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“Funny Moments” Montage Vol. 49! Spongebob BFBB, Gears of War 4, Naruto and More!

– Ah. (tense music)
(gunshots firing) The alligator. If I go in this water,
what’s gonna happen? – [In Game Character] Were coming for you! ♪ Hell, hell ♪ ♪ What’s the matter with you ♪ ♪ Are you ready kids? ♪ – (laughs) I can’t believe.
– [Man] I can’t hear you! – [Children] Aye, aye, Captain! ♪ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ♪ – I gotta go around. (tense music) All right I need to chill out. I’m about to die, baby, I’m about to die. (dramatic music) Get down! (dramatic music)
(guns firing) (blasting) Where’s the controls up in here? (upbeat music) We Milly Rock? {laughs) (hip hop music) ♪ In New York I Milly Rock ♪ ♪ Hiding in my socks ♪ (fizzing) Kage about to battle, man. Okay. (whooshing) – [Game Narrator] Let the battle begin! – [Tsunade] You’re already dead. (blasting) (laughing) – [In Game Narrator] As
a faithful crew member of the Krusty Krab. You’ve been promoted to
head shiny object collector. – That don’t even sound
like Mr. Krabs man! Man, who was, who was that? – [Woman] Is that It? Is she done? – [Soldier] I don’t think so! Ah hell, more drop pods! (blasting)
(gunshots firing) – God, oh my, right there?! They gonna spawn em right there on me! – Stupid.
– Oh my! (playful music)
(ringing) Okay we don’t. Collect us some draws! (knocking) Grab the draw, grab em! Oh man. (electronic vibrating) – [Game Announcer] 996, nine hundred– – Oh my, cut ass! (fizzing) (whooshing) – [Max] Get them on
the side, Mr Bombaptis. (coughing) – [Bombaptis] Watch out, Max! – [Max] Okay and do this, back and forth – Check out the forehead though. (laughing) – Max Hass, Max Hass. – [Woman] He did it! – No I’m not okay, you barnacle head! Do I look like I’m okay? – Well, your nose does look pretty big. I mean, bigger than usual, because its usually pretty big. And you look clammy, and
oh my gosh, you’re bald! – (laughs) Stop. (fizzing) (wind whirring)
(snow sloshing) – This flappin’ robot craziness is making the Crusty Crab lose– – That is not Mr Krab! (fizzing) All right, there’s at
least one more sniper over there on the left side. Let’s take them down. Let’s get that bitch.
– Golden Saltina! (gunshot firing) – I can’t beat these snipers, man! (laughing) (dinging) – Oh my goodness, man! (fizzing) All right, so at least we know to look for those points
of entrance on the map. At least it tells us. – Uni-dog’s got–
– Oh my god get off! Oh my goodness. (bouncing) What, hey, look at his face, man. You need your ass whooped. (bouncing) He won’t sit still. No! Oh my god, man. (fizzing) – [Woman] Come on up! – All right, we’re climbing up. Scares is this. This is hot! – [Woman] Chainsaw your way
out and get on that wall! – Chainsaw your way out
and get on that wall! (laughs) I’m sorry.
(fizzing) (buzzing) (bouncing) – [SpongeBob] Pretty. God, take that! – You see that timing? (bouncing) You see that timing! You see that level greatness! (buzzing) – All right, ah.
– Oh! ♪ He saw the best in me ♪ – [Man] Sasuke, if you’re
headed for the land of iron, I’ll lend you a guide. (yelping) – Boy, you ugly as– (fizzing) (gurgling) (honking) (thunder rumbling) (rattling)
(shouting) (squeaking) ♪ When I walk in the building ♪ ♪ There man have got somethin’ expensive ♪ ♪ Know my friends, they killer ♪ ♪ All these hoes are killer ♪ (whooshing) – What is this? (crashing) (gunshots firing) Man, I should never have experimented! – I’ll stay here.
