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Funny Mac Commercial

hello I'm a Mac and I'm a PC you know I've actually just finished a home movie that's so funny I just finished my own home movie I did it on iMovie was really easy by dads as excellent as mine but I'd be happy to take a look yeah that would be great roll it hi I'm a Mac Humvee that looks really professional right well great bye like we see you please well okay sure what's up PC home movie work in progress

29 thoughts on “Funny Mac Commercial

  1. The "PC Home Movie" was obviously edited on Windows Movie Maker. You'd have to step up to make a pretty professional-looking home movie on Windows; for consumers I'd recommend Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra or Magix Vegas Movie Studio Platinum.

  2. The Mac guy is Justin Long isn't it? Every time I see Justin Long in anything I want to invent a time machine so that I go back in time and bully him as a child.

  3. this one sucked… microsoft is not that bad… cause all of you… you buy a mac and still install windows OS… u just cannot be without MS office os etc…

  4. @duckwithnukes While that's true if you look at it only from dollars spent, it isn't true at all when you look at how they budgeted their money. For example, let's say all of Microsoft's, and Apples, recent commercials were made in one year. While Microsoft's did indeed cost more money, the amount spent only makes up a very small percentage of their total money spent that year. Apple's percentage spent on advertisements, however, is much larger. (not to say it's horribly large to begin with)

  5. this was pretty funny…unintentionally however.
    Pixaar, one of the leading CGI movie makers used to be owned by apple, even then they would'nt use macs! they used linux, thats how bad macs are, their own companies wont use them.
    and FYI Avatar, the highest grossing move EVER, was made using windows software.
    mac has NOTHING to show in the movie department.

  6. @1Dumindu2 Lol? So your you're stating Apple's software intended to allow Mac OS users to edit home movies is better than Adobe's software that is used by major TV broadcasters? Right….

  7. anyone realise that the standard video editing softwares for both pc and mac are shit box? And even the macs payware editing suites like premier are full of bugs and don't exept many codecs exept mov. and even then good luck. In the end it "You get what you pay for
    free video editing software is gonna be shitbox. And these adds are really biased seeing sony vegas pwns any mac non linear software.

  8. what would you rather be represented by a guy in a suit or a guy who looks like he is running a scam out of college ?

  9. yeah.. too bad you can't download other movie editors for PC, you're totally stuck with windows movie maker…

    retarded commercial

  10. well windows is there only competition lol untill another kind of computer comes out get use to the mac attacks ! LOL

  11. I'm not too sure about the older ones, but the macs in the last two years have. I know 'cuz I've bought a couple in the last 2-3 years.

    Maybe your friend was upgrading his mac from an older OS?

  12. Cmon apple whats with these constant attack ads on Windows, Its getting kinda childish already. What happen to creativity for gods sake. Like there 1984 commercial, now that was great.

  13. Thanks man! Not only are the WMM affects crap but also they only make your videos look worse. I am very happy with iMovie.

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