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Funny Moments - LCS week 6 & LEC week 4 - Summer Split 2019

we welcome SCARA to the desk whose qualifications include being better than Mark Z at TFT it's not confirmed yet ranked is an hour through viewership my god you can use all chat you can say Gigi you can say BG you can say better jungle willies Gigi BG are all fine I'm better jungler wins this guy but Gigi easy is that on the acceptable that's band band offense that's a 14 day right there it may surprise you to know that we haven't read the rulebook the tie for first as they face off against clutch gaming hello everyone and welcome to the LCS countdown where for 30 minutes we look at the changes on patch 913 we're following cloud 9 Team Liquid and CLG who were locked in a high-speed chase for first place this is def gang situations exceeding speed of 33 minute victory it's not clear who is going to pull away as the three has been running out of dead heat we'll keep our eyes on the sky report has the situation involved you're looking for van and smoothie we'll see if this poor man collapsed it's gonna be enough lira makes it look like he's got a name by assassin versus control beige all right broken blade let's see if you got what it takes to Albus leaky on out there was a soldier into the try brush room nothing's here surprise mother it's no we're doing the plat first all right Andrew says other than that guy explore which I liked perfect intonation there friend you sounded excited and bored depending on which half of the max you can never be outnumbered because then you absolutely lose max Lord he doesn't he'll oh hello yeah all those games Oh what's he doing what's he doing he's filled already yeah even without Dennis we're still filling everything Soula you just keep walking through it don't actually back off you have the orange available he backed up orange then walked into the cage as it was actually the delay on spawning and that is a really scary moment as a jungler Tom dude how could you not carry with this goal the closing hour process was kind of slow I think especially when you're going against like veigar know and why this happens gorillas hip-hop's is so big and there's a minion right next to them he actually got great blocked so he didn't have anywhere to go the knock-up sent him over the wall because the game literally Calculon said wait we can't put him on the ground here there's no space for him let's just chuck him over the wall that is some g2 bias that was very messy from both sides Death Note comes out Trust by a bit more time goes golden can go golden again Mickey on the way and tries get a bit more damage that's the double stop watch how far now a trouble of soul but save it to the Corki their whole big autos burning ticking that Sam red buff the shut down onto the base don't go anywhere we're gonna be right back I gotta ask you CLG did take down TSM where you guys sweating it all coming into the match today yeah we thought seals you would be a lot better fair enough any words for double left going into that game better ball winds better with turtle thank you maybe use the boss gonna find some creative wit enter viper is behind right onto a trap you see that dragon rage here we go that's just Barney's normal face it's not angry he's actually happy but exactly yeah that's just normal face they give her much captain flowers my biggest takeaway was that your mom calls you captain that's weird cuz section my sister has called me freak my entire life and now I understand that wasn't the ph in front i think bang no vision really in this side of the map whatsoever the flashing gauge Remedios no chance to react once they're already on top of you and he knows he messed up you know that's one of those situations where you got the bear and you should be the ones playing aggressive you should be the ones running the map so watch the health on contracts contracts getting lower and lower and then just waiting for the cooldowns the qaul flash straight in on the contracts if he just gets erased [Applause] [Applause] mickey is waiting just around the corner here this caps goes in there's a world in a bush here comes Mickey trick there as well please go go okay notice just dead yeah that was a pop blossom if I've ever seen one oh good one free al Pataki has absolutely no mana he has to TP out here or should have gone Luden's he would teleport out but yeah oh let me get together make it two seconds so two things thanks you know I'm sorry and knows exactly what he's doing because amazing is wrapping around with the blast code walks up and takes the q1 from solo meanwhile 100 HP survived and let the dive have been really impressive okay I didn't quite equate way you wanted to that's what sounds like it's about sending a message if you've needed the stream you can't hear that either so I'm not really helping but I thought that needed a moment give me your best tongue smack what's that right there that's my eyebrows tahm Kench balance Tina piano whole expect however wants to take his neck / style points right there lots of these trades the equals are the long range looks like a why doesn't he get out of there 0 3 2 is human that's a supreme display of balance again it was just a really all that gas can also charge you taking up the turret all – excesses and away they go is anything still surprise you ah I huh what surprised me how different and similar like I mean how different like it's like like the differences in like culture and neglect like like team magnet it's just like you know like awesome to hear the best part is that the stakes are like a lot higher so when you win it feels a lot better it's when I was in Academy it was like we won high five yeah it's like screaming crowds it's a lot it's a lot bigger I guess that's cool what's the best part of being an LCS player uh the money no great okay you

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  1. Wow, just found thsi channl. Its so great,remind me of nightslut 3. Thanks for the highlights, keep it up. Liked and subscribed

  2. The Zven missed ult meme was superb! These videos would probably get more views if they were on another channel, sadly. I don't subscribe because I don't want my subscription feed be full with vods I'll never watch. I do save the playlist though so I can see anytime a new video has been uploaded, so I greatly appreciate you guys saving it in a playlist!

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