(funky music) Balled up here in excruciating pain. – You do that! Don’t worry, Squidward I’ll bring back that king jellyfish jelly for you to rub all over yourself. (laughing) (fizzing) Are we close? We made it. (gunshots firing) (banging) Yo, come on, man. Yo, Bethesda, Bethesda,
Bethesda, Bethesda. Y’all just gave me the worst
save spot of all time, yo. Montage, I need a timestamp! You just saw that! (banging) – (laughs) Oh my god, this is the worst. Look, look, look, I’m dead. Press X to continue, right look. (banging) (laughing) (funky music) (yelping) Yeah, he hit him with a big
ass piece of Flintstone meat. (yelling) (crashing) Look at that big ass piece
of brontosaurus meat. (fizzing) – [Robotic Voice] Potential
hostile target spotted. (gunshots firing) – Man, I cannot even stay up. (gunshots firing)
(grunting) Yo, what happened to my game? (gunshots firing)
(grunting) Why’s my camera like this, yo? Yo, what’s wrong? – [Man] Spotty on
target, Spotty on target. – What’s wrong with the, what the! I can’t do nothing! I work hard for the shiny things, bruh. I got 9,000. They want me to spend 2,000.
(bright music) Look at this, man. Do you, bruh, you see what
they put me through my brother? No? (fizzing) (buzzing) – Later. (electrical fizzing) – Sasuke! – This is definitely the move. Right here? That’s definitely the move. (melodic bouncing) Ooh! Aye! (plopping) Oh my! (fizzing) – [Robotic Voice] Unit reloading. (gunshots firing)
(blasting) (grunting) (robotic voice muttering) – Come on. (blasting) Fuck! Left wall jump activated. Lets go ahead and pull
up on the dude over here with the big ass sombrero. (buzzing) (plopping) – [SpongeBob] Ow! – And then the roast hand came in. (laughs) Yo, they got the
roast hand on the game though. (fizzing) – I have all your comics
and toys and mail. – Eh, huh, what?
(playful music) Oh yeah, it’s that sponge kid. – Who is that? What was I supposed to tell you? – That is not Mermaidman’s voice. Yo, why they keep gettin’
these great value dudes. (dramatic music) – How many of these dudes is up here? – Gonna need help here!
– Yes, I know. (dramatic music) (gunshots firing)
(laughing) (fizzing) – SpongeBob, the robots are destroying Downtown Bikini Bottom. We have to evacuate! – See, you got the crack head tendencies. She got like, she move like a crack head. That head the steering wheel, baby. – Don’t forget, The only reason why you in
the game is because of me. (dramatic music) But you said you was gonna end my career. I’m way out of your league, man. (dramatic music) You too busy trying to be gucci man. (dramatic music) That’s not you. (dramatic music) That’s not you. See? Now you stepping out of
your lane once again. So I might have to (claps) smack that ass. (dramatic music) (fizzing) (melodic bopping) – Man, I snuck. I snuck, bro. You saw that. No man, no, they cheating (melodic bopping) (crashing) (laughs) Shut up. (dramatic music) (melodic bopping) (crashing) How does it keep? – Did you weep, you sharky creep? Whee! That was gay what you did at the end standing at the end like that, bruh. For real, fam that’s a guy code violation
for you to be doing that. Look at him, he got
the shit like. (laughs) Oh my god. There’s also like 3 more
switches we gotta hit. (playful music) This level doesn’t look- I like A. This level is as amazing! (whooshing) – I loved it mister Hitler Super good. – Mr. Hitler? (speaking German) (fizzing) – Let’s do that. Look at this one. (playful music) Yo, look at this, man. (bouncing) Yo, that, that, look, what I, how am I supposed to do that? (playful music)
(bouncing) (playful music) Yo, they got me jumping on a bed sheet. (squishing) (bouncing) Man, what am I not doing, man? (bouncing) Man, oh my god, every– (serious music) (playful music)
(bouncing) Oh my goodness, oh my god, oh
my goodness, oh my goodness! Somebody gonna try tell
me, oh that aint hard. Look, are you kidding me! What is that? (fizzing) (laser firing) Man I don’t even. (claps) I don’t even. (claps) – [Robotic Voice] Mango dang. – Oh my goodness, man. (bouncing) What?! (yelps) Oh my god, he’s over. He can’t, get– (shots firing)
(grunting) All right, we see two. (grunting)
(shots firing) (chuckles) (fizzing) (bouncing) He do this all so good. Oh, this one does it lower. – [SpongeBob] Oh! – Oh my god! (fizzing) I should probably be a little bit careful, (blasting) ’cause enemies, they don’t just spawn in. They actually drop in on you. Which is, see. – [Man Oh my god. Oh my god, he on X games mode. (laughing) – [Man] I’m bleeding out! (gunshots firing) – [Soldier] This guardian is destroyed. – Guardian is down. (dramatic music) ♪ ‘Cause you’re my ♪ – Wooh!
