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Funny Moments - LCS week 7 & LEC week 5 - Summer Split 2019

a lot less of this line I never dad as long as Flex is alive trust me it doesn't matter how many times the nervous as long as flex is here flex pricks are here to stay and ask for the beach what should we do tonight I'm down for some delicious KBB Q or maybe get our karaoke on nothing robot your computer uses if we leave it up to mark will be playing TFT with Braun thornmail yeah well I might prefer that okay what abilities do you gather droning hey that's another idea – don't you like that one incan what what was that mister – I don't feel so good well I don't want to go Daisy Daisy give me your answer do well we have a fatal exception did jacque just die done do we care enough for a funeral robots have you guys bought any game ago spot water yet No I wonder if it matched felix is stepping in as fanatics new midlaner you might recognize him as the guy she told you not to worry about now this may come as welcome news for misfits fans dough as misfits premiere they already won EU masters that means they already have more international titles than doublelift now as a patch 914 you are now able to permanently mute your allies I'm sure g2 will be sad to learn that they still can't mute their comms in pro games [Applause] ellos some of their welcome to the summoners rift okay enjoy your stay okay kind of wondering how is hundreds gonna find a fight they're trying with the Sivir and aatrox altar right now to get this key they're gonna try for him right there Bhangra some flash away not gonna be hit by this deployment legs done give it a cross means the reason that removes days are numbered but good fight the first kill kid I feel like my synergy with Miss Casswell has just developed a lot more compared to last blood where in terms of na junglers I think that's not too many good ones it's like me Akkadian and X MIDI kana which I feel like it's the hottest ones growing up against so I don't really know it's me it's not like that big of deal get some damage on to ignore this Wilson shot get that sideways for now trick unable to find a target and there's a pop blossom Frodo he manages to kill a minion I think we're gonna go back to the very beginning of this Acer predator replay my apologies of course whadda brushes now you know they split top lane brush I believe this season to last season and makes it a little bit easier football comforta to CS in the first wave he turns around looks for the counter fight because you could just walk it out right now he wants he knows that this is she to shine ready for this Oh brings it back me morale left and then the crowd certainly do fanatic fans are here that mask is super cool little scary is it pewter sticks Yoder concert would revive attacks relive a few moments for me in your own words kind of what was the focus for the team to make sure TSM would win I mean I think we fucked up sorry you missed up the early game rengar doesn't disappear you know nemesis tweeted hey bleep Oh Katie please stop talking so much we're gonna be here for another hour okay sorry the binding will land and then they just try to change the CC together just to get the first which is why he uses his ultimate instead of falling Oh flash yeah he flashes to block the dredge line very clean hold still on the outside isn't able to find it the death craft is there a fire now he needs to step in period and take it out so quickly strong nuke duck is still incredibly strong I'll say it one more time noob duck so the Quadra mark sometimes we do see a death Munem ago that may have been game losing but in general oh how far this man has fallen from where we would have ranked him a couple years ago well it's not just the number of deaths it's the other resources he's getting too he plays Rumble and Cassio not super common champions in the current meta it seems to put his team out in draft after do weird things which they seemed down to do then he also picks up the most of Lehrer time he has the most jungle proximity of any top laner playing Lehrer is waiting patiently waits for them all the way finds the chains looking for the chain CC follow-up there comes to rumble ulti up the wall who knees not there in time but he's gonna go all the way in it's a one-for-one almost a 1/4 to the monster is gonna be found out here in this top half of the river with a smithy nearby de montagne knows you can't try any sort of a fancy outplay as soon as you even go towards anyone at all that's all right run away though you can do yeah you could throw your arms behind you a naru tow runs straight to area 51 it's to the top lane because you're not gonna make anything happen up here now we've got Dandan this guy's so good they've got to say his name twice man yeah and so ass bro cuz things just Paul and look dude I get Paul great right but like neon is so good he's so far ahead of the curve that he's literally selling essence reaver to give enemy teams a chance dude what a Power Move a Dani on right bro nemesis sucks now what are you talking about never sucks ever since you swapped a but he's been useless what are you talking about dude they didn't have reckless they had to make that move man for reckless one you even got to play sangria it wouldn't have made a difference whoa whoa you take that back pro because look reckless he has played two games every week right like that's so many games he needs a break too man think about it think about it Olympic athletes only one game every four years bro there's any sense bring you to this are you smarter I expect going forward ever doggies depend upon sir was wise to flash that since impact would have been able to execute with a flash cue three movies on it oh it is but it's to be to double it's gonna be taking the tongue means double if walks away and the man's on a killing spree froggen is gonna do some fancy gymnastics but are you fancy enough to get away from death itself manages to escape by tennessee looking for the ball night time it was at this moment that he knew he fucked wild nine has to make some sort of a defense spin scaring goes in motion on the stick say that's a big pick for the side of cloud nine guys let's go oh well they kind of just had like a bronze Odia calm where they had mel fight vladimir so their only option was to engage honest mid and we had double inhibitors so I'm just like okay if they go on a schedule design so it's pretty easy I'd say this is definitely a duel like Mickey on his famed Gragas is always gonna be a fun thing to see Danko's will not come out on top of this one if you want match it needs to make it out to safety where he's gonna go close that board will go Ryan the humanoid starts up with buh buh and Brock's are just a few minutes away but at the meantime I mean once again just stop this one two and a happy end come see the play around walk side I wanted to try and get there – tonight the perks and Mickey bang against the shorter-range Sivir and tahm Kench broke a blade havin some fun here up on the top side both of them hovering around the minions here no damage dealt so far though only taunts either village a psychological warfare is without our ticket take down TSM and the Nexus will fall as the fight that's gonna be a doctor but appear ain't no mana left for the yacht's whoa does it need manner that's flow and while I make a fumble both teams will walk out with the 1 for 1 no mana left why is it the same color this cough goes really fast when it wants you that is a sipper and a Jayce and an Olaf this is the master cop excuse me the kiosk legendary for going give us a Kia and shout out the sponsor you could have said Ferrari and people to believe to the people out there with the crumbs crumbs crumbs is it crumbs crumbs crumbs crumbs hey crumbs Just Answer crumbs just just say something crumbs what you wanted to karaoke later

42 thoughts on “Funny Moments – LCS week 7 & LEC week 5 – Summer Split 2019

  1. I hope doublelift has good health insurance. He should, to treat that 3rd degree burn from Sjokz at 1:54.

  2. I'll root for China and Korea now…

    Just kidding I'll root for EU too, NA can hire Jin Air on the NA roster

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