: “BRUCE WILLIS SPEAKS JAPANESE!” I- no, I nee- I need more of that in my life. Go back, I wanna hear Bruce Willis speak in Japanese again. Young man: “It’s low in calories and also low in price” Bruce: “Low in price?” Bruce: *yelling* “Daihatsu Mira e:S!” (the “e:S” kinda sounded like “ISH”) Elderly man: “Well remember-…” Jack: *yelling* “Daihatsu Mira ISH!” and he’s just beating on his head. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Elderly man: “-ed, Bruce!” Young man: “It runs 30 kilometers per liter” Jack: *laughter* Oh, Bruce… I hope you got paid well for that *laughter* That is so out of character for him He is normally, like, stone-faced and doesn’t give a shit about anything anymore. ISHH! Jack: “YES!”
Jingle: “When it comes to (literally, “if you’re speaking of”) bananas, (leave it to) Dole man” (Dole is a food company) Jack: “YES! *claps* I love these ones, the banana ones”.
Jingle: “This might be pushy, but I’ve decided that” Jingle: “I want to cheer up you and her” Jingle: “(So I make) bananas sprout” Dole (banana) man: “Ha ha ha ha!” Jingle:”I am Dole man!”
*laughter* *Banana is Dole* Jack: It’s incredible! It’s the world’s greatest piece of art that has ever been created. There’s more of them. There’s more of them; we should watch another one Jack: There he is
Jingle:”Dole man is a business guy” Jack: “He’s a working man, he’s a people’s man”
Jingle: “Office love is also waiting its turn

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  1. The second commercial is kind of sad when you look at the expidition of sputnik 2, where the first space dog ever, Lakia, died 2 hours after breaking through the atmoshpere. 😭

  2. 10:06
    ‘I have the weirdest boner right now’
    ~ Jacksepticeye 2018
    Us: Thank you for sharing that information Jack.

  3. When you travel back to the days before Sean had a whiteboard…

    Me: *smacks table due to lack of whiteboard* LAUGH!!

  4. 8:38 I think she said no because graphite is toxic and she said on because it would be a toxic relationship

  5. {______/}
    (▪️~▪️). Yeah I see u other bunny down there
    (. >❤️<) Go away this my love for jack >:3
    l. >. >

  6. WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pocket monster
    poke=pocket (without the c)

    this is dumb, im expecting some of y'all are going to think im dumb

  7. 1:55 this is mobile company! Please do not worry. Sometimes even Japanese people don't know what they want to convey!(Google Translation)

  8. I live in japan, and these make no sense to me, but then again I’m twelve and have not taken one single year of Japanese

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