♪ Special thing ♪ ♪ I’m flying without wings ♪ (squishing) (birds chirping) (laughing) Old crack head ass. (fizzing) Damn, and they gonna give me the D. I don’t even want the D,
you know what I’m saying? I’d rather have anything but the D, but they gave me the D again. I’m tired of getting the D all the time. (pounding) (ringing) That double Ds. Oh, I’ll take the double D’s,
know what I’m talking about. Okay. (bouncing) Oh! Okay, just, oh my god. No! Ah, oh. All right, how far we gotta go back? (swooshing) (suspicious music)
(bouncing) Oh my! Whoa! (sloshing) (bouncing) Man, they gonna take me back a day. Oh my! (fizzing) (bouncing)
(dinging) (squeaking)
(bouncing) 30 seconds. (dinging) No! No! – Kiss my–
– Oh my goodness, man. (gunshots firing) – [Video Game Announcer]
Switching all lawful targets. (yelping) (gunshots firing) – No, no, no. (blasting) – [Video Game Announcer] Authorize. ♪ He saw the best in me ♪ (whooshing) – On this part, looks like
you’re gonna have to get a little bit lucky. Oh my god. (fizzing) (whooshing) (bouncing)
(whooshing) Hey, gimme some baha! (blasting)
(gunshots firing) – [Female Soldier] Watch
it, they’re going inside! (blasting)
(gunshots firing) – Oh man. Oh my god, dude. (gunshots firing)
(blasting) Is that it for those stupid, those little guys? I hope it is.
– Behind you! (gunshots firing) – What the, oh, oh my god. Where did he come from?! (fizzing) (bouncing)
(dinging) I don’t even know if this is
the way I’m supposed to go, yo. (dinging) (bouncing)
(dinging) (buzzing) Are you kidding me! It aint going as planned at all. Am I down to my last health bar? (blasting) – [Video Game Announcer] Game over! (blasting) – Where is he, god damn! Oh my god, really?
– Game over! (blasting) (laughing) – Yo. All right, boom. – [SpongeBob] Push, push, push, push. (ringing) (blasting) (uplifting music) – Excellence has been achieved, yes! (bouncing) (high pitch bopping) (squishing) (bouncing) (slapping) It’s been a while since we
killed a fruit fly in here. (fizzing) (clicking) – We’re gonna two ’em dead. – We’re safe, Barbara. That’s what matters. – Bitch, you smoking cigarettes. We got nuclear warheads
in here, mother fucker! You put everybody in here watching this walkthrough at risk, Huey. Yo, hold on.
(tense music) What happens if I just– Like I know I seen that, that alligator. Like if go in this water, what’s gonna happen?
– We coming for you, nigga! (whooshing) (laughing) (fizzing) – Three animation.
– I can’t even, I can’t even move, fam. Oh my god, bro! I can’t even fucking move! This puppet shit is ass! (blasting) – [Video Game Announcer] Game over! – That’s bullshit! Here it is. What’s up big, boy! (blasting)
(shots firing) (laughing) Oh my goodness! (fizzing) ♪ He saw the best in me ♪ I don’t know if we really
prepared for this, man. (fizzing) – [Video Game Character[ Here, hm. (banging) – Oh. (squishing) (high pitch ticking) What we get? Tell me we didn’t get a S! Jesus! Excellence, no no no no. S-ellence was achieved. Yes, S-ellence! My goodness. (upbeat music) (blasting)
(grunting) (gunshots firing) (grunting) Yep, that’s it bruh. How the f– – It’s three.
– I know three! – You have to do it on four!
– Now it’s four. – Why would you go on four?
– You gave me four first, and you stole my four!
– You gotta count to three first.
– You stole my four, Tom!
– If you just let me say three.
– I gotta wait on you now huh? You want the fly man to wait
– After I say three, – again, huh?
– you can do whatever you want.
– Well, that’s what I’ve been doing the whole time! – [Man] Why would you do that? Why would you reach for
it when I say three! That’s what all this is about! – Okay, do I still go on four?
– Listen, when I say three–

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