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Funny Moments | Jackie Groenen (english subtitles)

Do you cook yourself? no no, but Noodles just managed it myself that’s why I like it that way just because it’s easy?! What’s the name of Jackie’s sister? you can do this, come on Do I have to give a hint? I really thought Annika I really don’t know why Annika? Annika? well I don’t know how I got this name either I think that fits well with that yes just I once saw her on a photo and then I thought Annika I’ll tell her we are really bad at this okay, this should really be possible yes, you just said that now we have to be very serious, of course can it? we are going to focus so annoying this this seems better to everyone I can do this I can not do it we will try again the camera is still running? it’s all there I haven’t asked a question yet I do nothing you smile all the time sorry always find it nice to have something for distraction are you currently in a relationship? No what a pathetic question does that feel sad no not so bad

7 thoughts on “Funny Moments | Jackie Groenen (english subtitles)

  1. You're winning my heart video by video and of course with the subs! ❤️ It'd be nice if you can make them a little bit longer

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