Laughter is the Best Medicine


All girls know what happens every time
you shower. Nope it’s not a small animal, its shutting hair. Gross. Not plunger
are you sure that’s a good idea Lana pretty sure that wasn’t what Lana
intended on dragging up looking for this? hey I just thought of something
for this heck you’ll need a straw and some scissors flatten out the straw and
next cut diagonal slits at the end continuing most of the way down be
patient it may take a minute see now it’s more flexible stick that sucker in
the drain and pull it out hair and all whoa need a hairpiece anybody ha clear
drain is a happy dream I wouldn’t put that on your face if I
were you Amy when’s the last time you clean that date Sophia Amy what the heck
huh oh my bad that gives me an idea I had a little
soak to your makeup sponge soaking it in water like Amy’s doing here next pop it
into the microwave in set the timer for about one minute once it’s done go ahead and take it out
after its head time it cool take the sponge out squeeze out any excess water
it’s holding on to it is a sponge after all
using a clean makeup sponge is great for your skin and will prevent breakout Mia is using an old-school piggy bank to
save up for her next big purchase a brand new car I wonder how fast she’ll
come up with enough dough let’s start things off right with this crisp new $20
bill it seems small now but in a few months these little contributions will
really add up Wow look at all that cash what a
beautiful day to check up on my ever-growing piggy bank wait a second
where’s my cash no this can’t be happening
oh man that was a total nightmare I can’t let anyone steal all my
hard-earned money I gotta find a better hiding spot instead of keeping your
money in an obvious place like a jar that literally says piggy bank on it yep
washing machine it is instead of a piggy bank try putting your cash in a bag heat
like this one make sure you close it up tight so that no excess water can get to
the money this way you can tuck it right into the inside of the machine
see and once it’s tucked in there nice and tight you can go about doing your
laundry as usual who knew a regular old washing machine could serve as a
top-secret bank but don’t forget to check on it from time to time to make
sure it’s safe see Mia that car will be yours in no
time thus don’t get does it to spend the money than anything else hey girl so sorry to keep you waiting it
was awful that’s annoying come on just get in
there why won’t this thing stay in my pocket what’s a girl gotta do to enjoy a
friggin soda here how about my back pocket see if you’re looking for a place
to tuck your phone away we found a great solution take a sock like this and stick
it just behind your jeans pocket like this with a needle and thread sew one
side of the sock to the top of the inside of your jeans but instead of a
regular running stitch wrap each stitch in front of the needle like this put the
stitch through again to secure the knot wind and needle flip these loops up so
they’re no longer laying flat against the fabric now pull the string tight so
the loops disappear pretty cool huh finally pull the needle through the end
of the line one more time and cut it from the inside of the sock so go ahead
and spill that juicy gossip you’ve been teasing me with all week oh hold on a
sec okay let me show you the pictures Amy sent me of her new haircut you’ll
die these are the before pics and these are the after way better am i right
and once you’re done with that phone you can stick it right back in your pocket
all right it’s Monday morning time to get to work
Oh what does that taste in for now perhaps going down the second helping of
the garlic chicken last night wasn’t the best idea
looks like a fresh mint is just what the doctor ordered
whoa if you share an office with a bunch of mint moochers like Mia here you know
the pain of having to share your stuff if only there was a way to keep your
mint out of the plain sight so no one could steal them from you anymore
snag an old container like this one and put your mints or gum in there next put
the container underneath the plant right there in the pot great that fits
perfectly put that sucker right back onto your desk and no one will ever know
your precious MIT stash is hiding in there in fact those are so well-hidden
you may forget they’re even hiding in there yourself but in the meantime you
can enjoy fresh and garlic free breath any time of the day
moocher free ah that’s so much better hmm I wonder where Amy is I’m dying to
tell her all about my date last night oh there she is
okay so go ahead and tell me everything heli Oh getting a little chilly there
Amy I bet you’re seriously regretting your decision to skip the jacket today
huh oh hey I have a scarf you can borrow here you go oh thank you so much oh
that’s better um a me yeah no offense but you look totally crazy
like that oh okay I guess I’ll just be cold then if you’re caught without a
jacket take a scarf or shawl like this one and wrap it around your waist where
the edges meet in the middle at your front tie a knot snag a hair tie to hold
it in place now grab the lower corners and tie it into another knot so it can
hang lower over your front under the first one go ahead and turn the whole
thing around now that there are holes in the sides you can actually put your arms
through them would you look at that you just made yourself a stylish little
cover up there man jacket isn’t as cute as hers shoot love to shop then you
probably already know the joys of online shopping look how cute this bathing suit
is okay I’ll just put in my card and whoa that’s a lot of dough that’s almost
as much as my rent no way am i forking that up it wasn’t that cute okay here’s
another one that’ll be more my price range nope can’t do it enough is enough
take a long-sleeve shirt like this one and remove your arms from both of the
sleeves now turn the shirt around so that the back is in the front go ahead
and pop those arms out at the top see once you flatten it out and get situated
grab the bottom of the shirt and pull it all the way up and over your head next
tie the hanging sleeves into a knot just under your chest twist them around and
tie it in the back oh hey there new bathing suit
is it just me or is Maya giving off some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes whoo that Sun is strong today I’m really
heating up hey Vic I’m gonna take a dip is that cool
I’m gonna leave my stuff for you to watch thanks girl and back to relaxing quick Vicky wake up beach thief beach
thief huh that wire was fabulous I feel so much better hey can I have my
stuff back now yep I just stuck them in my bag where’d it all go
don’t tell me you lost my phone and keys to prevent theft try sticking your stuff
in unsuspecting items like this wet wipe dispenser take the wet wipes out and
stick your keys in there you could also put in money and your phone should fit
to close the sucker up and no one will ever guess what’s in there but you lookin for something there heli okay I
officially have no idea where I am okay just pass Robertson Street the
problem with reading directions while you steer you don’t have enough hands or
eyes oh god I’m going down people hmm oh that definitely had to hurt
instead of driving around holding your phone which is totally not safe by the
way try thinking a little outside of the box now what could hold the phone for
you while you steer the bike oh this elastic may be just the ticket take the
elastic you have in your hair or around your wrist and secure your phone to your
handlebars like this now you can touch and go without
jeopardizing your safety oh and Helle you may want to wear a
helmet next time just saying

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  2. I have a solution for the gum life hack.

    If your coworkers ask for a piece of gum every single time you pull out your gum container.

    just say no

  3. Just put it on the table stupid DUH DONT BE THAT STUPID at the end of the day your life hacks are really stupid

  4. 2:14 wait so you’re telling me that the microwave seals those rips and tears in that sponge I mean take a look at before you put it in the microwave there was tears in that sponge and now there isn’t???

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