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Funny Lick – Pacman Dying – Guitar-Nerdery #063

Hello and welcome to my new Guitar-Nerdery video! Today it’s gonna be a short one I’m gonna show you a quick funny lick.
It’s a descending chromatic run I very often integrate into my solos and it
sounds pretty much like pac-man dying I use the chromatic scale for the lick and
so it has not a special key so you can play it everywhere on the fretboard.
Whatever you want, it works! In this video I started on the E on the high E string in the 12th fret and the chromatic scale pattern I use goes like this, it’s four notes per string: The concept of the lick is very simple
and symmetrical. Just start on your starting point, wherever that may be, in
my case it’s the E and along the shape of my chromatic scale I play a three
note package and the next one would be one note down the scale and so on, but
there’s a tricky moment every time when you have to alternate between the
strings so you get this When playing scales most of us guitar players use two notes per string pattern or three notes per string pattern. In
this case, for the lick, I use a chromatic scale four notes per string pattern and
this is something I guess you have to really get used to. So, even if this lick
is simple and symmetrical in concept it turns out to be not that easy to play
when you speed it up. Be patient start very slow and take the lick more
seriously than it sounds! If you’re fast picker you can pick every note you can adapt your technique to the lick. I play it like this: Every first note on the string
I’m gonna pick with a plectrum or pluck it with the finger I use hybrid picking
and the rest is pull-offs and hammer-ons and there’s a tricky moment when we have
to alternate between the strings and then the hybrid picking comes in very
handy. So, I’m gonna play it very slow for you so you can see what I’m doing If you’re not so much into left hand
legato technique, I guess the most difficult thing for you is to manage
these pull offs from the pinky to the third finger …something you have really
to get used to Hey this was a short one. I hope you
liked it. Please like and subscribe and I’m looking forward of course to see you
next time!

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