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Funny Kids Fails Vines Compilation 2017 Part 1 || FunnyVines

you missed some over there Oh [Applause] where'd we go my shuttle ready I'm gonna throw you in hahaha where are you why Oh on the next one okay turn baby good job there oh okay yo three so evaporate evaporate I got that on camera validate but are you okay okay yeah ready okay get ready to catch your sister Oh that's a somersault Travie go I want use me now because you know it's so good matter with the box did you climb your first tree are you scared don't fall hold on I had to get this for your video so I can embarrass you later look at you

42 thoughts on “Funny Kids Fails Vines Compilation 2017 Part 1 || FunnyVines

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  2. You are somebody that is not that is not good I don't like crying no no that don't do a crying video okay ever again but I got to say they're funny OK Google sad one just do another crying video I dare you and videos I think or funny actually so make another one please pretty please thank you thank you bye bye

  3. parents just don't care anymore Don't they the only one in this video that did was when he fell in leafs cause he didn't want to sort them again

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