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Funny Love Quotes for Her from the Heart in English

funny love quotes for her from the heart in English. love is sharing your popcorn Charles Schulz. Love is the icing but love is
the cake my wife is really sentimental one Valentine’s Day I gave her a ring
and to this day she has never forgotten those three little words that were
engraved inside made in Taiwan Leopold Fechner 80% of married men cheat in
America the rest cheat in Europe Jackie Mason real love amounts to withholding
the truth even when you offered the perfect opportunity to hurt someone’s
feelings David Sedaris marry a man your own age as your beauty fades so will his
eyesight phyllis diller marriage has no guarantees if that’s what you’re looking
for go live with a car battery burma Bombeck love is the same as like except
you feel sexier Judith pierced I wasn’t kissing her I was whispering in her
mouth Chico Marx my best birth control now is just to leave the lights on Joan
Rivers I was married by a judge I should have
asked for a jury Groucho Marx a kiss without a moustache is like an egg
without salt Spanish proverb you

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